Rose Marie Adams Beutler Landers Moon

I have had so many folks contact me about this woman that I decided to compile everything in one post. The most important thing I can tell you is to stay as far away from this woman as you possibly can. I am also g...
October 22, 2017

The State’s “Professional” Witness – Rose Marie Adams Buetler Moon

It seems that Rose Adams has her hooks into George Beutler's family again. She wasn't content with living off of people then getting restraining orders against them so she could kick them out of their own homes. ...
October 20, 2016

Think the city shelter is an animal’s friend?

Think again. The city of Everett shelter is the worst of the worst. They rank somewhere between Auschwitz & PETA in the deaths they cause. From a Jewish perspective that's as bad as it can get in my eyes. Just ...
March 26, 2015