Well We’re Back Trouble With Our Hosting Provider

As you may have noticed our site has been down because someone named “Kalkidan Ashenafi Gossaye” claimed I had incorrect information about her. The info I was given was for a woman on the East Coast but it appears that was wrong.

Not only did I email the wrong woman but I emailed her company. So… that is another mountain I’m going to have to cross when I get there since I received the wrong info from my hosting service.

The info in question was the daily jail I used to do. I used to do it at the request of family members who family were living a very dangerous life and so the family members would know where to look for them.

So this person emails my hosting provider, who sent a demand to remove it to an old email. I figured it out when my site was shut down and had to request a public record of the actual arrest.

First off I am not going to remove anything from my site, second off I am well within my legal rights to post public records. And now because of their buffoonery I have embarrassed an innocent person.

I will be moving the entire site to a new hosting provider that doesn’t crash my site every few months, and doesn’t demand that I violate my own rights to protect their sensitivities.

I have hired someone to find the correct woman and I will report on her as soon as we do.

If you’re looking for a hosting provider please do not use Ionos, (formerly known as 1 and 1) most of my readers have seen the garbage I’ve went through with them, and their position is “oh well oops sorry we gave you the wrong info and sorry, not sorry we took your site down”

The info I was given was for a late 30’s female, when in fact the real Kalkidan Gossaye was born in 1996 so she is 24 yrs old.

The following was the info I was given by the Snohomish County Jail. Definitely 2 different people.

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