Trenary v. Fortney – The Farmer In The Dell


I stand corrected, it seems that Sheriff Trenary is actually cleaning house. Fortney is using this to claim he and everyone who supports him is “being targeted” but these officers clearly broke the law.

So now I hope the public will consider the fact that Adam Fortney will conduct his department in the same way. Sheriff shoots you twice with your hands up in the air, or violates your civil rights? That’d be fine with Fortney.

Adam Fortney wasn’t satisfied with simply cheering on the opposition so he became the opposition.

I’m not what you would call a big fan of Ty Trenary, but I’m less of a fan of lies. To be clear, I have never gotten any information that Trenary is corrupt, but his political alliances leave much to be desired.

His inability or unwillingness to do anything about the rogue cops in his department is perhaps the scariest thing about him.

Under Trenary’s tenure we have seen an improvement in the decline of jail deaths, social services, and treatment options, in spite of Mark Roe’s decision to not arrest folks with less than 2 grams of drugs in one of his classic hissy fits because he wasn’t given the money he wanted to glorify his office.

Which brings me to the disingenuous claims that Adam Fortney is making to the voters. He claims he is going to “get tough on crime” and arrest everyone.

Well that would be great if he had that power. He doesn’t.

I’m sure we all remember a game we used to play as kids called the Farmer in the Dell.

The farmer in the dell. Federal Govt
The farmer takes a wife. State Governor
The wife takes the child. Congress and Senate
The child takes the nurse. State Representatives
The nurse takes the cow. County Execs
The cow takes the dog. County Council
The dog takes the cat. Mayors and Commisioners
The cat takes the mouse. Prosecutors, Courts, and Judge
The mouse takes the cheese. Police, Prosecutors and Fire Services
The cheese stands alone. Citizens

The Sheriff’s can arrest whomever they want all day long but beyond that, their hands are tied.

It is up to the prosecutor what cases get prosecuted.

Mark Roe basically declared open day on the citizens once he announced that he would no longer prosecute cases of people who were carrying less than 2 grams of drugs, and most property crimes.

Adam Cornell had the power the day he stepped into office to reverse that ruling. Instead he took up where Mark Roe left off and used that position to try to garner more money from the County Council and County Executives.

All I can figure is that Cornell and Fortney hatched some plan to strong arm the council in the “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” quid pro quo.

Although we should all be concerned that there are so many rogue cops and Brady Cops in the sheriff’s office.

That may be out of Trenary’s hands because the Union, and the Criminal Justice Training Center protect the slimiest of those in their ranks.

No matter what these officers do the union throws every available dime at defending these people and the bar is  so low for what constitutes a fireable offense that most times they just slide.

The CJTC is responsible for certifying these officers, they do their level best to sweep all bad acts under the rug.

For instance, if a cop is under investigation all they have to do is quit that police department, get hired somewhere else, and the department and the CJTC investigation go away.

Given Trenary’s meager budget he has managed to pull off some colossal advances in community policing.

He has put social workers embedded with the deputies to reach out to the people struggling in our community.

He has created new programs inside the jail to address drug users who need to be medically observed and cared for.

Unfortunately he isn’t able to lick enough boot straps at the prosecutor’s office to work out a solution that would help both offices work together to actually fight crime and curb the tide of the drug epidemic.

The deputies that are problematic seem to get preference at the prosecutors office. Meaning the lazy cops who don’t actually want to work for our tax dollars go after those they arrest with a vengeance that sometimes leads to their death if they won’t “snitch” on others.

I’m working on 2 stories of just such situations where one girl is facing 90 months for refusing to snitch because it  would endanger her entire family

Then there is another young man looking at 240 months after he refused to snitch, mostly because he didn’t have information. Not only are they threatening him with 20 yrs, they claim he was in a scuffle with ” a lone officer who was shoved down a hill” when there is video evidence posted on 3 social media sites, that once they seen him four cars converged on him all at once. Problem is he has a lazy public defender who is trying to gain brownie points with the prosecutor so they are urging him to accept a plea deal for 5 years.

It should be noted that neither one of these 2 and many, many, others are never offered the opportunity to enter drug court. So Sheriff Trenary can break his neck all day trying to create working solutions to end the problem but as long as the prosecutor’s office is a politically motivated blackmailing operation there will be no real change.

I had reserved judgement on Adam Cornell, but he has shown his true colors, concern and motivations. He seemed to have learned well from his predecessor the art of Political Propaganda 101.

So to recap:

  1. Fortney can arrest folks all day long but he can’t prosecute them.
  2. The Prosecutor just wants more money to hire their friends and are still using the office to target and harass people
  3. The county council and exec hold the purse strings to both branches and thank heavens most of them are keenly aware this is nothing more than a scare tactic to create a money grab.

The real problem is Adam Fortney himself.

He evidently has a problem showing up for court hearings on multiple occasions.

One of his subordinates Deputy Wallin was just fired after executing a man after a wild chase and endangering the community.

If he can’t control one officer who has shot multiple people and engaged in numerous dangerous police chases how is he going to keep a handle on 1000’s of them?

Sheriff Fortney had the power to call off the chase and should’ve done so. Instead Adam Cornell tried to cover for both officers and declined to charge the Deputy.

Deputy Fortney was not afraid to use his K-9 Bruno as a weapon who only lived 9 yrs. That costs the taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees alone.

His prior K-9 Dygon “who was found dead from an undetected illness” only lived for 5 years. I am going to get the info further info if it is still available.

These dogs come from one of the finest breeders in the country, they are genetically tested and bred to live much longer than 5 to 9 yrs. The level of care these dogs receive is better than most human deputies and I know their vet, he wouldn’t have missed anything because of the level of tests he does.

Deputy Fortney is also showing early on he is not afraid to use his position to further his own goals, and his political aspirations.

He got together with his republican counterpart and used his position in the department to arrange a ride along with candidate Anna Rohrbough so that she could also use this false narrative of being able to do anything about the crime in this county.

Her “don’t assume we went looking for these” pictures also show she is counting on voter stupidity to gain an elected position. Of course she went looking for them, and she used our tax dollars to do it. So we don’t have to look for it but yet she is telling us not to go looking for it?

These pictures speak loud. Don’t assume we went looking for these – it’s just there, in plain sight for all of us to see…

Now to the homeless camp. It is literally 30 feet to the sidewalk across from Home Depot (120th and Airport Rd near Everett). Do not go looking though. There are open needles, rats, filth, human feces – everywhere. Pictures say it best…

With all of the “politics” that go on in our county, the fact that Trenary has managed to get anything done is amazing.

He also has a better understanding of the internal politics.

That can be a dangerous thing as it will sometimes create an incestuous relationship between various offices and agencies, but, it’s apparent that Trenary has made some enemies. In this case, that is a good thing.

The fact that the very people who exist to defend Brady cops, and others who shouldn’t even have a gun endorse Fortney so enthusiastically should set the hairs on the back of your neck straight off your collar. It doesn’t bode well for the taxpayers.

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