Washington State Bar Association Criminals in Suits

I did a blog story about the trash that is heading the WSBA, I sent them a series of questions that I never received an answer about. Keep in mind that this is only about 5 or 6 members, there are 1000’s more that I receive info on daily, so much so that I can’t keep up with most of it.

Our court system, all the way to our Western District Federal Courts are corrupt because of the Washington State Bar Association and all of this is being done under the protection of our own Washington State Supreme Court. No one in this state will receive a fair trial, or any type of justice until we rid ourselves of these parasites.

There is a select group of attorneys who are bringing about a very quiet change, called the Reformed Washington Bar Association, they are the one’s who believe that justice is for all, not just those with money or in certain groups.

Just a warning to every attorney in this state: If you are facing disbarment or any type of action by the WSBA don’t pay for the big money lawyers, most of them are going to throw you under the bus anyway but they’re making up to 200K doing it, for those that really try to help they will be disbarred later too. Don’t look to the Appeals Court, the Supreme Court of the US District Courts to do anything, they are all members of the WSBA and in on the racket, your only hope is to get into the 9th circuit.

I stand on my own merits on every single story I have ever written to issue a direct challenge to any of the people involved in the corruption: Sue me, I would love the chance to at least get your depositions and be able to ask you questions you would have to answer and to add all of the evidence I have against each and every single one of you into a public record in a court of law. I will post every single bit of it here before you get a chance to get a corrupt Judge to “seal” it.

We have murderers, child rapists, woman beaters, child abusers, fraudsters, and drug dealers running this state an it is time to stop. Good decent attorneys are being disbarred for trying to help others, some have killed themselves, some are just walking shells of what they once were but some have come back and risen from the ashes of the destruction that has been laid by this corrupt organization. Those are the one’s who are going to make a change, those are the ones who will restore our system.

The letter was as follows:

TO: Hillary.Graber@snoco.org; gbarton@karrtuttle.com; katharinebond@gmail.com; shane@carewlaw.com; dchuang@ccdlaw.com; paul.crisalli@atg.wa.gov; Anne.cruser@Clark.wa.gov; tony@ditommasolaw.net; eric.eisenberg@lewiscountywa.gov; Sean.Flynn@leg.wa.gov; henrikson@prodigy.net; dhouck@ndnlaw.com; andrewhuff@ahufflaw.com; david.iseminger@hca.wa.gov; kailinj@hotmail.com; jkaufman@spokanecounty.org; shannon@triallawyersnw.com; endel.kolde@kingcounty.gov; larsen.bright.shawn@dorsey.com; rogerleishman@dwt.com; enricosalvatoreleo@gmail.com; rnwokike@yahoo.com; sragonesi@kbmlawyers.com; jeremy@montgomeryscarp.com; mrs@hcmp.com; David_Stevens@davidstevens.org; ann.summers@kingcounty.gov; shashi@vjlawfirm.com; kevin.korsmo@courts.wa.gov; blaine.gibson@co.yakima.wa.us; Rebecca.robertson@cityoffederalway.com; ken@appeal-law.com; Nan.Sullins@courts.wa.gov; rculwell@waprosecutors.org; gdallaire1@comcast.net; lmgolden@lewiscountywa.gov; Nikole.hecklinger@kingcounty.gov; don.horowitz@gmail.com; horowitz13@hotmail.com; adam@animal-lawyer.com; Mike.Katell@columbialegal.org; kkyle@snocopda.org; pamloginsky@waprosecutors.org; jim@koptamacpherson.com; pmason@mrsc.org; tmcbride@waprosecutors.org; talner@aclu-wa.org; greg.zempel@co.kittitas.wa.us; jay@gairson.com; ed@wccva.org; jeo@wavecable.com; jharris@williamskastner.com; gerhard@washingtonjustice.org; roe@sgb-law.com; bwayne@trialsnw.com; bev.emery@commerce.wa.gov; phillisj@co.thurston.wa.us; Stanshouse@comcast.net; tayab@wsha.org; andrea@wcsap.org; ellen.hanegan@doc.wa.gov; rogerleishman@dwt.com; Susan.Storey@kingcounty.gov; Shannon.hinchcliffe@courts.wa.gov; Jennifer.Krebs@courts.wa.gov; lisadonaldson@seattletrafficlawyer.com; hedman@defensenet.org; stearns@defensenet.org; wda@defensenet.org; RunyanM@LanePowell.com; teresa@wacdl.org; fred@wacdl.org; Robert@RobertPerezLaw.com; melanie@zachorthomas.com; Jackson.Maynard@leg.wa.gov; david@davidzuckermanlaw.com; bromane@nwattorney.net; srutherford3@gmail.com; sfine@snoco.org; Jim.Whisman@kingcounty.gov; howard@washingtonappeals.com; Douglas.Shae@CO.CHELAN.WA.US; arothrock@schwabe.com; greg@stellerlaw.com; christinakale808@yahoo.com; bwayne@TrialsNW.com; richard.mcdermott@kingcounty.gov; rmitchell@grahamdunn.com; dmeyers@grahamdunn.com; jackiem@uw.edu; RebeccaG@ATG.WA.GOV

