Snohomish County Executive To Move Jail Oversight From The Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE: It appears that at least 2 county council members are clearly going to vote no on this entire move.


The Snohomish County Executive has come up with a plan to move oversight of the jail back to the executive’s office, and out of the sheriff’s hands.

This move comes after a particularly ugly election cycle between the former sheriff Ty Trenary and his challenger Adam Fortney.

Fortney ran on the tough on crime platform and the voters who actually cared enough to show up and vote spoke loud and clear. They wanted accountability.

The other night I got an email that appears to be politically motivated

I got this email twice from both sides of the aisle with a different opinion of what this meant and what the motivating factors were.

For those of you who may not know but the Snohomish County Jail used to be controlled by the County Executive’s Office.

That ended up costing taxpayers millions of dollars in lawsuits and new oversight by the Department of Justice because things were so bad.

The jail operations were moved over to control of the Sheriff’s office under DOJ recommendations and the current Executive’s vote.

This move did appear to alleviate the death rates and ultimately ended the DOJ oversight.

Then John Lovick drug us back into the constant deaths and lawsuits circus again, and then Trenary seemed to have reigned that back in.

Under Trenary’s rule we got more of the same “good old boys” policing. No real changes in the sheriff’s office came, and it appeared to have gotten worse.

Towards the end of the campaign Trenary finally did fire 2 deputies one of whom shot and killed a man with his hands in the air, after a chase that endangered the public.

Trenary’s stance was that Adam Fortney was their supervisor so it was his fault. What no one did was state the obvious: Trenary was also Fortney’s Superior, so he was also culpable in that entire situation.

There were accusations leveled by both sides that this was politically motivated by the Union and Fortney’s supporters.

My opinion is that it was absolutely politically motivated, but the worse part of it is that until it became campaign fodder nothing was done about a cop shooting another human being point blank range because that’s the way things are done in the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office.

We have cops who are throwing people in the river, murdering them in various ways, running meth labs, fencing stolen cars, beating the crap out of other officers in the actual police stations, beating their wives, getting multiple DUI’s and a litany of other crimes. And nothing being done about it, except being covered up.

Most of the cops on these task forces are also Brady Cops, which is a joke in itself.

We have cops who are rapists, and they aren’t even written up and we have a deputy who almost shot himself in the foot while being attacked by a violent offender who is also a Brady cop.

I should also point out that there is no “fair hearing” or legal process to make an officer a “Brady Cop” it is simply a designation by the Prosecutor so it can be used and abused in any way the office sees fit.

There aren’t even any actual guidelines as to when and where someone can be given the Brady designation, except educated guesses on the Brady v Maryland case itself.

The next odd thing is that until there was a campaign, most people never heard of the program at that jail intended to help those addicted to drugs being run by Ideal Options. I believe there were a few stories and those stories were done by the bigger news media in our area.

So why would the County Executive want to bring the jail operations back into their oversight? According to the Exec they want to preserve all of the hard work that has been done to implement this program.

We are still waiting for an official statement – or the announcement which will come on Monday. I will be trying to get a statement from Fortney as well.