Reward For Information About the Death of Patricia Devalkeneer AKA Shorty

Several days ago a young woman, Patricia Devalkeneer, who had battled addiction was found deceased in a recycle bin in the 900 block of 128th in South Everett.

She had recently been released from the Snohomish County jail on May 17th, 2017 but attempts at obtaining further treatment were denied by Catholic Community Service because she had been in jail for several months.

Sadly it was this vulnerable time period that led to her death.

The coroner changed the cause of death from overdose to homicide because there was no way she could’ve gotten herself into this bin. They suspect that there was more than one person involved.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police or you can contact me and I will put you in touch with family. Any and all tips or lead will be kept confidential.

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  • Kharnellia Angelique

    One of the last few times I saw her, she had a bloody eyebrow, and bloody lip. She came into my work Starbucks on 128th and Evergreen asking to use the bathroom. When I asked what happened she said her boyfriend did it… I gave her a free breakfast sandwich and coffee and told her to sit tight and I’d call the cops for her but she insisted it would make it worse and that she was safe now. I should have called anyways but I knew that she more than likely had drugs on her and stolen goods so I didn’t want her to go to jail while trying to track someone down who was probably long gone. She was so broken and scared. I feel so guilty for not doing more.

    • Brandia

      You have no reason to feel guilty, domestic violence is a very twisted and complex situation. The abuser takes everything away from you that makes you human and they threaten anything you love it’s like being a hostage in your own mind. Every act of compassion she received was what probably made her be able to take the steps she was taking to get away from him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one who got her hooked so he could feed off of her body. I do hope that you call the police and let them know about this though.

      • Darla Eaves

        How do you know that she didn’t OD?

        • Brandia

          The coroner’s report

        • Janene Malmstead

          Even if she did, which I know she didn’t, she couldn’t have gotten into that donation bin by herself. She wasn’t tall enough or strong enough to lift herself up.

        • Danielle Jenkins

          Just because someone overdosed doesn’t mean they die. It took people dumping her overdosing body into a clothes canister denying and refusing her medical attention for her to die. I have revived 3 people from an overdose.

          • Marissa Sprinkles

            This is exactly what I was going to say

          • Love Wahl

            some people die within 90 seconds of an overdose depending on how much is used and what was in it! FYI Narcan and cold showers etc don’t alway’s work etc! Don’t be on a witch hunt she made a choice to use and hang out with that man! Had she not made those choices she would be alive today!

          • Darla Eaves

            Of course, I’m just saying…some a**holes could have thrown her dead body in there. And people DO die of overdoses, FREQUENTLY.

        • kaitlyn ♡

          her autopsy came back negative for narcotics, she drowned in her own fluids from being dumped head first in a place she couldn’t get herself out of and was just left there to die.

          • Rachael Bowerman-Erks

            So she didnt overdose. And was killed. This is so very sad and horrible.

          • Joanna Elizabeth

            I’m friends with Rachel and she and the family are devastated

          • Kayleen Bart

            Where did you hear this?

          • Jenn Tschimperle

            omg, that’s horrible! That poor girl didn’t deserve to be treated like that. She is at peace now. No more pain or anguish, only heavenly bliss. But her family and friends are suffering terribly, and for their sake I hope they find that monster and hang him by his you know what’s, so he can never ruin another life again!!

      • Julia Fielder

        Brandia, how did the toxicology report come out so quickly, & showing no narcotics? In my personal experience with Sno Co Med Examiners office, the toxicology panel/samples collected during autopsy took 3-6 weeks to process and receive back. Per comments here, how was Tricia’s tox screen completed & shared 9 days ago, one day after her murder?

  • Lindsey Hoffmann

    I did not know this girl well but I had a few deep conversations with her in Everett. She had expressed concerns over a jealous older boyfriend . I’m wondering if he can be identified as I see him in one of her profile pictures on Facebook.. I just do not recall his name. Sad that this is not viral. Just because she made past mistakes does not mean that anyone deserves to die a death at the hand of domestic violence.

