Ramsey Ramerman Destroys Another Person

The City of Everett Attorney is enough to make your skin crawl into a pile on top of your head.

His ego and dirty underhanded tactics are the cause of the most of the problems in
Shoreline, Everett, Tacoma, Mesa, and a few other places.

He is exactly what all of the crappy devious lying deceitful lawyer jokes are about.

Mark Lindquist unfortunately has followed Mr Ramerman’s advice and path which may be his undoing in the end

Instead, Lindquist appointed Ramsey Ramerman, an assistant city attorney in Everett who had prior involvement in the phone-records case and wrote legal briefs in support of Lindquist’s position.

Lindquist did not consult McCarthy or Maenhout before appointing Ramerman. They believe the choice doesn’t serve the needs of taxpayers, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

“(Ramerman’s) appointment does not provide the independent legal advice required by the County,” McCarthy’s brief states.

Now Mr Ramerman has created a conflict in his racket for Pierce County, which is great for him because he gets paid either way and no one but the taxpayers will foot the bill

Nissen filed an objection to the appointment of Ramerman since he was involved in her original litigation

Mr. Ramerman’s belated appointment as a deputy prosecutor in this matter does not
obviate the conflict. Mr. Ramerman has already argued to the Washington Supreme Court that
l) The Washington Supreme Court should accept review of the Court of Appeals decision in
this case;
2) Prosecutor Lindquist did not violate the PRA disclosure requirements as long as Lindquist used his private phone; and
3) Individual elected officials are not agencies, and the Court should rule records maintained by elected oficials in private locations are not public records. Decl. of M. Maenhout, Exh. B, at 2, 5.
Given these clear assertions, it is not possible for Mr. Ramerman to subsequently provide differing legal opinion to the County, even if appropriate, as to do so requires disavowing his previous assertions on behalf of WSAMA. As a result, Mr. Ramerman is similarly conflicted under RPC 1.7 and his appointment does not provide the independent legal advice required by the County. Finally, Mr. Ramerman?s previous service reviewing Detective Nissen’s communications requested under the PRA only reinforces his extensive prior and personal involvement in this case.

Oh but wait a minute: Ramsey Ramerman is the City of Everett Assistant Attorney, meaning he is paid with our tax dollars. How many hours does he spend working on his private business, his non profit and other cities or county agents while he is getting Everett paychecks from us?

We are paying for him to violate the law and to help others violate the public records act. How is that for irony?

Oh but it gets even more ironic:

He is also running a non-profit to evade the Public Records Act called the Washington Association of Public Records Officers (WAPRO) which teaches all the towns, cities, and counties how to evade the Public Records Act and encourages them to fight public records requests at ALL costs.

The website no longer shows his name but the Secretary of State sure does

2015 – 2016 WAPRO Board of Directors

We are pleased to introduce your 2015 – 2016 WAPRO Board of Directors! Their term begins December 1, 2015 and ends November 30, 2016.

Whitney Rhodes, President
Denise Vaughan, President-Elect
Kathi Anderson, Vice-President
Don Jewett, Secretary
Tyler Entrekin, Treasurer
Melissa Blakenship, Director
Terri LeFors, Director
Joanna Lee, Director
Sheila Friend Gray, Director

Most of the people who are the focus of any public records requests are under the protection of the city and the tax payer wallets. It costs them nothing personally to fight the Public Records Act. We pay for all of it, no matter how much it costs or how long it takes.

