Our Update On The Pennington Forged Documents

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I was in a bit of rush today with appointments so I simply republished Anne Block’s story from The Gold Bar Reporter but I’d like to expand on the story.

Mr Pennington was forum shopping again to try to get an unwarranted anti-harassment order to SLAPP down the 1st Amendment.

He tried

Skagit – FAILED


Snohomish- FAILED

and now Pierce County…

He finally got a Judge stupid enough to order the AHO – Cynthia Chen-Weller, but she had to recall it back once it was proven that the affidavit of service had been not just altered but forged.


Here is what we know for sure:

Deputy Ross tried to serve the AHO on September 20th but was unable to. So on September 29th he submitted the affidavit showing she had not been served because she was in Italy


Then Deputy Casey tries to serve her, he filled out the paperwork but was unable to serve her. He filled out the paperwork and attempted service on the 19th, he then submits the real document that shows he did not serve her on October 21st



What he didn’t know is that someone at City Hall had already gotten the form he filled out, forged it and submitted it to the courts on October 19th


There has been some speculation that Deputy Casey was involved but if he was why would he have submitted a document on the 19th saying he served her and then submitted a document 2 days later saying he didn’t. That shows me he had no clue, he submitted the document per protocol on 10/21/2016

We believe that he left the document there and someone in city hall either filed it themselves after they doctored it, or gave it to Mr Pennington so he could edit it. It was definitely sent to the Snohomish County Clerks office by Gold Bar at 1:58

That wasn’t good enough though because on the 24th we believe that Pennington hand delivered that same document further edited to Pierce County by hand.

You can clearly see the white out and all of the different handwritings, the court should’ve NEVER accepted this as a record in the first place, the Judge should’ve caught it and refused it yet she accepted this obviously doctored statement.




Once the Snohomish County Sheriff found out that a false statement had been entered Deputy Casey immediately sent the courts this record


doc-oct-31-2016-1-14-pm_page_2 doc-oct-31-2016-1-14-pm_page_3

So why did Mr Pennington pick right now? Well his wife was court ordered to be deposed and he had to stop that from happening.

He included her and all of the kids in his order, even though she never signed it, or never appeared. The judge had NO business approving an order for an adult who was never present and who never signed the order.

This was the biggest rookie move we’ve ever seen from anyone calling themselves a Judge – Or was it?

No… seems one of the lawyers involved in the RICO suit is a work partner and/or friend of Judge Weller.

Proving once again “Justice goes to the highest bidder”

I wonder what Ms Weller was offered in exchange for violating a citizen’s civil rights and liberties.

I have filed a Judicial complaint against this woman and if nothing is done then we know that we must eliminate not only the Bar as a private club of means boys and girls, but the Commission on Judicial Conduct as well.

Meanwhile the City of Gold Bar is busy trying to throw Deputy Casey under their RICO bus

If you look at the first and the third documents you’ll see the same handwriting, that’s who I would start with.

Now let’s see if Pierce County does the right thing and prosecutes Mr Pennington under the same laws that we all have to subscribe to. Someone somewhere has to follow the law of the land.

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