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Two Stabbings Off of Airport Road

UPDATE: All victims are expected to live and all of the suspects have been apprehended. We do not have names yet. There seems to have been 2 separate stabbings that happened within an hour of each other off of airp...

Friends of Sultan Library Desperately Needs Children’s Books

If you have children's books that your kids have outgrown, please donate them to the Friends of the Sultan Library.  Just take them into the Library and drop them off in the box at the door.  If you have a lot, please...

Judge Mary(Beth) Elizabeth Dingledy Pleads Guilty to DUI

I thought we had at least one Judicial Advocate on the bench in Mary Dingledy in Snohomish County, it appears I was wrong. She overcame breast cancer, and mountains some of us can only dream of but it remains to be se...
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