It’s Time For Citizens To Take Responsibility For Their News

Fake News is all the rage right now.

Some of it truly is fake, most of it is just people’s own spin of their own perceptions.

I have recently started receiving a plethera of “news articles” in my inbox.

Some with such sensational stories that I just read, laugh, and delete.

Some of it seems plausible enough that it makes me pause and go search out corroborating info to fact check it.

The most alarming ones are the ones that seem plausible.

Wikipedia has established itself as a leading “news source” and for the most part it is.

That is until “Pizzagate” they lost a lot of their credibility not because of what they posted but because of what others did with the info they provided.

While I was in the hospital I took the time to go through these “news sources” and oddly enough found that most of them originate from the Russian Federation. Seriously, here is just one:

Active Democracy
The Era Of People Power – Empower Christianity not Satanic Judaism
11 New Arbat, Moscow – 119019, Russian Federation

In most cases you have to dig around to find the origin of these news sources but you should.

Always try to understand what the end goal of anyone trying to feed you you any type of news.

Most local papers are in it for the circulation and advertisers, same as the big networks, most bloggers are also trying to bump up readership to create revenue as well, it is after all the American way.

Do they provide documentation? Is the information useful, helpful, or something the public deserves to know? What is their end goal, their mission statement, and their message?

I realize I can be very crass, I am not one to sugar coat. I have tried to be “professional” and deliver the news without my opinion, something I have failed at miserably.

My end goal is to educate the public and to learn. I have seen things with my own eyes with documentation and thought I was 100% correct in my “opinions” only to find out I was so far out in left field that I missed the entire game.

I am also lucky in the fact that I have quite a few readers who are smarter then me, or more skilled in certain areas and they explain it in great detail, I learn, I correct, and I grow, as I hope you do too.

With everything in our country spiraling out of control please guard what you take in and believe. Even the things you believe should be challenged, I don’t care if you read it here or anywhere else, question everything. In the end it may be the only hope we have to remain aware and able to defend ourselves.

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  • This is not really new, just 24 x 7, with CGI graphics. My Dad told me don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see. And that was in the days of black and white TV which went off the air at midnight.

    • Brandia

      Right but we’re old farts, most of the kids these days started out with the internet, that’s all they know so they are comfortable getting their news from where ever it lands on their news feeds. My dad was a little bit meaner, that Texas mentality, he always told me not to even to believe half of what I believed, challenge everything, especially if I truly believed it..