Now in a very twisted turn of events the Washington Coalition for Open Government has filed suit against Lindquist


He is also on the Board of the Sunshine Comittee… but don’t get too happy, it is run by the Washington State Attorney General and it’s not what anyone thinks anymore. It’s more of a “How to avoid the Sunshine Coven”

It would seem this slimy character would be at odds with the Wa COG but no: He has worked side by side with them, which has always given me pause… but when he’s not busy handing out their awards:

Microsoft Word - Ramsey Ramerman.doc - Ramsey Ramerman.pdf 2015-12-15 00-52-08

He’s busy being a star on their various panels

Washington State Open Government Conference
The bulk of the day-long conference is devoted to “breakout” sessions with in-depth explorations of open government issues led by experts in the field, including attorneys Ramsey Ramerman, Michele Earle-Hubbard, Greg Overstreet and William Crittenden. Each session will explore how citizens can exercise their rights to monitor government and discuss ways government can do its work with greater transparency.
Cost of the all-day program is $25 for WCOG members, students and seniors and $50 for non-members. The registration fee includes lunch and resource materials.
After January 7, 2011 registration will increase to $35 for members and $60 for non-members.
The program has been approved for 2 hours of credit of Continuing Legal Education. Questions about the conference can be directed to the WCOG office at info@washingtoncog.org or by phone to 206-782-0393. More details can also be found at the WCOG website at: http://washingtoncog.org/opengovconf.html To register online, go to: http://www.washingtoncog.org/opengovconf.php

Join WCOG at the 2011 Public Records and Open Public Meetings Laws Forums
Panelists for the series included: State Attorney General Rob McKenna, State Archivist Jerry Handfield, Assistant State Attorney General Tim Ford, State Records Officer Russell Wood, Elections Director Katie Blinn, Assistant Everett City Attorney Ramsey Ramerman, Greg Overstreet of Allied Law Group,

He is running “mediation services” with one of WaCOG’s main members

Greg Overstreet and Ramsey Ramerman to provide co-mediations and training in PRA and OPA matters
Greg Overstreet and Ramsey Ramerman have never been on the same side in a Public Records Act (PRA) or Open Meetings Act (OPA) case. But after serving on a couple of presentations and panels together, they realized they both had an interest in mediating cases and that they had a lot of respect for each other.
They came to WCOG’s February board meeting to announce that they’d formed Open-Government Mediations and Training, or “OG-Med,” to provide co-mediations and training in PRA and OPA matters.
Overstreet was the state attorney general’s first “open records ombudsman,” and has since gone on to form Allied Law Group, which represents requestors. Ramerman has been assisting government agencies with PRA/OPA issues since 2003, is currently the city attorney for Everett, and is also the local government representative on the Sunshine Committee. The pair are the co-editors-in-chief of the Washington Bar Association’s second edition of the Public Records Act Deskbook.
In the past, whenever they’d separately volunteered to mediate cases, their respective histories “would be the death sentence,” Overstreet said. “Nobody trusted us. Agencies would never hire me, and requesters would never hire him. We decided to become co-mediators so each side has someone they can trust.”
Both said it is a solution that is far cheaper, quicker and more predictable than litigation. A half-day mediation, which includes both of their preparation time, costs $2,000, and whole-day mediation costs $3,000. Additional prep time is billed at $250 an hour for each mediator, and additional mediation time is $200 an hour each.
Overstreet said it’s not unusual for PRA litigation to span “two years and cost $50,000 to $100,000. That’s not the most efficient way.”
Their services can be brought in at any stage, from when someone’s contemplating a lawsuit, to when there’s already been a finding of liability, and the question is attorneys’ fees and penalties.
Ramerman said he’s had several government agencies, including the city of Seattle, express interest in using their services. Overstreet said it is not as easy to get a handle on how requesters feel, but they believe requestors who are representing themselves are likely to be particularly interested.
As for their training services, the pair will charge $3,000 a day. In their written materials, they argue that, because a judge takes an agency’s training into consideration when assessing penalties, “a reduction in penalties from being able to tell a judge that an agency took OG-Med training could easily exceed the cost of the training.”
When board member Mike Fancher quipped, ‘So, the dogs and cats are lying down together? who’d a thought?” Overstreet hastened to add that he’d still be happy to sue a government agency on someone’s behalf. “I’m not lying down,” he added with a grin.For more information, please see the OG-Med website at www.og-med.com

The article clearly states that Greg Overstreet and Ramsey Ramerman are not on the same side of the board yet there they are… Working together. Whether they still do is unknown but it explains to me why no one from WaCOG has ever tried to help me in my dealings with the city of Everett when they are clearly violating the law.

