The Supreme Court Will Now Face Christy Diemond

I recently moved so I can only get to mail once a week for a couple of weeks until we get a new mailbox up here. I got a CD in the mail sometime last week and it was blank with no description written on it. I al...
August 4, 2017

WSBA Helps Murder Another Human Being – Adam Corey Guenther

March 14, 2017
Most of you who follow my paper and my blog are aware that I keep track of all of the attorneys that the Washington State Bar Association has went after and destroyed by disbarring them. Usually with lies. In atlea...

Guest: The Strange Tale of Jason Markley’s Photo Shopped Horses

Animal Abuse Allegations at epidemic levels. Those targeted say it's malicious prosecution... and it's about the money... lots of money. Jason Markley says he is falsely accused. He says every stitch of the so-call...
November 16, 2015