Forgive this broad email but I am reaching out to everyone involved who is in the WSBA Court Rules & Procedures Committee, Liaisons, and even Nonmember Participants to try to ascertain just how many of you are aware that Lin O’Dell & Joseph Nappi have very questionable connections & associations. Along with quite a few others in your Association that are associates of both, as well as some in the Judiciary.

I have written several stories with proof & documentation about the allegations that I have made, I don’t say anything without proof.

1} https://snohomishcountycorruption.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/lin-odell-bad-businessmurder-undue-influence-part-1/
2} https://snohomishcountycorruption.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/lin-odell-mark-plivelich-all-of-their-associates-part-2/
3} https://snohomishcountycorruption.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/washington-state-attorney-general-ties-to-odell-steve-tucker/
I am writing to you all because you are responsible for policing the lawyers, prosecutors & judges in this state who pay a very lucrative fee to belong to your “Association” yet abuses like this & so many more happen daily. Some would say they are the norm.

If you could please answer these questions for me:

1} Since we know that Joseph Nappi used his influence to get Lin O’Dell appointed: What safeguards do you use to ensure that the very people you put in charge of others, who will be deciding the fate of others is operating above board & is ethical in their daily legal interactions?

2} Why has NO ONE (except for me) seemed to have noticed that Mr Nappi, Ms O’Dell & many of their associates associated with this board & many others are having most of their cases destroyed by one Judge in the Superior courts illegally? Including the Judge that has presided over most of their cases & who used to be a trust/guardian attorney as well (all of his records that were questionable were destroyed in May of 2011) We also found some of you & a few of the attorneys in Mr Nappi’s Office that took advantage of the same thing.

3} How many of you knew that Ms O’Dell was living with a convicted murderer & that she was placing him in the care & control of vulnerable adults, even to the point of threatening them. WHY would you let that continue? We know that numerous reports & bar complaints have been filed yet no one has ever addressed this issue.

4} We know that the board is aware of a land deal in a case where Ms O’Dell “bought” a 208,000.00 property from one of her wards, a Mr Highland for 15,000.00 so why hasn’t anyone investigated that? How is that NOTHING has been done about then when we have cases of certain attorneys where merely 4.00 short on a clients’ account being disbarred or suspended.

5} I would like to know how many of you have been involved in the solicitation of complaints against certain attorneys that you felt were somehow becoming an issue or who had upset someone else in city, county or state govt. I do have some of you actually sending out emails to solicit complaints against several attorneys, including one that is now under suspicion of rape. I am currently trying to find one single case where the Washington State Attorney General has ever prosecuted a rape case

6} I would also love to hear your explanation as to why in the entire history of the WSBA there has only been 1 prosecutor even suspended, never disbarred. According to your own website https://www.mywsba.org/DisciplineNotice/DisciplineDetail.aspx?dID=110

7} I would really like help understanding or being able to reference to a case where the bar has ever disbarred a non-attorney based on complaints by a non-client. I have searched for months & I have only found one . I did find some reference to a CLIENT being able to file a complaint after the lawyer has quit, or resigned but never a non-attorney vs. a non-client

8} Why has Ms O’Dell not been suspended for practicing law in Idaho even though she is not licensed to practice law in that state?

Please don’t respond & tell me I am free to file a Bar Complaint because we all know that it will get filed in the round folder just like the rest of any citizens complaints. I personally sent the disciplinary board documented PROOF that Stevens County Prosecutor was funneling money from attorneys to a charity in Florida & back to his own charity & 1 week later the same board “cleared him of all charges” after they sat on it for almost a year.

I have also identified a very elite group that seem to be at the forefront of many attorneys who have been disbarred which is another story I am working on so that I can lay it out in a manner that my readers can understand.

I am writing about 16 to 30 more stories because I have so much documentation & so many people have stepped forward wanting to tell their stories so not all of the documentation has been destroyed even though the case files were. It is horrifying to me that I wrote one story & got 20 responses, I write another 1 & get 18 more. I hope they file a class action lawsuit in the Federal Courts

You are the very people who are supposed to protect clients so I am wondering it is policies or inaction it is that seem to prevent you from doing so.

Thank you very much for your time & consideration,
Brandia Taamu