    • Brandia

      There is worth in almost every human, she was loved by a strong family and she was at her crossroad where she was making a change: That is usually when abusers become the most dangerous, when they’re losing control over their victims. I seen that he pictures too and that person made my skin crawl.

      • Lindsey Hoffmann

        Our conversation was last year. She had expressed being torn between two men, one who was a better influence and closer to her age, and the other who was a bad influence and twice her age. She had said the older boyfriend was jealous that she was trying to leave him. I was trying to give her advice as I also struggle with domestic violence. Otherwise, I have no connection to her. Our conversation was extremely ironic to her death and I’m just hoping somebody can identify the older man who I believe is in his late forties.

        • No Name

          Did she ever mention the name rick mcleod? She has mentioned him as her boyfriend and a fellow user. He is in mid 40’s and according to her on the show deadliest catch.

          • Brandia

            My sources have also mentioned this name, repeatedly. I know one of the kids from the same boat is into some shady crap but I haven’t made a connection to this McLeod person.

  • Scott Vandecoevering

    I Also saw this same man everyone seems to be pointing out, and if it’s definitely the same guy his name is john fletcher. He is not connected with her on Facebook but it’s definitely him. Just looking at him with her on her profile made my skin crawl.

    • Anthony Gerhardt

      That guy looks creepy as fuck. Definitely needs to be looked into.

    • Brandia

      Actually she is on his friends list and he is almost 50 yrs old… I hope ethe cops are talking to him and looking at him hard.

  • Love Wahl

    unfortunately she probably overdosed and someone threw her dead body in the trash instead of calling the police

    • Crystal Sanborn Reviea

      Um no she didn’t OD!

  • Tony Miller

    She didn’t OD! She left happy and confident a day before she was found dead. She would never kill herself. She loved her parents too much. She was killed. And fuck you to anyone who just sees her as a junkie.

    • Donna Wicklund


  • Lindsey Hoffmann

    Unfortunately, it appears that again police are discriminating against her in this murder case. Seems as if there is not enough coverage or information that is being withheld. I can imagine her case not being investigated thoroughly due to her past run-ins with police and their dislike for her. I hope I am wrong but I totally agree with you. She was a nice young girl who had DV problems , therefore was probably murdered by one of these men. I can’t believe the rude comments brushing it off as “OD end of story.”

    • Brandia

      Then everyone who reads this story needs to call the police dept every day, until they get up and do their jobs. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. They won’t act unless they are in the spotlight.

  • Jennifer Marie Wood

    Well, i know of a few ppl, one PERSON being my own cousin, that have been able to get in these bins to sleep, fix/use dope, etc. Its possible that she OD’d in there, or whoever with her didn’t want to deal with the cobsequences…

    • sondrathornton

      That was NOT the coroner’s final ruling. It is HOMICIDE.

      • Jennifer Marie Wood

        Well I’m pretty sure that the corner has no idea how anybody could fit in one of those little boxes or whatever

    • Brandia

      The tox report was clean, she couldn’t have gotten herself in there.

      • Jennifer Marie Wood

        I thought she came out of jail and used though?

      • Ndambrokung Suh

        I and others know that she could get in and out of those clothing bins at will. But there was one time that she climbed into one by the Tacoma Mall and she called me at 4 am because she couldn’t get out and I had to give her a hand climbing out. She was small but industrious. I just wish we had more information.

  • sondrathornton

    “God I don’t think I’ve ever felt such confusion emptiness pain sadness etc.. than I do right now…. I really wish I could just kick this addiction cuz I know its killing me killing my relationship and taking me away from my family… I started subutex a week ago but I still keep fuckin up…. this is so hard… plus it doesn’t help when I’ve become a hermit and won’t socialize…. so I’m also so alone …. God please give me the strength I need to succeed I keep crying out to u I’m down on my knees… I feel like you don’t hear me I’m begging you please… there ain’t nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to be freed… God please hear my words & my pain with you I plead. So deseparate to once again feel complete… I hate to but here I admit my defeat… I hope you can help me back to my feet … reach out your hand in the middle we’ll meet… lift me up and help me find my way…. back to the light and your graces if I may …. never before have I asked for help… never before on my knees have I knelt… So i put away my pride and I ignore my fear … The day for my rescue is finally here… for God has come to make my pain dissapear…. amen…”

    This was Patricia’s post in December…..she was a hurting young lady struggling with something the vast majority of people don’t have a clue about. She spent time in my home with my family when they were in high school together, there was much more to her than what is being said by these people making rude, ignorant comments. Have some class, she was someone’s daughter, sister and friend. She was one of my “kids” and she was loved. All of us that knew her are hurting along with her family.
    If you know something that will help…man up and do something about it, come forward and help bring justice for Patricia.

