RANT: Well You’re On Your Own If Your Loved Ones Go Missing

January 19, 2018
Or you're a violent crime victim Or you've lost everything you worked for Or you're just a gullible tax paying citizen Between  my blog and this newspaper I've been writing about missing folks and the corrupt...

November 2017 Elections – Snohomish County Council District 5

September 20, 2017
Here is who we have to choose from in this November's Election: The candidates featured in this series are ones I have run a full background check on, and that I have investigated to the fullest of...

NO. You’re Not A Good Cop, Lawyer, Judge, or Prosecutor If You Don’t Do Something About The Bad Ones.

September 16, 2017
I've been working with a few "Good Cops" over the past 6 years. The one's who try to do something about the bad cops, and it usually costs them their careers, their reputations, their marriages, and possibly their liv...

Mission Statement – History of Our Cause

I know I've been slow in posting lately but I am working on stories about some of the biggest agencies in this state. They involve: The Supreme Court, The Appeals Court, The Western District Court, The Washingt...
July 8, 2017

Even More Questions About the Investigation Into Cynthia Larsen

  This is more of an OP/ED post about the current investigation into Cindy Larsen. After going through more of the paperwork, it seems (to me) she was set up. Judge Lucas wife made the original complaint...
October 20, 2016

OP/ED Primary Election Results

It seems we may be seeing a light in the tunnel of the statewide deprivation, and degradation of our political system for the first time in decades. The voters are speaking loud and clear, they are tired of the sam...
August 7, 2016

Council member Klein Tried To Protect Us

Unfortunately the disheartening news (as reported in the Herald) is that the 2 usual sellouts voted for Dunshee and in a sad turn of events Terry Ryan sold out the voters of Snohomish County to further his own interes...
March 1, 2016

Representatives Frank Chopp and Dan Kristiansen Killing Accountability Agencies

First it was the Public Disclosure Commission, then the Sunshine Committee, then the Commission on Judicial Conduct, and many others citizen protection agencies that died quiet little deaths, most of these agencies ha...
February 23, 2016

The Fix is in for Dunshee: Sad News for SnoCo Residents

Yes I know I'm way behind on everything: Somehow I figured that no one would be stupid enough to nominate Hans Dunshee after all the nonsense he has pulled on the voters in the city of Snohomish, the county and the st...
February 5, 2016

Hans Dunshee: No Choice For Snohomish County

Sometimes I wonder if some of our elected leaders are sniffing the glue We just got rid of the garbage that has drug our county down to the ground and now someone is suggesting we take on more of the same. The C...
February 5, 2016