WSBA Helps Murder Another Human Being – Adam Corey Guenther

Most of you who follow my paper and my blog are aware that I keep track of all of the attorneys that the Washington State Bar Association has went after and destroyed by disbarring them. Usually with lies.

In atleast 17 of those cases, the WSBA destroyed their lives so badly that they took their own lives.

That is what they do, they are not content with just destroying someone’s career, they have to destroy their life’s work and credibility.

In order to get a job at Kirkpatrick and Startzel Adam Guenther gave a reference that they claim was false. “Claim” being the operative word. They also “claim” he made false statements to get his unemployment. Again “claim” being the word.

Yet we have board members of the WSBA beating their wives, getting DUI’s, violating every single rule of the Rules of Professional Conduct there are, along with raping their own kids as well as others, oh and stealing millions of dollars from their clients while practicing law illegally in other states, yet they do nothing to stop them, instead they are rewarded and made Board members and Disciplinary Hearings Officers.

When they go after their own there is no one to protect them. No one. The WSBA is run by attorneys, the disciplinary board is made up of perverts and thieves, the Appeals Courts, the Supreme Courts and most of the Federal District Court Judges are also members of the bar, so you can take your case through all of those courts and they will SLAPP you down at every corner and turn.

The only hope is to go to the 9th Circuit but you have to remember that by the time it gets there that you have spent years trying to recover, your reputation and life are ruined and the only other attorneys that will represent you are in bed with the same monsters. If they aren’t they are soon disbarred to for going against the racket system.

It is like those nature shows where you see a deer being surrounded by a pack of wolves, they can only stare and blink and wait for their deaths. Only nature’s death is quick: the WSBA drags it out for years. Can you imagine feeling that every day of your life for years?

Most of those who have died have drank themselves into oblivion and finally in a last desperate attempt they finally take their lives.

Every drop of blood from these promising beautiful humans is on the hands of the WSBA.

I promise that I will make sure they are held accountable by law.

I will never let them rest, and I will never stop.

That goes from the Bar to the Federal Courts.

OSP rules death due to self-inflicted wound

PENDLETON, Oregon – The Oregon State Police investigation into the traffic-stop-related shooting death has determined it was a suicide. The tragedy occurred Friday afternoon March 10, 2017

“There was a gunshot,” OSP Sgt. Tom Spicknall said. “He (Byram) waited for a secondary officer to arrive and then they went up and approached the car and were able to determine that the individual in the car had shot himself.”

Spicknall said the officers on the scene immediately began to give first aid to Adam Guenther, 36, of Pendleton until paramedics arrived. He died later at St. Anthony Hospital.

Lt. Mike Turner of OSP says it is possible that investigators will never know why, during a routine stop, Guenther chose to take his life.

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  • MissValentina

    This indeed is TRUTH. These murderers are psychopaths that use the force of driving a person to insanity due to the criminal acts they perpertrate against them. They steal and strip you of everything, your money, your children, your job, your life. When people are stripped of what keeps them alive, it kills them, and they know this, this is why they do it. Then if they commit suicide then it is easier for them than if they murder the victim themselves then use liars that are being paid off like the criminal investigators, law enforcement, doctors, coroners, etc. who are on their team of corruption to lie and cover up how the person actually died. What it all boils down to is our state as well as most all others run by corruption and tyranny. Thank you again for keeping us informed and updated.. many people have no clue.. not one, until they step inside of the courtroom seeking justice, this is when they wake up out of their fantasy that they’ve been living in their whole lives, thinking there is a such thing as justice in our courtrooms, they are a place where the most horrible crimes are being committed out in broad daylight.

    • Brandia

      I have been counting the trail of bodies and ruined lives they leave behind. The sickest part of this is how much pleasure they get out of this. They thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

  • What in the world is going on in this country when pedophiles are calling the shots? Where is your militia?

    • Brandia

      Most folks won’t speak out, sometimes I feel like what I’m doing is pointless but over the years I have found other activists who are trying to change things. This place has been like this for over 50 yrs, it won’t be fixed overnight but I’ll keep trying

    • MissValentina

      The powers that be controls everything . The government, the President so there is no such thing as a difference in government and political figures they are all actors and false mainstream media that is owned by the powers that be at the top of the pyramid are all a part of the big delusion and deception we have and most Americans are still under. Please do your research the truth is out their and it will shock you, but it will indeed set you free.