Two Shootings And A Death At The Jail

At about 2 pm a man found his stolen truck around 96th and Holly Drive and ended up shooting the thief. The thief was taken to the hospital and later booked into jail, and the trucks owner was also detained.

Then at about 3 pm another group in a stolen car at the 7-11 on 101st and Evergreen Way got into a fight and the girlfriend shot one of the men assaulting her boyfriend. His injuries were also not life threatening.

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Later at the same 7-11 a man was arrested after it was reported he was prowling cars. At some point an aid car was called for the man but he was taken to the Snohomish County jail where he died within an hour. He died while he was in a restraint chair like so many others in the past after being tazed by jail staff.

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  • Bryan Dixon

    The man who died as a result of the 7/11 suspected car prowling is named Marcus Manning. This death is SO suspicious that I and my S.O. have been digging for info on it, to the point of filing FOIA requests and talking to the family via FB. PLEASE look into this with whatever resources you have. I’ll be reaching out to you privately via email later in the week. Thanks for your time. Those who knew Marcus well say that this entire report is a lie, and they’re devastated and scared.