The thing that bothers me is that in court records I have seen Greg Overstreet represented Ms Block in some of her cases which he lost: I wonder if it was when he was working with Ramerman… I am not sure if that is a conflict or not, since Ramerman was representing Gold Bar too…

Maybe it’s because I’m Autistic but you won’t catch me sucking up to or hanging out with anyone I don’t like or waste my time with people I don’t respect… Politics may make strange bedfellows but always remember:

Lay with dogs and you get fleas… Laying with this mongrel may well cost Lindquist everything he has worked for.



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  • dzink

    Actually I am also wondering who pays Mr. Ramerman’s salary. How is it that he is a full time employee of Everett, yet he works for other agencies including Mesa, Pierce County and Puyallup.

    Are the tax payers in Everett footing the bill? Is he collecting money from other agencies while being paid by Everett? Is he doing it for free at the expense of Everett? I think some investigation is needed. Of course that will entail public record requests since it is the agencies who have those records.

    Honestly, I don’t know why people even listen to this guy at all. He has been wrong more than he was ever right. His recommendations to public agencies on how to respond to public records has gotten many agencies in trouble and paying high penalties.

    Ramerman doesn’t even understand a simple principle like separation of powers and/or believes our courts don’t. I would think an attorney, and judges for that matter, would know what separation of powers is. They teach it in High School. It is a basic principle of our form of government. Surely they cover it in law school.

    None-the-less, Ramerman argues that although the Supreme Court can’t change a well established law that has been used to decide penalties in PRA cases for two decades, the Legislature can. Apparently, Ramerman believes that although the Court’s hand may be tied and they are required to follow our laws, our Legislatures hands are not so tied and they can ignore the laws they created. According to Ramerman, our Legislature is free to do as they like whenever they like. Even altering or rewriting existing law that has been applied to numerous cases for one agency. See Art 1, sec 10 of the Washington State Constitution.

    These are fairly simply legal principles of our form of government that everyone should know. Kind of like we all know the police can’t search our home, car or property without permission or a valid search warrant.

    But the size of this guys ego is clear and rivals only Trumps. For instance, Ramerman argues that because he requested a clause be added making the bill retroactive, even though the Legislature did not include the requested language, the Legislature intended retro application because it was Ramerman who asked for it. They always do as Ramerman asks?
    He actually claims we can’t prove differently. It is not our job to prove that the amendment to a statute is not retroactive because it contains no retroactive clause. Wouldn’t that be obvious. It is up to Ramerman to prove a statute is retroactive even though there is no Legislative intent in the language of the statute allowing for retroactive application. Pretty basic stuff.

    The funny thing is that the Legislature didn’t even mentioned that Ramerman spoke at the public hearing. Left his name off the list of people testifying altogether. So I had his testimony transcribed for the Mesa case so Judge Spanner would know exactly what he said. Since Ramerman’s statement was so good, according to Ramerman, I wanted to make sure it was shared.

    But that is how big this guys head has gotten. Amazing.

    Of course I could just be biased.
    But to all those agencies out there, you just keep listening to Ramsey Ramerman and he can help you play the system; for awhile anyway. Of course should the requester fight back, you will most likely pay out more penalties. But then you can use that to go back to the Legislature and whine for change.
    So is it more to difficult to provide public records to the public or go through litigation; which often results in assessment of penalties?

    • Brandia

      Ramerman knows exactly what he’s doing, he is milking the state, counties, and cities taxpayer wallets for ALL he can get. He ALWAYS tells his clients to fight, claims if they don’t they’ll “be setting a dangerous precedent” and topple the state govt. He promises them that it’ll all be okay when he is usually on the losing end but he doesn’t care, no matter the outcome, he gets paid. The city of Everett is the most corrupt city you could ever imagine, I know where you are at is bad but Everett could make some nightmares seem like happy places. We’ve got such a festering group of corrupt officials that even if we get rid of them we will never be able to repair the damage they have done.

