In The News Across The State

As my readers may have noticed I have been AWOL. I wish I could say I've been taking a much needed vacation but that's nothing but a fantasy years away from now. I have been zigzagging across the state in a mad das...
November 14, 2017

Will Debbrah Pesce Ever Get Justice?

Some of you will remember this story about a woman run over and left like an animal in the street. Meanwhile the woman who hit her and threw her into 2 other oncoming cars ran from the scene of the accident and had a ...
February 24, 2016

Brady Cops in Snohomish County

Most of us have never heard of a "Brady List", or "Potential Impeachment List" it is a list of Police Officers who have been caught lying, or being less then truthful in internal investigations amongst other things ...
August 24, 2015