Rose Marie Adams Beutler Landers Moon

I have had so many folks contact me about this woman that I decided to compile everything in one post. The most important thing I can tell you is to stay as far away from this woman as you possibly can. I am also g...
October 22, 2017

Is Lobsang Dargey Singing to the Feds?

Lobsang Dargey is a man who claims to be from a Tibetan Monastery but who actually came here from New York...In all of his stories he lands directly in Federal Way at his "Sponsor's home" but according to the United S...
January 21, 2016

13th Regional Alaskan Corporation ~ The fleecing of the “Natives with no Home”

In January of 2010 I was wondering what happened to my Alaskan Corporation, they had sold off all of their Mailboxes Etc. to UPS in 2001 or 2002 and I hadn't gotten a dividend check. Not a big surprise since in I h...
January 9, 2016

Prejudice is Alive and Well in Everett… Neo-Nazi Paradise

I was on you tube looking for a council meeting, one of the 3 that I know of where they discussed my case. I found this video instead This is a situation that occurred at the QFC on Broadway in Everett. A black man...
September 22, 2011