    • Sarah Neas

      I am so sorry for your pain. May the God of all peace bring you comfort.

    • delightfuldolls1

      Sandrathornton….PLEASE come to NA and learn a new way to live. All you have to do is just NOT USE ….JUST FOR TODAY! Don’t worry about yesterday….because if you had all the money in the world you could not change or take back one single thing you said or did yesterday…..and we don’t know if the world will be here tomorrow so why worry over that? Just do the best job that YOU can do JUST FOR TODAY! You CAN do this! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU! Come to meetings. Get in to Detox. Go to Evergreen Manor and try to get in to treatment! There IS a way out! My best to you, love.

      • sondrathornton

        I am not an addict….but for those who are and are reading this I agree totally with what you just posted. The first part of my post was taken from Patricia’s FB post in December. Trisha and my daughter were very close….Trisha ran away to my house, she was always welcome when struggling. Because I don’t drink or do drugs I felt that was a good and safe place for her. She had such a good and loving heart. She brought joy to so many people…a smile that would light up the room, a loyal friend. My prayer is for justice for her. This was no accident and people that know are holding back. Please come forward if you have information and let’s keep bombarding the police for justice for her!!!!

        • delightfuldolls1

          Thank you for being there for her. What a wonderful verse you wrote. I would love to share it on an NA board if you would allow that. I pray that Trisha is now in the loving arms of our Lord and free of pain and of her addiction. God Bless YOU for helping her. There are so many lost souls out there.

        • laurel

          I am trishas mother she had a loving home that was safe she was a teenager who didn’t like rules period I have been clean a very long time so don’t make it sound like she didn’t have a safe place to live

          • Brandia

            I don’t believe that Sondra meant anything like that, she has been advocating on your daughter’s behalf in quite a few places. Honestly it seems a lot of people don’t want to mention you because they know how much you are hurting and don’t want you to be upset. I was the same kind of kid, if I said I was going to 7-11 sometimes that would mean I’d call home from 7-11 a few weeks later in Houston or Sacramento or even New York.

          • sondrathornton

            Laurel, I didn’t mean safe from you…just safe when she took off from you…rules, she and Kala both struggled with that. I am so sorry that you took it that way. I know you loved/love your daughter so deeply and the rules that you and I put in place for our girls were for their good…if only they knew that and didn’t think we were just trying to ruin their “fun”. My heart is breaking so much for you. She struggled for so long & you always loved her….tough love sometimes but every thing you did was for her safety. I know that….and I hope others didn’t misinterpret what I’d said. I do stand up for Trisha when I hear crap being spread about her…I just wish there was more I can do. I’m still praying for you and that the truth will be exposed. Who ever was responsible for her death needs to be held accountable I also pray to that end. Know that you are also loved, and I’m praying for comfort and healing of your broken heart.

  • John V Cook

    I hope this crime is answered for as this young woman deserved so much better……… she is gone forever from her loved ones……………

  • jesse

    I am so sorry to hear this. No one, especially someone who needs help, deserves something like this. Situations like this, although may be different in some cases, really do affect, and are affecting more families alike everyday. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

  • Jennifer Tronsen

    I knew this girl and her family her mom and I are friends I used to babysit Trisha if anyone knows anything please please come forward she was a beautiful young girl with her whole life ahead of her and the family deserves answers.

