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Accused Sex Offender Stephen Canter Using Head Start As His Address

Stephen Canter who was busted earlier last year in a Washington State Patrol Sting is using for his home address a commercial property that houses - Head Start.

Mark Roe: Turn Down the Rock Music, Put Down Your Bong and Follow Brady v. Maryland

If we only had a prosecuting attorney that wasn't a lying conniving piece of trash we might actually have a chance at some type of justice. I'm generally pretty good at telling you who needs to go, I present the ev...

The Murder of Dustin Willard

Years ago a man named Dustin Willard was slaughtered in his own home, right on his own porch. I have the private video's showing the Everett Police Dept removing evidence before the search warrant arrived. This cas...

Justice In The Shavlik Case

If you've read the local papers you'd be led to think that Ms Shavlik was a mad woman with a jury to stupid to breed. She was acquitted of all of the false charges leveled against her. The jury was made...

Update On The Frame Up of a Local Citizen

As I told you about the Brady Cops,

Mark Roe’s Partner in Crime – SnoCo Sheriff Fontenot

I get letters, phone calls, and emails about a certain group of Police Officers throughout Snohomish County constantly. Most of them are already on the existing "Brady List"

Snohomish County Defining Racketeering

I love Public Records, more correctly I love the Public Records Act: The records, not so much... Thanks to an alert reader we discovered that

Abuse of the Public Records Act? Not at All

Ms DiVittorio went down to Olympia and said on the record that she was running out of money to protect her employees from the public records act. (Keep in mind that "someone" changed the wording of money to resour...