      • dzink

        Well maybe it is time to start asking for records showing how much and who is paying him. We are talking about tax payer money here. I thought Pierce County was the worst so far. But I’ve never asked for something from Everett. Looks like a request will be forthcoming though.
        Ramerman certainly didn’t do the City of Mesa any favors. Of course perhaps Judge Spanner will agree with him. I’ll have to see what his reply to my response is. Can’t wait to see how he is going to argue.
        The problem is that while everyone was looking the other way, our entire justice system unraveled. They don’t follow any rules. They don’t even know the rules most of the time. Decisions are made on who has the best speech rather than on what the law is. It’s like they don’t know the law. We pay them a lot of money to know the law.
        From my experience which is now state wide, the courts think they can get away with it because no one knows. After all law is hard. Unless you know how to read.
        But the degradation of our judicial system is everywhere. And I mean everywhere. They don’t even follow Supreme Court mandates anymore. I just filed another case concerning SSOSA evals and whether they are exempt. Seriously this was just decided by our Supreme Court a couple years ago.
        It’s called Stare Decisis in case anyone ever needs to know why a trial court is required to follow upper court opinions; with the Supreme Court being the top dog.

        • Brandia

          No they have figured out how to evade giving records by only giving you one request a t ime and then claiming it will take up to 9 months to fill each request, I have 2 requests in and an expected wait time of 18 months or more. Now the other cities and counties are doing that to other records requester’s as well. Thank the stars there is no statute of limitations on violations of your Constitutional Rights, so they can stall me, but they can’t stop me

        • Brandia

          Donna did you see the Block decision today? Basically the Supreme Court overturned the PRA without batting an eye.

          • dzink

            I did not read the decision. I will have to do that. Was it a Supreme Court decision? I don’t use Disqus very often. I didn’t even know people had replied. Plus I have been kept extremely busy writing memorandum and briefs in the 20+ cases public agencies have notified third parties for absolutely no reason in order to stop release. Seriously, King County claims they have a “right” to notify third parties whether they have a reasonable reason or not and I should not be able to take away their “right.” But will go see if I can find it. If they totally overturned the PRA then perhaps I stand little chance of winning in the WSP v. Doe case.

  • MissBrens Law

    R.R. is not worth the air he breathes! Disgusting “Human Being” simply disgusting to the bone… I do feel sorry for Ramsey Ramerman… This life is nothing when it comes to what happens when we must answer for our actions. Hate to be Ramsey Ramerman when this day comes for him- Yikes! #BurnInHell will take on a whole new meaning when R.R Arives!

  • MissBrens Law

    R.R is putting me through HELL just like he does all the rest (DZ) but it we all stick together…. He may not be able to hurt the next #InnocentCitizen

  • dzink

    Well I can’t post my comment here. I think it is too long. :(. But it clearly shows that what is described above is happening everywhere; including our little towns. It is not the requesters. It is the attorneys milking the Cities dry. I did post my comment on Goggle+ and Facebook if your interested.

  • Brandia

    For some odd reason disqus held your comment in moderation, I’m not sure why because you have commented before. I haven’t been near my computer for a while (grandbaby duty)

    • dzink

      No problem. Hope you have a joyful birth.

      • Brandia

        Oh Geez!!! Not a new one! I already have 16 of them! I’m just babysitting them! 4 of them are under 3 yrs old. My twin son has 2 sets of twin boys and 2 girls

        • dzink

          I must have misread or misunderstood. Actually I do know how that goes. I used to host the six and under New Years Eve week long bash so all their parents could go out. A lot of work but pretty fun too. But most of my grandkids are older now and I live in the country so they only come in large numbers during school breaks these days. Some don’t come out anymore at all. There are a couple who are still babies but most of them aren’t. Now I’ve started on great grandchildren. I see him more often though. Your first great grandbaby is a like your first grand child. Kind of.