Gold Bar RICO Activities

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We were trying to get a hold of the GBR to get comment from her regarding the deposition of Joe Beavers and to get additional details and we got them.

  1. Mr Beavers is in fact an editor/writer for the Sky Valley Chronicle and finally admitted to it. He claimed to have not written in it when he was the Mayor but he was writing in it while he was volunteering for the town, on town time, using town resources
  2. Mr Beavers admitted he was helping with filing baseless bar complaints against Ms Block along with others during many times
  3. Mr Beavers illegally recorded the deposition.
  4. Mr Beavers admitted to a few other activities which we can not post yet becuse even he may not be aware of how much he helped Ms Block prove her case of violations of civil rights and liberties.

Mr Beavers appeared to be very cocky to everyone we have interviewed that was present at the deposition. I warned them that they had something up their sleeve. They did involving more forged documents.

We requested comments from Tweedle-Dee Martinez and Tweedle Dum Jones but of course we haven’t gotten any yet.


I have gotten some flack over my disdain over some of the Judges, Prosecutors, and attorneys in this state.

I have to tell you, if they weren’t a bunch of corrupt pieces of garbage, I’d have nothing to write about.

There are far more good Judges in this state and I don’t have to write about them or keep an eye on them: That is how it should be across the board, but it isn’t.

They have the power to stop these abuses yet they are in bed with all of the corrupt Bar Members, cities, counties and the state.

I will keep reporting on them and I will keep saying what everyone else is afraid to say.


Gold Bar Washington

It is a beautiful little area, great for a Sunday drive but if you have a lick of sense you will not stop there. Enjoy the views, but just keep going if you value your life and livelihood.

There has been a lot of goings on over the past 8 yrs when a whirling dervish named Anne Block moved into town, with her shock of blond hair and blue eyes realized that all was not right in this little town.

Her and her partner being civic minded folks did their due diligence as citizens of their new town, showed up at council meetings, gave valuable input and tried to get involved.

But in Gold Bar when you challenge the local corruption no good deed goes unpunished.

Thankfully Mr Beavers was deposed yesterday and admitted to some of his crimes along with the others involved.

Dorothy Croshaw, a mean spirited keister of a woman, the then Mayor Crystal Berg Hill (now Pennington) while not busy flashing her breasts to the locals, another transplant who would be mayor Joe Beavers, and a myriad of attorneys hatched a plan to destroy Ms Block. And it almost worked.

In the words of Sun Tzu – Know your enemy. They greatly underestimated Ms Block

While these attorneys, Barbara Johnson,(Weed Gaffstra and Benson) Margaret King, Ann Marie Soto, (Kenyon Disend) and clerk Penny Brenton,along with many others conspired to write out Bar Complaints to get Ms Block disbarred, during town hours, using attorney’s paid for by the citizens to handle town business, NOT personal vendettas.

Meanwhile the town is bankrupt, the town’s leaders have robbed the water and streets funds to cover their crimes resulting in a 400% increase in water rates.

The saddest part is this is going to mean millions of dollars in liability to the town’s people who have no one else to blame but themselves, for the loss of their town and for the loss of their own money.

In order to understand how this could happen, how it happens, and how it keeps happening is to understand the corruption that leaks outside of the town of Gold Bar all the way up to our corrupt Federal Courts. Namely Judges Martinez and Jones, the corrupt pieces of garbage that made rulings that even a circus chimp could see were biased and so far from the law that no one could even understand them.

U.S. District Judges U.S. Magistrate Judges
Chief Judge Ricardo S. Martinez
Judge Ronald B. Leighton
Judge Benjamin H. Settle
Judge Richard A. Jones
Chief Magistrate Judge James P. Donohue
Judge Mary Alice Theiler
Judge Karen L. Strombom
Judge Brian A. Tsuchida
Judge J. Richard Creatura
Judge David W. Christel

We can’t leave out the Supreme Court, or it’s clerk Ron Carpenter, (who has dashed and  run now that the liability of his actions can no longer be hidden).

Members of the Washington State Supreme Court

Justice Barbara Madsen
Chief Justice
Barbara Madsen
Justice Charles W. Johnson
Associate Chief Justice
Charles W. Johnson
Justice Susan Owens
Susan Owens
Justice Mary E. Fairhurst
Mary E. Fairhurst
Justice Debra L. Stephens
Debra L. Stephens
Justice Charles K. Wiggins
Charles K. Wiggins
Justice Steven C. González
Steven C. González
Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Justice Mary I. Yu
Mary I. Yu


Along with our 1st Division appellate courts, namely Judge Appelwick. With Appelwick’s bizarre “tastes” it’s easy to see how you could make him perform for anyone who had his information.



We can’t forget our Superior Court Judges who allowed this to continue, for me, for her, and for so many others as well

The people who stand in Judgement of all of us, not just Ms Block are pedophiles, zoophiles, thieves, woman and child abusers, who have no trouble pointing fingers at everyone else.

It is the pedophelia that shocks me the most, almost everyone involved in Ms Block’s case and mine are child molesters.

I think that will be my last hurrah is to just list them all with all of the statements, and proof I have. Some of the worst ones with the most sick and sadistic tastes are leaders at the Bar Association which should not surprise anyone.It all goes back to the Washington State Bar Association, it always does.

It’s not like the police are going to do anything, in most cases they and our illustrious Prosecutor Mr Mark Roe have covered it up for them, so it will never even see the light of day until I publish it.

Just keep in mind that it will have to published after mine and Ms Block’s cases are resolved and after some of the victims turn 18 and I have their permission.

I have known Ms Block for several of the years that she has been fighting this battle and I have seen the pain that they have put her through.

I wish I could say that hers is an extraordinary case that has never been heard of, but it isn’t.

The only reason we know about Ms Block is because of media coverage and blogging but there are many other cases out there where folks just can’t or won’t fight back.

Some of those folks have moved out of the country, some are slowly drinking themselves to death and some have put a bullet in their own head after they watched their entire lives destroyed over lies.

The end lesson here is that it appears that these people who are responsible for so much of the pain and suffering they have caused to others, even the deaths of a few: They are finally going to know what it feels like to have no hope, the difference is the things I will be telling about them, will be true.

Just think about some of the accusations that these folks have made against others and you’ll begin to see what they are guilty of… No one is going to come out of this unscathed.

While we wish to congratulate Ms Block, we are just sickened that this continues to happen and that it will until we get rid of all of these folks.

Maybe they’d serve more purpose at a local McDonald’s cleaning toilets, rather then making a total racket out of our courts, our lives and out liberties.

(Please note that Judge Wynne was included earlier – that was a mistake and we would like to offer our apologies)

George F. Appel  
George N. Bowden    
Eric Z. Lucas
Michael T. Downes
Janice E. Ellis
Joseph P. Wilson
Bruce I. Weiss
Richard T. Okrent



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