Disappearing Prisoner – John Keinath

I have had several people come forward over the years with information about a man named John Charles Keinath who was just recently sentenced to 10 yrs in Federal Prison.

Seems most people are terrified of him, and as soon as he was sentenced most of them thought they were safe.

Maybe not totally news worthy but these folks wanted people to be aware of his behavior.

So I sat down and started doing some research and this is where it got interesting:

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he is nowhere to be found. I checked everywhere after I was told that someone just seen him in Everett.

He is not someone you would mistake for someone else or a face you could easily forget

John Keinath 2016-07-21 00-02-38

He was being held at the Sea-Tac Federal Jail, but since his sentencing he has “disappeared” it clearly says he is “NOT IN BOP CUSTODY”

Inmate Locator 2016-07-21 00-36-48

I checked all of these jails and nothing

Federal Jail Register

Skagit Jail Register

Pierce Jail Register

King Jail Register

Spokane Jail Register

Snohomish Jail Register

So how does one get sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison, yet is walking around free to terrorize people?

Another issue is that the Herald recently reported that he was sentenced a few days ago but it happened at the beginning of the month, and there is not a peep of a story on the Seattle FBI page where they post all charges and prosecutions. Nor is it on the Federal Prosecutor’s site.

This guy has racked up the news stories over the years though…

He’s been on high speed chases on stolen motorcycles

He threatened a nurse who laughed when he said he was going to name his poor child “John Gotti”

His criminal history also includes a drive-by shooting, an assault with a pipe, domestic violence just to name a few.

His latest bust for trafficking in stolen property, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, illegal possession of firearms and drug possession should’ve netted him 10 yrs in jail.

The Judge did order that he was to be sent to a prison outside of the state, but he would still be listed in the BOP site no matter what state he was in.

So I would warn the general public to be aware that he is out here somewhere.





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  • elizabeth

    I’ve heard of this guy before does he go by a nickname

    • Brandia


    • Brandia


  • Moderator, are you looking for Sr or Jr.

  • Id be happy to share what Ive got if you have have offline tag to send too?

  • I will add this, if hes out like BOP shows than it means that he is being used by DOJ to catch others like him. I dont hate to say it but just by the smug look on his face that I have seen all too often with those who have been caught by the short hairs in his same predicament. He is on the loose but with a choker chain (Short to Medium in length) to go after others like him. After all where would he actually “Fit in to git in”. What groups would he be able to infiltrate to be able to get that choker chain to work with in the first place.

  • One more thing if I may Moderator, my biases aside, he is being put to work to protect us from others like him. However, buyer beware the FEDs work with all shades of haziness. In some cases the haziest of the ones that they handle sometimes are the ones handling them. After all their human too. And sometimes in their zest for prosecution sometimes blinds them if not tunnel visions their perceptions as they take out innocents (Collateral damage) and justify it in their own minds as the means to the ends. As far as they view it, they bring it to justice and let the courts figure it out. Another discussion totally.

  • I know they will hate me for this one……

    They have a reciprocity program in place so sometimes the numbers will not match or no number designation…

    This is telling too.. as such means that they are being used in programs with other agencies or even countries….

    which means a higher agency with higher authority is the one holding that choker chain so look out, at that point all bets are off as this individual goes from being just that low level low hanging fruit with “Born too lose tatts” to a major “Somebody”.

    They not only have a get out of jail card but Immunity status. This is where life is fiction and fiction is what movies are made of….

  • This is what what I fear is going on all over the place.. Its too rampant and out of control… even for them. Remember while everyone kept contemplating that their house values would just keep rising to the stratosphere. those of us that were naysayers and looked upon by everyone else for stacking food water and telling everyone to build a foundation that was solid was told that we were nuts. well think again.

  • Think about it, when your local jailer starts talking about “PE Ratios” and stock market shit is when you know that the public at large is starting to believe in the “Big Lie”. After all when your making 30K after 4 years in service as a lower to mid level manager in the “PIC:” Prison Industrial Complex spouting these things is like…..??

    You tell me?

  • So when you see detectives making 80K and buying houses 5 to 10 times their yearly take, you have to do the math and go WTF???

