Corrupt Judge Cindy Larsen Hard At Work For Mark Roe

August 4, 2017
Well the people voted, and they got what they voted for. A Mark Roe patsy that will do his bidding and she is already hard at work finding all of his cases in his favor. She does "owe" him for getting her electe...

Kevin Hulten and the PDC: It Ain’t Over

So last week we found out that the Public Disclosure Commission is sending out subpoenas to King County, or rather, the Washington State Attorney General was sending them out to the major crimes unit for King County p...
June 22, 2016

Understanding the Decades Old Cronyism in SnoCo

I know I have been promising to share with you all of the info I have about G.Geoffrey Gibbs, Appeals Court Judge Marlin Appelwick and other assorted past and present politicians, lawyers and judges. Sadly there is...
April 11, 2016

Citizen’s Arrest – A Little Known Remedy Against Corruption

March 12, 2016

PDC Finally Address the Hulten and Reardon Complaints

PLEASE NOTE: I have included all of the documents from both cases so it may take a while to load. I uploaded them on to Scribd since some folks have trouble downloading the fi...
December 18, 2015

UPDATED: Sometimes Political Favors Involve Doing Nothing

Seems sometimes the way to help your crony buddies is to simply do nothing... Wait a few years, let the statute of limitations pass and then proclaim a giant "oops" we missed it. Possibly taking
October 22, 2015