People Are Dying To Feed The System

October 11, 2017
War makes people billions of dollars so it seems appropriate to call our drug epidemic "The War On Drugs" Truth is, that it is the biggest money maker our nation has ever known. One of the first journalists to e...

The Other Side of Being In the U.S. Illegally

Sadly I have received information that some of the bodies along the Highway 2 and 395 corridors are in fact folks who came here as part of the drug trade from Guatemala (in order to pass through Mexico) and from Mexic...
January 12, 2016

‘El Chapo’ Was Captured in a Bid for Hollywood Stardom

MEXICO CITY — It wasn't exhaustive Mexican detective work, nor sophisticated U.S intelligence, that exposed the whereabouts of drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Gu...

January 10, 2016