Luis Moscoso: From Creepy Bus Driver to State Senator?

We all remember the story of Carlos Martinez, the former Monroe Police Officer convicted after having a relationship with one of his students….

Former Monroe officer receives 14-month sentence for sex crimes

He was a sergeant with the Monroe Police Department, a DARE officer and a member of the Monroe School District Board of Directors. Now a convicted felon, Carlos Martinez was sentenced this week to 14 months in prison and ordered to register as a sex offender.

Martinez was found guilty of sex crimes in November, after evidence showed he used his position as a police officer to cultivate a sexual relationship with a young female student, secretly videotaping her in various stages of undress for the purposes of sexual gratification. According to testimony by the victim, the abuse began when she was about 14 years old. Martinez, who was married with two young children at the time, had given the victim a job as his family’s babysitter around 2003.

The relationship between the two progressed over the years. In 2009 he was forced into retirement, after the Monroe Police Department began an internal investigation over allegations of a domestic dispute between Martinez and his then-wife. …READ MORE

No one has ever heard about Washington State Representative Luis Moscoso doing the same thing, possibly worse. He is currently running for Senate…

Three failed marriages

Search Marriage Index - Snohomish County Auditor Web Access 2016-07-11 00-40-33

Maybe Martinez should’ve run for office instead of being a cop.

Mr Moscoso was married to a woman named Jean with one child when he met a then 16 yr old Elizabeth while driving a bus.

Three years later he married this girl after divorcing the first wife and living with that girl for almost a year before marrying her.

The second marriage to Elizabeth lasted only two years before the physical abuse became too much to bear for this young girl when she moved out but the divorce came a few years later.

She was left destitute and without family support for her or their two children.

He again married a woman named Anita 15 years younger then he, who began divorce proceedings in September of 2015

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2016-07-11 04-19-21Search Results 2016-07-11 04-18-09

Seems one of his sons have trouble keeping their hands to themselves as well.

Domestic violence is a learned behavior and we should all hope people like that get help.

So how is it that a candidate for our state’s Senate can beat numerous wives, groom children to abuse them later, and slide through numerous domestic violence charges?

We are not sure but this seems to be a definite pattern of behavior. In talking to a few other journalist when I asked them if they knew about this: They said yes, but it’s a “cultural thing”

Like hell it is. It is child abuse and spousal abuse, that is never to be tolerated in any culture. It is not normal to be grooming an underage girl for your bed when your wife and child are at home, it is not normal for any man of color to beat his wife or his children.

People who can’t control their sexual urges and their tempers most certainly should not be leading or representing our state, period.

Even if you buy into that nonsense there are still other issues with Mr Moscoso’s integrity. He claims to have an M.A. in Archeology

21- Snohomish.pdf 2016-07-10 22-59-05

17632 2016-07-11 05-19-22

Yet information from his school clearly shows that he got a B.A. in Anthropology


It is unknown why Mr Moscoso repeatedly lies about which degree he has received, and in which arts: but Archeology and Anthropology are 2 different areas of practice.

They are similar in nature but two different arts.

Representative Hunt got the boot for lying to voters so why shouldn’t Mr Moscoso?

Mr Moscoso doesn’t deserve our vote, he deserves an indictment for what he did with this young girl and for all the pain and suffering he has caused other human beings.

It must be very rewarding to be Mark Roe’s friend in Snohomish County…





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  • Hailee Hyatt

    People like you make me sick, I’m sorry but you can’t just add innocent people to this, you need to leave them OUT OF IT smh

  • Hailee Hyatt

    you don’t have ANYYYY and I mean ANYYYYYY right to include Anita,Julio or Nico. You need to stop and take them out of it. this is sick, you are providing false information to try and bash someone Anita, Julio and Nico have NOTHINGGGGGG to do with this. Do not write a paper or article with people who have done NOTHING wrong or if they did, they changed. They had a rough past, OKAYYYYY? DOESNT EVERYONE!!!!

    • Brandia

      Everything in this story is a matter of public record. Luis Moscoso is a public figure and is running for a position of power. There is absolutely nothing untrue here and there were a lot of documents that I didn’t post here because they included too much personal info, so thanks for putting the other kids name on here.

      • Hailee Hyatt

        do you know him personally? because these are NOT true. you had no permission to use Anita or Julio. Get your facts straight, you’re making up a story to downgrade something that is not true. It’s my right to stand up and voice my opinion, HAHAHAH get your facts straight, please. You are making a story of untruthful things and trying to make it seem real and ITS NOT. Do your damn research smh

        • Brandia

          Again I don’t need “permission” everything I posted is public record. You continue to claim that I am lying but you offer no proof.

          • Hailee Hyatt

            this is public record but all I’m seeing is screenshots of their records you provide no info to click on any and read them or anything, all you have on Luis is Marriage, and a FALSE article, lol I’m done here but before you write something make sure all the facts are true smh. Have a good life

  • Hailee Hyatt

    plus is Luis is a “domestic abuser” WHERE IS HIS CHARGE AND JAIL TIME?!!!! If you’re gonna write a article you need to include all information, LITERALLY YOU ARE UN & MISINFORMED.

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  • Miller

    Wow. . I think you hit a nerve with Ms. Hyatt. . so sad that all they can say is you are wrong but no explanation. . and it makes you wonder if its one of his campaign staffers. . . you posted the information and anyone can verify it. That’s good enough for most people.

    • Hailee Hyatt

      well, I do not know Luis, I see bullshit in this, that’s all I know bullshit when I see it. DO NOT TRY AND TELL ME WHO I AM. I do not know Luis at all so you need to stop. No explanation? she can’t give me ONE. Smh please stop