  • Sorry in the late 90’s which is about the same time that all counties in the State of Washington started to tax. 1996 to 1998

  • Building and Land Values. Go to any county tax assessor site and you will see the same. which segways tooo….

  • Back to the 2005 King County Assessors property list and

    Back to the 2003 King
    County Assessors property list and valuations.

    Back to the 2006
    Snohomish County Assessors property list.

    Back to the 2005
    Thurston County Assessors property list and valuations.

    Back to the 2005
    Island County Assessors property list and valuations.

  • Which is why when you mentioned KCPO taking setting up innocent individuals and taking their property… You got my attention. and then it all made sense.

  • ive got it all all and have been compiling for some time time now.

    So my hat is off with a full salute too what you have brought too me.

    All I can say is thank you for re awakening me.. I too started to become complacent.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,

  • Were probably in the same age group, so like you said when we group up 30 years ago.

    My parents bought the house in 1974 for 29k they still live in until they will die. It is now valued at just under 500K. after taxes now its just like renting all over again for between 3 to 4.5k per year divide by 12 and thats what = 3 to 400.00 month.

  • My Dad was a machinist and mom worked fishing boat insurance. and they were able to make it.

  • Now hes 80 shes 70 + and their living until they will die. I mow the lawn and me and brothers pick up groceries because they can no longer drive.

  • This January I came the closest to buying my first house with GI Bill included and fell short for tax issues.

  • I was sooo close.

  • A day later me and my girlfriend got into it and now im almost on the fucking street.

  • If I hadnt checked the mail box I would not have found that I was summonded for crt the next day

  • This situation is fked and I cant believe that their going to wait until hold out till we both have nothing

  • This is what our great leaders in govmint have in store. becasue they dont care. who it destroys as long as they are on top.

  • Shelly Schreeder

    he was in transport he is now in oklahoma you guys have really got to do correct and accurate research my gosh..

    • Brandia

      Actually he just arrived at Leavenworth Kansas yesterday which doesn’t explain why he was out wandering around after sentencing

    • After reviewing the Moderators reply and coming up with my own “Digs” with specialized apps and programs looking for such deceit I want to remind all here that I will do a follow up and trace on each and every IP and proxy IP’s all the way round the world and down through the zombie fax machines and cheap switches that you try to use for cover.

      “I told you before that there will be no place to run too.”

      “Arrogance precedes those about to be destroyed by madness”

      You know that one becomes mad when they believe themselves above the Lord.

      All social-paths and Psychopaths start to believe the lie that they are “Gods” when in fact they are mere mortals bound by the same rules and governance as the rest of us.

  • Hi (SS),

    I am glad that you could graciously make your appearance known to all here on this forum.

    (SS) Your input is important to all of us who have legitimate concerns about the welfare and well being of our loved ones and ourselves no matter what their pasts are, after all they represent us “The Sheeple” aka (WE The PEOPLE).

    (SS) The fact that you felt the need to let us know that our research about “He that Wolfe” aka John Charles Keinath Sr. (Known & Convicted Felon by the WSDOC “Missing” and Feds FBOP 44972-0865) was incorrect a whole two days after my comments and 3 days after the moderators is quite telling.

    Since “We the Sheeple” are in need of as much help as possible from predators such as this “Wolfe”.

    I cant schpeak for everyone here but i’m pretty sure that a whole SSchwath of us vould gladly appreciate ein help, even if its information was schtale after 72 hours.

    (SS) The fact that you have graced us with the information that you have provided for which the moderator could fact check and verify is again greatly appreciated.

    Ms. Schreeder, other reeders will no doubt appreciate your critical input as to rightful location of a known convicted felons whereabouts should be.

    In fact (SS) just knowing that this convicted felon will finally be tucked into his rack “Securely” in his cell will no doubt bring us here a collective sighs of relief.

    No that’s what I call Justice (SS) Dont you agree?

    Sincerely and Respectfully,


    “You know that your over the target when you begin to receive the most flak”

  • To the Moderator and to everyone else,

    I don’t want to come off as “attacking” the concerned citizen known as (SS). It would’nt be fair or right (IAW) in accordance with the rules of this site.

    That being said, remember this “Actions are Louder then words” which was why I chose my words to her reply and comments carefully.

