RANT: Well You’re On Your Own If Your Loved Ones Go Missing

January 19, 2018
Or you're a violent crime victim Or you've lost everything you worked for Or you're just a gullible tax paying citizen Between  my blog and this newspaper I've been writing about missing folks and the corrupt...

Washington State Patrol Promoting Troopers Instead Of Putting Them On The Brady List

I recently made a public records request of the Washington State Patrol based on some court documents that were pointed out to me by a very helpful clerk. The first installment shed a little more light on a connect...
August 12, 2017

Mission Statement – History of Our Cause

I know I've been slow in posting lately but I am working on stories about some of the biggest agencies in this state. They involve: The Supreme Court, The Appeals Court, The Western District Court, The Washingt...
July 8, 2017