What Are We Going to do When Boeing Moves More Operations to South Carolina

The writing is on the walls, it has been for over a decade. The unions have pushed a good deal of the operations out of our state already. Boeing pays 10.00 less pr hour in South Carolina, they have far more in inc...
April 6, 2016

Gary Ridgeway Enjoying Life at Club Fed

UPDATE: 9/18/2015 Seems the DOC dipsticks have seen the error of their ways and are making arrangements to have Ridgeway brought back to Washington I hope that by now it is very clear that I don't ...
September 18, 2015

Now Ericks is Mocking Arabs and Muslims too

June 30, 2015

Making Some Sense of the Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal… Well Sort of

I do not like stories that make no sense, or that are wrapped in so much whoopdy woo that you can’t make heads or tails of it. As I said in the last story, the whole situation is is drenched in so many bizarre cons...
August 29, 2014