    I can not confirm at this time whether Ms. (SS) was or is a what is known as a cyber troll.

    She (SS) could be a concerned citizen “pointing out that after fact checking” that she had found that the “Wolfe” was in transport to that “Supermax Facility” far away from us and in the center of the Continental US (CONUS).

    And maybe (SS) has difficulties expressing herself. Whatever her (SS) response or lack of response is or will be will clear that up for us here on this forum.

    The first part of (SS) comment was helpful because it allowed the moderator to find out that this part was found to be in congruence with what she found after fact checking it. However it would be hard to know if this is in fact “The Truth” which is what we all here want.

    “he was in transport he is now in oklahoma you guys have really got to do correct and accurate research my gosh”

    “he was in transport he is now in oklahoma”

    Had she said just that, then I’m cool with that. Cause I know that the (Wolfie) is going to do 95% of his 120 months sentence of (115 Months).

    You ask how do you know that fo sho?

    You see you dont need any special reservations to be a VIP Guest at “CLUB-FED” At “CLUB-FED” they always have occupancy so theirs always rooms available and I mean always! You dig?

    And guests at these exclusive resorts are treated sooooo goooood that their residents stand by their convictions. After all they get brand new jumpsuits, matchin bracelets, and a fresh pair of (Kicks) sneakers.

    So (Wolfie) see-ya wouldn’t want to bee-ya.

    And I’m not sorry if I F*cked off your deal, That’s fo sho Bro!

    (I’m Howling at the moon tonight)

    The fact that (SS) comments in such a way to say that our research was incorrect & inaccurate was when my eyebrows raised up a 1/4″.

    incorrect & inaccurate is 180 degrees out. Our research is so spot on that they have to change their plans cause its too hot for him to operate anywhere within 500 miles of here.

    To those that were about to be setup up to spend some time next to him or become a rat like him rat are actual criminals. “Its your lucky day”

    And to the (Non Combatants) aka the “innocent victims” that will be spared from court or prison then I say “Your welcome”

  • So if she is not with us does that mean that she is against us?

    “he was in transport he is now in oklahoma you guys have really got to do correct and accurate research my gosh”

    “You guys”

    Is a decisive phrase that is a common tactic of divide to conquer.

    “you guys have really got to do correct and accurate research”

    Ive already explained this in the prior post.

    “my gosh”

    Or Oh my gosh! Like a Valley Girl?

    or My gosh I’m shocked! Like as in Shocked and Awed?

    My experience with the cyber trolls is vast, and Ive said this before in prior posts. “And to you Cyber Trolls, your days will be numbered as you
    will be traded up like chips when the sh*t hits”

    I keep track of everything about people, records, locations, residences,
    occupations, cars, license plates and events going on around me.

    I would encourage everyone reading this to do the same if you have not already begun to do so.

    They do this to us daily 24/7/365. Just letting them know that you do “Scares the Sh*t” out of them.

    Why? because they’re just scared little (Bitches) excuse me Bullies!

    As such Cyber bullies will often take on the form of concerned citizen and will at first try to misdirect, mislead and entertain us with their cyber babble.

    They will often take the form of female to so as to deflect any harsh criticisms towards them should the other guests start to begin to criticize them.

    This is called victim hood supremacy, establish this first to defuse anyone starting to catch on.

    The demographics of Cyber bullies aka cyber terrorists are actually 90% male, usually between 16 & 40.

    They spend a lot of time trolling gaming and pornographic sites, with fast keyboarding skills that is short on punctuation, Capitalization, and grammatical errors commonly found in their posts.

    Almost forgot to mention “Hacking” which is usually their “MO” and is how they find themselves under the thumb and in the employ of the “Man”.

    Their skills at leaving no trace is perfect so that when they break your equipment and networks, should they be stupid enough to get caught the “MAN” has plausible deniability to distance themselves from these criminals.

    Which is I we should always be on guard for that pimply, geeky, skinny little F*ck spending more hours in front of a keyboard then in school.

    Keep your networks and equipment up to date befriend one of these types before they fall into the hands of the dark side. Befriend the others you may suspect has fallen under their employ to turn them back to what is right and help keep others from doing the same.

    Special note to the cyber terrorists and anyone who is doing dirt.

