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Brandon Perecz – Missing and Presumed Foul Play

Here is yet another story that makes no sense about the disappearance of Brandon Perecz. If you listen to the police account, they were chasing Brandon "Bubba" Perecz and he "jumped into the river" to evade capture...

Afton Brown Another Life Lost

These are the stories that break my heart. With these types of stories I don't write them as a breaking story, the TV news blares it loud and clear, you don't need me to regurgitate it for you. I read the headlines...

Your Pets and the 4th of July

I was somewhat surprised to not see any press releases from any of the local shelters about the dangers of fireworks and your pets. It is simple, from the week before til the week after there are going to be people...

Kevin Hulten and the PDC: It Ain’t Over

So last week we found out that the Public Disclosure Commission is sending out subpoenas to King County, or rather, the Washington State Attorney General was sending them out to the major crimes unit for King County p...

As The Reed Family Turns… On Each Other

Clyde and Tony Reed's parent's Clyde Sr. and Faye Reed, have finally been arrested, charged, arraigned, and released for rendering criminal assistance. Clyde Reed has pled the same for helping hide Monique Patenaud...