Rose Marie Adams Beutler Landers Moon

I have had so many folks contact me about this woman that I decided to compile everything in one post. The most important thing I can tell you is to stay as far away from this woman as you possibly can. I am also g...
October 22, 2017

NO. You’re Not A Good Cop, Lawyer, Judge, or Prosecutor If You Don’t Do Something About The Bad Ones.

September 16, 2017
I've been working with a few "Good Cops" over the past 6 years. The one's who try to do something about the bad cops, and it usually costs them their careers, their reputations, their marriages, and possibly their liv...

Windermere Property Corruption All the Way up to the Supreme Court

This is by far the most twisted tale of realty corruption that I have ever heard. I couldn't begin to explain the depth of layer after layer of garbage that has gone on to just one single family so I am going to copy ...
October 24, 2015