    Take note at what has been said here because should you get “caught up” and I mean by the “FED-MAN” it aint going to be pretty. He is going to detect you, and they will begin to watch you for quite some time.

    As you start to feel like you cannot be touched this is where he loves to trick you. For this will all begin to seem to you and your cohorts as normal operating activity.

    Your crimes will get bigger and you will feel bolder until your depravity knows no bounds. You will no doubt run into one of the (Wolfies) out there and that’s when your “Federally F*cked”

    After that it will only be a matter of days or a couple of weeks when your popped. When your time is up, He is going to come knockin to collect his pound of flesh and will not take no for an answer.

    Take a guess at what the first he/she is going to say to you before getting “Mirandized”.

    Listen up you little “BITCH” we own you now!

    That tightness that you start to feel in your chest cavity is what is referred to as when they are stepping “all up on ya” on your chest.

    You know what I say you little “Cyber Punks”

    OH My Gosh! “Osh Kosh Be Gosh”

    Click your heels three times Dorothy cause your in Kansas now.

    Right next (Cell) door to who? You guessed it…. Its that wolf man.

  • Guten Morgen Frau Schreeder,

    Ich habe persönlich genommen, das Privileg zu beginnen,
    eigene Untersuchungen, die wo Abouts und aktuellen Positionen dieser feine aufrechte, Modell Bürger bekannt als Herr John C. Keinath (Bekannt & verurteilte Schwerverbrecher von WSDOC “Missing” und FBI-Agenten FBOP 44972-0865).

    Bitte lassen Sie mich meine persönliche und offene Appell für weitere Updates zu diesem Thema für Sie zu erweitern. Es ist von entscheidender Bedeutung, und sollten wir verlieren unsere Fähigkeiten um richtig verfolgen, ID und Auffinden dieser Täter würde es viel angst und Enttäuschung für alle Beteiligten führen.

    Also wenn Sie etwas wissen, die wir verpasst haben dann zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu helfen.

    Um die breite Öffentlichkeit Lektüre hier im Bereich Tri State of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, und andere dieses in großen Bundesstaat
    Kansas. Bitte, wenn Sie sehen, was dann mit allen Mitteln “etwas

    Die Leben, die Sie retten könnte vielleicht minimal sein, aber die Leben, die Sie beeinträchtigen könnte groß sein!


    US-Bundesstaat Washington betroffenen Bürgerinnen und Bürger


    Good morning Mrs. Schreeder,

    I have personally taken the privilege to begin my own
    investigations as to the where abouts and current locations of this fine
    upstanding, model citizen known as Mr. John C. Keinath (Known & Convicted Felon by the WSDOC “Missing” and Feds FBOP 44972-0865).

    Please allow me to extend my personal and open appeal to you
    for further updates on this matter. Time is of the essence, and should we lose our abilities to properly track, ID and locate this offender it would cause much angst and disappointment to everyone involved.

    So if you know something that we may have missed then please don’t hesitate to help us.

    To the public at large here in the tri State area of Washington, Idaho Oregon, and to others reading this in the Great State of Kansas. Please, if you see something then by all means “say something!”

    The lives that you could save might be minimal, but the lives that you could impact might be great!

    Thank you!

    Washington State Concerned Citizens

  • Now that I have done a little investigating, I concur with the moderator. WTF was he doing walking free while so many of us have to live in fear of his “Avionce”.

    I will admit my comments before were, how shall I express it. “Off the Cuff” I will tell you why.

    Please try to understand as my lingo will start to look like shorthand.

    Once he racked up enough points with DOC, he should have been persona non Grata for baseball and 3 strikes.

    However, in this line up. The whole game is rigged. Follow!

    From the Ump to line judges to the refs to the the coaches to the pitchers, catchers, batters, and just about all of the players to the vendors throwing peanuts and slinging beers, its almost everybody but guess who?

    The fans or public at large. Its a lie so big that at face value nobody expects it or if they find out wants to, or could conceivably believe that it is a that fuckin big. Follow?

    Not only does he plays dodge ball while note getting hit. Any cursory records check like the moderators and my own just within the last couple of hours comes up “South”. Follow?

