Understanding Propaganda Campaigns

In this day and age there is much outrage at “fake news” it’s a term the President throws around like like rice at a wedding. If the news isn’t adoring him then it’s FAKE NEWS, and we in the media are suddenly regarded as an enemy of the people.

I will be the first to admit that the very reason I started this paper is because of all of the stories the local news wouldn’t write, and if they did it always seemed to be more PR for the county, the cities or the elected leaders.

It’s also ironic that since the media has been called out they are massively stepping up their game so it hasn’t been all bad.

I am quite active on Twitter, meaning that’s where I get a good deal of my news. If there is any fake news on there, there are 1000’s of watchdogs who quickly come and smash it to the ground.

What is even worse than fake news? Propaganda, and most people don’t realize how to spot it…

So there is a story going on about a Kurdish woman with the headline that she is holding her dead baby, who is clearly alive and blinking. She is shown shaking the baby almost violently, screaming bloody murder, but not a tear in sight although she is desperately rubbing her eyes to contrive some. She is filmed at 3 separate locations 2 with the baby, and 1 without.

Now this Akram Salih adds his own words to the story, even though he clearly speaks the language to make this woman look like a liar.

This is propaganda 101, make the enemy appear to be shifty lying people who will even use children to fake a message. Then they lose the sympathy of the world watching because we no longer believe their tears.

In a corner of the world where there are literally 10’s of thousands of people running for their lives, just as distraught why is it they could only find ONE woman to interview? Because it wasn’t real. Simple, but it wasn’t the Kurds who set it up, it was the Turkish Army who are slaughtering people enmass as we go about our daily lives.

I watched as people changed their viewpoints and turned against these people, as Turkish forces and Russia bombed hospitals, murdered civilians, politicians, journalists, activists, and freed members of ISIS while everyone was losing their mind over this one woman.


If you discredit and dehumanize a group of people it is far easier to exterminate them, much the same way as Trump has done to the Mexicans and the Central Americans.

We as a nation are actually arguing to try to justify putting babies in concentration camps, the Kurdish people are in worse shape then even those children… but I digress

So I checked my mail tonight and I find more propaganda, from Russia this time. I started receiving emails from this group during the 2016 election and none of it made sense to me. It was supposedly from a democratic website, but something was off about all of it. The emails abruptly stopped after the election was over.

They’re back…

This email is sent to tips@snocoreporter.com.

Greetings from Active Democracy! Interesting news for you ladies and gentlemen.

:: Impeaching Trump is a disaster that will facilitate several disasters ::

Bill Clinton’s impeachment followed by Bush’s War on Terror
If you want to understand what is going on then you should look at attempts to impeach Bill Clinton and what followed after Bill Clinton.

  • Demonization. Bill Clinton was repeatedly demonized using the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
  • Impeachment. He faced a lengthy battle for impeachment.
  • War on Terror. The demonization that a Democrat President faced was used to pull George Bush in power … and the War on Terror was launched.
  • Fantastic President. In reality, Bill Clinton was a fantastic people-centric President who created record-breaking job growth.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton was designed to follow a massive disaster … that was the War on Terror. It is the repetition of the same pattern on President Trump.

Democrat’s Argument – Trump broke the law?
The Democrats are arguing that the President broke the law via “one phone call”. Okay fine, if this is how they want to play it … then how about the war crimes of Hillary God Damn Clinton? Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed during the last Administration and hundreds of billions of weapons just “disappeared”. Isn’t killing innocent people a crime? Isn’t the disappearance of hundreds of billions of American taxpayer money a crime? Shouldn’t there be an investigation and punishment for this scale of crime?
Please read the full article here:
Thank you so much for your time and attention. God bless.
Kind regards, Active Democracy
The Era Of People Power
11 New Arbat, Moscow – 119019, Russian Federation

Ok so the problem with all of this nonsense is that it is
A) From Russia
B) Incorrect
C) Not a Democratic site

They are clearly trying to scare democrats from supporting impeachment of President Trump, and they are losing their minds in the process. Earlier emails were very cleverly disguised, here they are having a full blown meltdown.

They are also incorrect, most Americans don’t even realize that Bill Clinton was impeached. Sadly most Americans also think that Nixon was impeached. Nixon quit before he was impeached, Clinton stayed around even though he was impeached.

Personally I don’t know what good impeaching Trump will do. He won’t leave because he is trying to wait out the statute of limitations, and he isn’t going anywhere til he wants to.

Although the latest polls have 53% to 62% of people believing he should be impeached, or that the impeachment inquiry should be completed, there is really no way to tell what their polling parameters were, or are, or even what percentage, or demographic were polled. IE: If I did a poll about how great beer is at a Brewery, chances are I’m going to get good results, if I did that at an AA meeting, probably not so much. So please use your discernment when reading, relying on, or trusting, any polls as well.

Remember my mantra here:

I don’t want you (or need you) to think like me, I just want you to think!