Kevin Hulten At It Again

May 11, 2017
Well it seems former aide to Aaron Reardon, Kevin Hulten has hit rock bottom The thefts occurred ...

City of Everett Politics Sinking to a New Low

It seems that Mayor Stephanson and the Reardon's got off scott free with the Lobsang Dargey debacle, so his announcement that he wouldn't be running for Mayor is off the table. As soon as Brian Sullivan announced h...
January 26, 2017

Kevin Hulten and the PDC: It Ain’t Over

So last week we found out that the Public Disclosure Commission is sending out subpoenas to King County, or rather, the Washington State Attorney General was sending them out to the major crimes unit for King County p...
June 22, 2016

13th Regional Alaskan Corporation ~ The fleecing of the “Natives with no Home”

In January of 2010 I was wondering what happened to my Alaskan Corporation, they had sold off all of their Mailboxes Etc. to UPS in 2001 or 2002 and I hadn't gotten a dividend check. Not a big surprise since in I h...
January 9, 2016

Moving Problem People Rarely Solves Any Real Problems

Snohomish County has gotten rid of John E Pennington Jr and his wife, Ms Crystal Berg Hill Pennington. I have no doubt these folks will slime their way into another community and another job that they are not legal...
December 26, 2015

I See Said the Blind Man… (Censorship in the media)

December 22, 2015

Guest Editorial: The Cost of the County Employment Investigations

I look at the Snohomish County Council agendas regularly. Why? Because it can give you insight as to what is going on in your government and possible decisions that may impact your quality of life or pocket book. I am...
September 29, 2015

Lobsang Dargey (Dharge) Lama… EB-5 Program Abuse Tied to Mayor Stephanson

Well we were preparing to do a story about Mr Dargey but there are some questions as to what his real name or real story is... All we know is that he is Ray Stephanson and Aaron Reardon's associate. He is also a th...
August 26, 2015

Why Politician’s Pasts Matter

My "Business" is to dig up new and old dirt on those who lead us but it shouldn't be just my business, everyone who puts these people in charge of our money and our lives should be doing the same thing. So why does...
August 3, 2015

“We the Taxpayers” on the Hook for Troy Kelley’s Defense

According to Jordan Schrader at the Bellingham Herald (Please go to the article where he lays it all out in a very simple easy to understand fashion)
State-government lawyers will defend Troy Kelley in co...
April 25, 2015