    He only comes up on RADAR because of the public presenting to the “Mod” their concerns for safety of their families and one-selves.

    If the “MOD’ has been contacted then Im sure that sim requests have been put forth on deaf ears. The “EST”, the “MED”, The “FEDS” and LOCO SHERIFFS and PDS.

    And this is why I tell everyone to start taking notes and record everything. Cause the story will morph and change over night.

    The bigger the values in the TARGS, WITS and SUBJ then the swifter the change response in what is reported in all media. A MED Blackout will indicate HI RISK HI STAKES all the way round.

  • The bigger the values in the TARGS, WITS and SUBJ then the swifter the
    change response in what is reported in all media. A MED Blackout will
    indicate HI RISK HI STAKES all the way round.

    Subpoenas, court orders, real or fake will start their Ques on faxes.
    While black choppers ATV’s and SWAT Teams descend upon high to medium priced targets hours before the judges or clerks were awakened to sign or rubber stamp them. Follow?

    Mod, stated that cases don’t wont show for past couple of days, from them to the he was going “Stellar” To the moon Alice!


    Shall I say he was a rising star 10 years before his last “Pinch” this
    time Federal but you have to understand that this is text book case of
    ‘Crime Stories’ and the history and making of a super villain.

    Which means that He’s is a protected federal “criminal”

    Which means that He’s is a protected federal “villain”

    Which means that He’s is a protected federal “subject”

    Which means that He’s is a protected federal “target”

    Which means that He’s is a protected federal “witness”

    *** aka ***

    He’s is a protected federal “Witness” which is such insanity.

    As such His cases will “Disappear overnight” while he maintains immunity.

    The only way to slow him down is to show transparency.

    And they will oblige by keeping him moving until the people give up looking for him.

    So if anyone outside of those who have sought out the “MOD” for help give a damn then you will have to keep the spot light on this roach.

    For this is similar to the programs that monitor sex offenders but however in reverse. They hide them in plain site but they just wont tell you.

    This (WPP) goes back to “OP PPRC” or “Operation Paperclip”.

    I care not if no one believes me you just have to fact check it yourself

    Die Leben, die Sie retten könnte vielleicht minimal sein, aber die Leben, die Sie beeinträchtigen könnte groß sein!

  • Protected Witness

    A Three Part Series by Bill Moushey,
    (c) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 26-31, 1996

    The “Protected Witness” series is copyrighted and cannot be
    disseminated without permission from the publisher, the Pittsburgh

    June 15, 1996

    Deals with the devil:

    in secrecy, the witness protection program loses its innocence

    By Bill Moushey

    Post-Gazette Staff Writer

    Copyright, 1996 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Even in prison, Salvatore Gravano
    was every bit the braggart he was on the streets of New York City.

    He crowed to fellow inmates that he
    had killed 19 people –give or take a few –during his career.

    He regaled them with stories about
    his adventures in the Mafia.

    He confided to all who would listen
    that it was his testimony that brought down the feared John Gotti of New York’s
    Gambino crime family.

    And Gravano had something else to
    brag about. Because he gave prosecutors information that helped convict Gotti,
    Gravano’s own life of murderous racketeering only cost him 3 1/2 years in
    prison. About three months per body.

    Using the federal Witness Security
    Program, commonly called the witness protection program, federal officials
    traded a token prison sentence for his testimony.

    And, Gravano boasted again, he got
    to keep $8 million in illegally gained assets and government rewards through
    his investment in crime.

    Now free and rich, Gravano is living
    under an assumed name where unwitting neighbors know nothing about his past.

    He has joined a long list of
    multiple killers, powerful drug distributors and other major criminals whose
    deals with the government are raising new questions about a program originally
    designed to trade smaller criminals for larger ones or to protect innocent
    citizens who risk their lives in order to bring criminals to justice.

    Government officials say Gravano’s
    deal was worth it, since he helped convict more than 50 other mob figures,
    making him one of the most significant Mafia defectors ever.

    But while his testimony temporarily
    crippled leadership of the New York mob, its five crime families still exist,
    still thrive. In fact, John Gotti’s son has now taken control of the Gambino

    Some say it’s the witness protection
    program that is out of control.

