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Accused Sex Offender Stephen Canter Using Head Start As His Address

Stephen Canter who was busted earlier last year in a Washington State Patrol Sting is using for his home address a commercial property that houses - Head Start.

Who is Cindy Larson and Why You Should Be Very Worried.

Cindy Larsen is running for Position #3 for the Snohomish County Superior Court. She claims to be a Judge Pro-Tem in her political mailers, but we can't find any proof of that. Other Municipalities may not have ...

Guest: How The Shavlik Case Came Undone

We have gotten a statement from the Journalist who was at the Shavlik trial who taped the entire trial start to finish, she obviously had a better understanding to the debacle then anyone else. We have bee...

Update On The Frame Up of a Local Citizen

As I told you about the Brady Cops,

Mark Roe’s Partner in Crime – SnoCo Sheriff Fontenot

I get letters, phone calls, and emails about a certain group of Police Officers throughout Snohomish County constantly. Most of them are already on the existing "Brady List"

Follow up to the Sno-King Drug Cartel (Year in Review)

In our earlier stories I explained how animals were used to traffic drugs up here. I also explained

Public Records Act and other jokes in SnoCo

An anonymous source sent me some emails, well over a 1000 of them detailing a few county actors defying and violating the Public Records Act, the ringleader always seems to be our very own

Sean Reay and John Pennington: Birds of a Feather

UPDATE: I recently received some of my own records and discovered that the records they gave another requestor for "Mark Roe's Phone Records" were in fact Sean Reay's phone records Our SnoCo Prosecutor Mark Roe can...

Truth in Reporting? Not So Much

People are strange.... politics and money make them stranger. Most people expect that mainstream media should report straightforwardly and check out it's sources before they report the news. I mean they are trained...