  • Kenneth A Trent

    I know…knew Patricia aka “Shorty” for many years, i can’t begin to tell you how bad my heart aches for her and her family! I had rescued her from many bad situations and people she was a true kick in the pants. Although i hated to see her struggle in her addiction like we all do…I loved Shorty for who and what she was. She always had a way of making you forgive her for whatever she did and i have seen the real Patricia on many occasions. She was still too young and taken too soon!. Atleast she will feel no more pain and is with Wish and Justine Nelson and Cody and Season and the others we loved and have lost in the recent years and they are all laughing and watching over and out for all of us who are struggling with the daily grind and the addiction no.matter which drug we use. R.I.P. Shorty!. One last thing whomever put her in that bin.You and whoever helped you are disrespectful and better look over your back and lray to whatever Hod you pray to cause if i find you…make that when…i will take pride in beating you like noone has ever seen and then placing you in a clear bin for all to see you direspectful maggot(s). With the new good Samaritan law you would not have gotten in trouble therefore this was intentional and now her friends will intentionally destroy you!.

  • Donna Wicklund

    Amen and thank you she was a beautiful person inside and out

  • Brandia

    I don’t want to be the “Comment Nazi” but before you comment remember this girl did NOT OD, she had some issues with drugs which she was addressing, she was also the victim of domestic violence. Also remember her family and friends are reading these comments and there is NO reason to go out of your way to be cruel and judgemental. Just because we have a right to free speech in this country doesn’t mean we have the right to hurt another human being, or be rude. Thank you.

  • willie russell

    It is known who was involved..why was a cops gun used in the Breanna Lane shooting on colby last year and never reported? Why wasnt the guy with the gun charged? Sometimes those closest to the investigation have personal knowledge of the crime? My contacts have told police what they know but police refuse to talk with the killers cause they control the streets for the police..yes police are using thugs to dictate drug use and activity in Sno co. Media will never report the truth regarding this ugly crime as it will expose the police activity in our drug community.

  • Serenity Salvador

    These posts about her addiction are hurtful to her family. Having lost my daughter Haley Salvador who was fiends with Shorty I know how painful it is for this family. No matter how she died people are in deep mourning and it should be respected. This beautiful girl deserves to be honored not disrespected. It doesn’t matter if she used or not this is horrific and anyone who can’t see that shame on you. There were rumors and even jokes when my daughter died and it was soooo painful. So any of you who are tempted to post anything other than love and sorrow on here need to think again.

    • Rachel Jangord

      Thank you for speaking up. Our hearts are broken. She was a daughter, sister, niece, cousin,friend, and a human being! She was loved by so many. We just
      Want to find out the truth. No one should ever die the way she did. We just want answer’s.

      • Brandia

        I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, so many young lives have been lost and it needs to stop.

    • Brandia

      I am so sorry for your loss. It seems that people just want to project their own inadequacies onto others. The people making these comments are young and have their own issues. If you would like I would love to do a story about your daughter. I am hoping if I can enough of these stories together we may be able to reach these kids, even if it’s just one, that one matters to the world.

    • Michele Sellers

      So sorry for your loss. I agree. My brother Jerry Sellers was murdered due to knowing too much about a meth dealer in 2003 in Tacoma. The news was nasty and hurt family due to the remarks. It is best to state nice things about the person..keep the rest for themselves.

      • willie russell

        Was she murdered by the powers to be? My brother has been missing for over 25 years, no trace? This was in retaliation for us filing a complaint against the police. Yes murdered to vover up the continued violation of human rights. They MURDER easily but any imvestigation will be incomplete… Arm yourselves as only yu can protect your self. Our government and police only protects their selves. Investigate yourself, get public disclosure of invesigation records.

  • Kelly Clark

    My 33 year old daughter was in jail with her and released 5/20 at 2am. I hadn’t heard from her until just the other day. During a jail visit I told her how much I hurt on a daily basis because of what she is doing. I told her I fear every day about If she is laying dead somewhere because of an overdose, foul play, where she is sleeping or if she has had anything to eat. Treatment is so hard to get into through the state and rarely helps because of the lack of trained professionals. I don’t know what to do or how to help. I just wish there was more help and understanding for drug addicts. Their drug addicted minds don’t think or reason. I’m willing to do whatever I can to help but just don’t know what I can do.

    • Brandia

      The problem with funding is that the Federal Monies intended for treatment are going to the Snohomish County Regional Drug Task Force and to the Snohomish County Prosecutors Office to prosecute, not for any treatment.

      The health dept also gets more money then anyone realizes but they use those funds to earn online masters degrees.

      To understand this you have to realize how much an addict makes for these people
      1) Treatment (over a 3 yr period)
      One Counselor,
      a laboratory,
      a doctor
      and a nurse.
      2) Enforcement (over a 5 to 20 yr period)
      Multiple Judges,
      Multiple Court Clerks,
      Multiple Cops,
      Multiple Doctors,
      Multiple Labs,
      Numerous Jail Staff,
      Multiple Nurses,
      Probation worker,
      Multiple Prosecutors,
      Multiple Lawyers,
      Treatment Center associated with the Prosecutor’s office,
      Drug court,
      Snohomish County Regional Drug Task Force

      Now do you see why there is no incentive to treat this problem?

      I lost my baby sister to this epidemic in 2014 and I feel your pain, I couldn’t handle what she was doing to herself and so I didn’t even get to see much of her before I lost her. Please don’t be like me, depending on how she has been using basically her brain stopped maturing, so if she started at 17, you’re literally dealing with a 17 yr old. No matter how painful it is to see please don’t miss out on one single moment because my sources have told me that there is now a new pipeline for Fentanyl coming to Washington state, specifically through Snohomish County.

    • Joanna Elizabeth

      I agree, most addicts are addicts because of some type of trauma or mental illness. We need more help to prevent this

  • Jessica Lyons

    The lord of peace will guard your hearts and minds. Im so sorry for your loss. May god bless your family and friends.

    • willie russell

      She was murdered because she had information regarding the supplier of drugs in this community. Until a federal investigation occurs otgers will die or be locked up to silence tgem. There are Judges and police involved….

      • Brandia

        The Feds aren’t going to help us, the Federal Agent for this area was a SnoCo Sheriff, so even if you call the DC Bureau they just refer it back to the same guy

      • Joanna Elizabeth

        That doesn’t surprise me. Everyday ii realize that our country is more corrupt than the day before

      • Kayleen Bart

        Willie Russell how would you know why she murdered?

  • Christian M Sleeman

    She was found in a recycle bin everyone. There is no donation bin in that alley behind albertsons. The closest donation bin is at the Mariner park and ride and they said she was foun in a recycle bin behind albertsons

    • Brandia

      There is a picture of the donation bin in the story, it is not a recycle bin. Who is “they” Christian?

      • Brenda Bent

        There’s also a nasty ass foot in the picture too, that’s probably the person who put her in there!
        Then sent it in to the news for bragging rights once he’s caught!
        Psychopath’s love souvenirs. :'(

        • Brandia

          The picture re was taken by her sister in law t show how high up the opening was to prove that Patricia couldn’t have possibly reached out t on her own.

  • Alexa Catherine Pakuris

    No she was dumped in a clothing donation bin an apartment complex this dumbass Christian under me has no idea what the fuck he is talking about

  • angelfo

    This article in the Edmonds Beacon is saying that the authorities don’t think it was a suspicious death, which means they aren’t going to investigate. I am very sad to hear this.

    I knew Trish a long time ago, and my heart breaks for her family and friends. I went to her viewing, and there were so many people there who loved and cared about her. They all deserve to know what happened on her last night on earth.

    Get it together SnoCo law enforcement!

  • Sonya Wydler

    Christian doesnt know wtf hes talking about acting like he knows evertte at all.. cops need to get their shit together find the people responsible.. you cant od then get into a clothing bin yourself, this could of been anyone sadly is was someone so close to many.

  • Kenny Ortiz

    First off if like to say rest in peace second off I know plenty of people who get in these donation bins what if she got in and then o.d?

    • Laurel

      She couldnt get into this one by her self she was to short

  • Maxi Lee

    We are all addicts. Some are addicted to money, some to shopping, some to work, some to materialism, some to food and on and on it goes. Unfortunately, we judge those who are addicted to chemicals most likely because they lose everything to get what their brain tells them they need for survival.