    A yearlong investigation by the
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has revealed that the Witness Security Program has
    evolved in ways that were never intended by its creators and which, at times,
    threaten public safety rather than ensure it. These are among the findings:

    Criminals who have been released from prison as part of
    their deal with the Witness Security Program have gone on to commit scores
    of violent crimes, including at least 20 murders. Because the identities
    of the protected witnesses were often kept secret by the government,
    neither their neighbors nor the local police had any idea about their
    violent pasts.

    Some protected witnesses leave prison wealthy –if they
    even go to prison –since the program pays to relocate them and returns
    large sums of money they accumulated during their lives of crime, as well
    as adding lucrative government rewards. In one case, the government moved
    a powerful drug dealer and his entire extended family –including the baby
    sitter –from Panama and settled them in the United States.

    Two systems of justice have developed under the Witness
    Security Program. High-profile criminals whose cooperation makes headlines
    often get big-money deals from the government, which handles every detail
    in setting up their new, secret lives, and protects them at every turn.

    Then there are the others, the bulk of the 6,000 men
    and women in the program, who are small-time thugs. Among them are those
    who give up their previous lives, homes, and identities with little or no
    help even though the government had promised it. One who testified for the
    government at some risk was told he’d be protected. But when his prison
    term was up, he was dropped off at the end of the prison driveway and told
    to take a cab to the airport. The only money he was given to start his new
    life was $16 short of the fare.

    It is a program where snitching always has been the
    currency for freedom. But increasingly the truth has little to do with
    anything. Seasoned convicts have learned that while snitching once has
    kept them out of the death chamber, snitching again and again can win
    freedom, even if the information they are selling isn’t true. One
    prosecutor fell victim to these scams in some of the most notorious street
    gang cases in America.

    The program is hidden so carefully under the veil of
    national security that even the U.S. Congress, charged with oversight of
    the program, hasn’t held a hearing on the program in 14 years, despite
    substantial questions raised about it in audits, news reports and civil

    During the last hearing in 1982,
    which was called after a protected witness killed at least six people in four
    states, federal officials apologetically told Congress they were going to pull
    in the program’s reins. Its budget has grown by at least 80 percent since.

    it began

    The Witness Security Program gained
    its first public attention in 1964 when Joseph Valachi, the first La Cosa
    Nostra member to publicly confirm that the organized crime group existed,
    appeared before a congressional committee.

    Valachi was facing the death penalty
    after numerous convictions, including the beating death of an inmate at the
    U.S. Penitentiary at Atlanta.

    Then federal agents made him a deal.
    If he would tell them what he knew about the Mafia, he would be freed and taken
    out of the country for his protection.

    But unlike Gravano or other
    modern-day organized crime figures who got freedom and millions, Valachi got
    nothing more than solitary confinement for protection and $15 a month in prison
    pay. Bewildered by the broken promises, Valachi tried to commit suicide.

    From this meager beginning, the
    program began to grow. In the early 1970s, it was estimated that “between
    25 and 50 witnesses would be protected each year at a cost of less than $1
    million,” according to a 1983 audit of the program by the controller general
    of the United States.

    By 1974, the government spent $3.1
    million on 647 people admitted to the program that year.

    By 1982, when the program took in
    324 new witnesses, the total budget was $28.4 million. At the time, the Justice
    Department insisted the continued and longstanding involvement from witnesses
    previously enrolled in the program caused costs to soar.

    Between 1989 and 1992, the program
    spent $138.2 million.

    And for last year alone, the figure
    was $53 million.

    The program gradually changed as it
    grew. Instead of solitary confinement for safety purposes, protected witnesses
    who followed Valachi were kept locked up in remote, highly secured sections of
    federal prisons or in remote county jails, safe houses and hotel rooms.

    That changed again when high-profile
    Mafia members like Angelo Lonardo of Cleveland joined the program. Lonardo and
    other prize witnesses were kept in out-of-the-way mountain retreats or beach
    houses guarded by deputy U.S. marshals during their cooperation and confinement
    because the government decided such accommodations were safer than any prison
    could be.

    Then in the early 1980s, the
    managers of the program, the Justice Department’s Office of Enforcement Operations,
    institutionalized it by building the first of five special prison units in
    Otisville, N.Y., Sandstone, Minn., