RANT: Everett ID Book & Releases Another Person Charged with Child Rape

No bail… no conditions of release, just give the nice folks at the jail your ID, smile for the camera, give them your fingerprints and be home in time to watch the evening news.

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  • Craig French

    Quick note, on March 16th a young child was abducted while going to school, North Middle, seems the child was running in the alley while a couple next door saw him, so the young lady chased him down, man called police. His cloths were picked up down the next block on cedar in the alley between Leonard and 21st. This was around 1 or so in the afternoon. What would really set me off is if this was the same guy you wrote about, I have not seen any mention of this abduction I talked about in the news…?

    • Brandia

      I never heard anything about that… They have let MANY sex offenders go with their new ID Book & Release program. I’ll see if I can get records for it but the city of Everett usually won’t give me any records or they give me 150 of the same emails for 17.00 a pop.

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