    The other day I was putting clothes in one of those bins and a smaller lady came up to me and said she was going into the bin for some “free stuff.” She said it was like Christmas and she literally rolled herself into a ball and went into the bin. This does happen and I was so shocked I just left. Perhaps I should have called 911, but the woman seemed like she does it all the time.

    In terms of treatment facilities, our churches need to step up and build these facilities. In addition, they need to allow all the homeless families in our City to stay overnight in their huge empty buildings!! They need to do whatever it takes to bring healing to the sick and those who have been poisoned by chemicals are sick.

    Churches don’t pay taxes and don’t do anything to build housing for the homeless or build treatment centers for those who are sick in the community.

    I’ve given money to churches for years and yet they continue to do very little for the community. I’m so angry that we always blame the government and forget that taxpayers are giving millions to all the churches in our City who are NOT spending it on the sick and homeless!!

    We all need to get together and protest churches like New Life Center, Bethany Christian and other large Catholic Churches to put pressure on them to stop pretending to “love thy neighbor.” They don’t love anyone outside the doors of their churches and probably step over the homeless to go to their services. It is a disgrace to those of us who truly love God and do all we can to love our neighbor.

    The epidemic of chemical sickness is going to require large amounts of money invested into housing and treatment facillities but business owners and churches are doing NOTHING, but complaining.

    • Sjeabon R Simpson

      That Catholic community services ccs and into methadone clinic Suboxone clinic and we are always trying to get more however we are out there always getting shut down because people don’t want to be around addicts in recovery they’d rather just find dead ones or call ambulances for ones that have overdosed or see them using rather than see a sober addict at a methadone clinic it brings their property value down which I would think active users would bring the crime rate up and the property values down but that’s not me voting no on a new methadone clinic in our area this is sad and tragic and it saddens me deeply this young woman is no longer in pain or suffering from addiction or anything else that may have happened to her in her life she was a beautiful young woman and it’s a shame she had to lose her life in this way!!!!

  • Marissa Bean

    Shorty was my “street daughter”.she called me mom (no disrespect intended to her mom) but every time I saw her I’d take care of her. No matter what. Whether it was giving her clothes, a shower a place to stay. Whatever I had that she needed she had. When i met my boyfriend described her to him and told him if he ever sees her to take care of her and to bring her home where ever we were staying. One day he came home with her. It was crazy because he knew it was her before she gave him her name or anything. He just felt it. Anyways, the moment I heard she was found in the clothing bin I knew there was something funny about the story because I have gone with her multiple times to get things from the clothing bins and id have to boost her up into the bin cause it was impossible for her to get herself in the bin. I love u shorty and I miss u. Rip baby girl

    • Laurel

      Hi im her mom laurel bleakley trishas death is still being claimed as a over dose but no needle ,drugs, or anything like that was found with her i need help i know my daughter better than she knew her self somebody somewhere knows something if this was your daughter how would you feel everybody loved her she would put everybody before her self but nobody wants to say anything .i cant get past anything and start the greiving procces until i get answers please someone i need to know what happened to my daughter she was my whole world please help me put her at peace please

      • Brian Jerue

        Dear Laurel, I’m Brian jerue a big homie of your daughter. April 2015 I was booked into Marysville jail. When the girls were on the unit I poured a puddle of water underneath the male’s door and saw your daughter in a reflection of water. She had red colored hair and I saw her sad and lonely lil angel face. I talked to her and found out her street name shorty and we became friends. We wrote letters to each other and she wanted a long story of my life. I told her I play professional poker and invited her for a roadtrip to Las Vegas when we both got free. I was really excited she said she was down with me and asked if I would help her with her heroin addiction. I said yes. I’m home here in Marysville now and just found the sad news. There’s a place called heavens mobile home park for people like us. Me and Jesus have been at work at this. Ya girl is Ok I promise*

        • Laurel

          Th@nk you bryan but id rather have her home with me

          • Brian Jerue

            Your welcome! R.i.p shorty*