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As my readers may have noticed I have been AWOL. I wish I could say I've been taking a much needed vacation but that's nothing but a fantasy years away from now. I have been zigzagging across the state in a mad das...
November 14, 2017

Two Former CIA Contractors Face Lawsuit on Agency’s Use of Torture

WASHINGTON — When Gul Rahman was taken to the "salt pit," a then-secret CIA prison in Afghanistan, he was given a psychological evaluation by CIA contractor Bruce Jessen. Jessen wanted "to d...
April 22, 2016

Washington State Attorney General Ties to Lin O’Dell & Steve Tucker

Here is the 2nd story in the series about Robert Caruso and Spokane County. Here we have a good prosecutor in this state who is being drug through the mud, yet we have trash like th...

August 17, 2015