Snohomish County Deputies Caught Lying

In May 2019 I was sent a very odd story.

There was a supposed chase, then an arrest of a “dangerous felon” but something was very problematic about the local paper’s version of the story.

The suspect reportedly drove onto southbound I-5, reaching speeds up to 100 mph. He then exited on 236th Street, weaving into oncoming traffic, according to court papers. North of Arlington, the car ran over spike strips that had been placed near the 8300 block of Grandview Road. He allegedly got out of the car and ran. The deputy, who was by himself, got out of his car and gave chase. He yelled at the man to stop, warning that he would shoot. They ran up a hillside covered in sticker bushes. It was dark. The deputy fired a stun gun but missed. They both had trouble navigating the terrain. The deputy wrote that he kicked the suspect several times in the arms and stomach to keep him on the ground. The deputy tried the stun gun again, but again it didn’t appear to work. Eventually, more officers showed up and arrested the suspect. With him was a bag containing 161 grams of methamphetamine, according to court papers. The man was booked Monday into the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of attempting to elude, drug possession, burglary and a warrant from another agency.

The problem was that I had seen a video on facebook of the actual chase, nothing as described in the story above happened.

There was no “lone officer”, the car was clearly not disabled by spike strips, there was no sticker bushes.

All of the police cars pulled up behind this man’s car and they all chased him at once.

He was being tazed, kicked, punched and while he was screaming it sounds like dogs were attacking him as well.

His defense attorney had the video, yet they never defended him which seems to be the the course in Snohomish County.

He has accepted the plea bargain for 5 years I suspect because he just lost his infant son and he is already defeated.

He did run from the police specifically because he had been beaten by them before and he was scared.

It was still not a smart move but it’s common by people that have been abused by the North County Snohomish County Deputies.

The “Lone Officer” was never named, which in and of itself it strange. I have emails in to the Snohomish County Sheriff, the Snohomish County Public Defender, The Prosecutor, and requests for the GPS locations of these vehicles as well as case reports.

Hopefully we’ll get some answers but the fact remains, there was an obvious lie that was perpetrated by an entire group of officers. That is the very definition of RICO as well as an obvious violations of civil rights.

I am also awaiting comment from his family and will update as the info comes in.