The killing fields of Highway 2

EDITOR’S NOTICE: One of these women has been found, she was actually found early on but her name was not taken off the list. Problem is I can’t find the message telling me which one it is. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause

Missing and Deceased
Missing and Deceased of Snohomish County
3 deaths in 3 days
The Missing Lost and Murdered of Snohomish County

Who is killing everyone on or around Highway 2?

This is a list of people of interest in Government and Law Enforcement who are suspect or simply doing nothing at all

*** Editor’s note: We have been given 3 addtl names but it is unknown how they are connected to this, a Lon Turner & oddly enough 2 officers suspected in the botched investigations of Patti Berry and Tracey Brazzel former officers Padilla and Beatie. It should be noted those girls came up missing from south SnoCo not north one was never found though.

Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers
Gold Bar Police Chief David Casey
Granite Falls Police Chief (former)Tony Domish
Mayor Haroon Saleem
Monroe Police spokeswoman Debbie Willis
Sheriff’s spokeswoman Rebecca Hover
Skagit County sheriff’s Deputy Brad Holmes
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Bureau Chief Kevin Prentiss
Snohomish County Sheriff’s Sgt. Danny Wikstrom
Sultan Police Chief(former) Fred Walser
Pat Slack Snohomish County Drug Task Force
Mark Ericks former US Marshall, and Snohomish Deputy Marshall
Chief Criminal Deputy Will Reichardt
Deputy John Hendrickson
Officer Pruit
Sergeant Stemme

According to there are many more then we have heard about

Since January 2013 six additional persons have been found in the past six months in rural campsites with a single, small caliber bullet would in the head in Snohomish County, Washington State as of August 15, 2013.

These murders all have the same people involved and they have all been all but ignored by law enforcement.

Keith Anderson,
Brock Holmes,
Patti Kreiger,
Lynda Taylor,
Angela Marie Gilbert,
Colt Lee White

There are many cases of missing persons that get no attention from local media or police. Some are killed together, some in sleeping bags, some may seem to have no connection but according to my sources they are connected. These are just a fraction of the unsolved cases, there are literally 100’s more of unsolved homicides in North Snohomish County and close to 200 in Central and South Snohomish County. Here are just 33 of these cases.

Galina Brown
Greg Keller
Heather M. Hemmer
Patti Berry & Tracey Brazzel
Summer Francis Smith
Thom McCoy
Shannon Ross
Sherry Harlan
David Boyle 
Lisa Noel Sledge
Sharon Christine Anderson
Jeremy Imrie
Anthony John Frigard
Jack LaMont
Brien Rosenquist
Angela Beery
Robyn Kenworthy
Cynthia L. Rearden
Kyle Von Rotz
Rory Shoemaker
Tira Snyder
Susanna Stodden & Mary Cooper
Hazel Anne Gelnett
Jennifer Burnetto
Christopher Porter
Kevin Moyen
Frank Rattie
Kathleen Stewart
Michelle Koski
Reuben Lewis
Molly Purdin Clary & Dianne Robbins
Kelly Sarsten
Shelby Wright

Then there are just the random bodies found, with no follow up, or identification that show up in the news on occasion

Body found in rural Snohomish County December 9, 2012
Snohomish detectives investigate body found in Monroe January 27 2013
Body found on roadside near Washington intersection May 3, 2010

Snohomish County has 65 cold cases that they are currently working on & created a deck of playing cards that are supposed to go to the inmates but don’t. Some of the names above are from the deck because there was no news coverage of the deaths or even disappearances.

How could so many deaths just go unnoticed? Why hasn’t there been a public outcry? None of the victims were well connected, most had petty crime records but they were all still human beings worthy of protection, and they have all been miserably failed

In 1990 – 1991 there were 12 bodies found, with only 3 news stories about them, so this is a very long term situation. There are many more questionable murders which will take time to investigate, and we will report any new findings as soon as we get them.

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  • Dave Bryant

    it’s somebody inside the justice system or formerly inside the justice system.

    • Brandia

      I am absolutely sure of this… We have around 6 law enforcement officers that have been on the force in some capacity whether it’s local or federal (but always involved with SnoCo) for 38 to 45 years: There is a reason why and it’s not good.

  • Stephanie Rae Townsend

    If the body found Dec 9 2012 was recovered in granite falls off Silverton way , better do a little more reasearch and less reporting

    • Brandia

      There was no follow up that I could find in any newspapers, records or even the Medical Examiner’s office. If you have additional info then please share it.

      • Anonymous47763

        Maybe she’s the killer. Hmmm

        • Stephanie Rae Townsend

          Not a killer of anything or anyone other than ice cream and spiders . Just a grieving human being who has lost the closest family member she had to a terrible accident at my home.

          • Brandia

            I’m very sorry for your loss…

      • Stephanie Rae Townsend

        If we are taking about the same body he was my uncle Mark A cord and he drowned when he fell in the canyon behind my house

      • Stephanie Rae Townsend

        The everet Herald had an article with ME s findings and that no foul play was involved.

        • Brandia

          I did see that story but I didn’t understand about the discrepancy in the dates. I’m so sorry for your loss and thank you for the answers as to one of the stories. The reporter that I asked works for a major newspaper and cautioned me about “assuming” this was Mr Acord.

  • johnathan

    Some Snohomish locals told me some time ago that a former Snohomish police officer killed Kelly Carsten and got away with it. He was let go from the force after some controversies…

  • Jennifer

    Your link to doesn’t even work..

  • Brandia

    I thought it was him but the King 5 story says that that body was found on the 9th and Mark Acord was found on the 8th. Another reporter I talked to thought the person found on the 8th was a female but she couldn’t get any further info either.

    • Stephanie Rae Townsend

      He was found on the 8th recovered on the 9th it was to dangerous for Sars to recover my uncle on the 8th when his body was discovered we had to wait until the morning of the 9th

  • Stephanie Rae Townsend

    Yes I was the one who lost my loved one. He fell in the canyon behind my home and unable to see ended up in the white water I found him on the 8th it’s ruled accidental drowning

  • Diane Vallier

    I appreciate you’re reporting honestly. Your story about Afton Brown was heartfelt, she was a friend. I would love to see you write a follow up on her. TY

  • Autumn Frizzell

    I was shocked to see deputy brad holmes named here. I hoped to never hear that name again. He is a vile and despicable human being. I hope every day of my life that there is enough dirt on him to have him fired from the skagit county sheriffs office. He is a sad excuse for a man. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was involved. He has little man syndrome, and anger issues.
    I hate that man.

  • Just giving you the heads up that an alleged pedophile moved to NW Washington State. John Podesta the Molesta is in town and your missing teenagers list is getting longer every day. I am not able to know of any connection myself because he is not a friend of mine. However, my instincts are not letting me rest until the word is out. Be safe

    • Brandia

      Thanks, he has lived here before and has spent a great deal of time here. Maybe I should compare those times with the list of the missing though…