Snohomish County Reporter is Not Here to Protect Political Careers

So it seems there are a few folks upset with us publishing details of Luis Moscoso’s past.

Much ado was made about his history of domestic violence and his changing degrees (or lack thereof) but not one word about how he met the girl he later abused.

She was 16 yrs old when he met her as her bus driver, she was a little girl, not even 2 years later he was living with her and eventually after marrying her he also abused her.

Here is a quote that really got to me from the Herald’s latest story

Moscoso became a legislator in 2011. The protection order never came up in his three House races. A photocopy of the affidavit and other documents were emailed anonymously to reporters and bloggers July 1. That sparked hushed conversations on the campaign trail after a blogger published some of the records online.

So they acknowledged that they received the same info as I did, yet never published it.

That is why “it was never an issue before” because the Herald and other newspapers knew about it and never published it.

That is why I started this newspaper because of all the things that should’ve been reported but never are.

I am not just a blogger, my paper is registered as a Newspaper with the state of Washington, under Light The Dark Media

Next I’d like to address this statement:

“What’s the motivation of digging this up and spinning this out now?” Moscoso said Friday. “Clearly it is a character assassination.” Nelson said she first heard of the protection order last week and sent a member of the political committee staff to the county courthouse in Everett to gather the pertinent documents. She then phoned Moscoso. “I told him we had pulled together the record because it might become an issue in the campaign and we needed to be aware of it,” she said. “He seemed confident that he would be able to address it with voters.”

Character Assassination? I did not meet a high school girl, shack up with her and abuse her. Nor was anything I said untrue.

This man is running for Senate where he will make decisions about laws concerning Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Sexual Predators, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Animal’s Rights down to even deciding about funding for those issues.

I also want to know why a Monroe Police Officer got prison time for the same exact thing, yet Mr Moscoso was allowed to get away with it.

That smacks of “politics” and nothing to do with protecting children’s rights.

Finally, I was flabberghasted by this statement that shows what politics have truly become:

“My concern is the Republicans will use anything that they can to win,” said Senate Minority Leader Sharon Nelson

First off I am no republican, or democrat, second off maybe they might want to do some background checks on Candidates before they get behind them.

To continue to support someone to gain control of the majority of seats in Congress, explains why we have so many miscreants in elected offices.

If in fact I were to find anything of this nature out about whomever he is running against I will report on that too.

We citizens have a right to know who we are voting for.

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