RANT: Well You’re On Your Own If Your Loved Ones Go Missing

January 19, 2018
Or you're a violent crime victim Or you've lost everything you worked for Or you're just a gullible tax paying citizen Between  my blog and this newspaper I've been writing about missing folks and the corrupt...

Abuse of the Public Records Act? Not at All

Ms DiVittorio went down to Olympia and said on the record that she was running out of money to protect her employees from the public records act. (Keep in mind that "someone" changed the wording of money to resour...
February 5, 2016

“We Run The Country” According to Lawyers (And they do)

60 minutes had a horrifying show earlier. Perhaps the most chilling of all is this statement by this attorney claiming that they run the country, that they are a part of the elite, and they make the laws. It is wha...
February 1, 2016

Our Village Idiot Just Cost Us Another 45,000.00

January 23, 2016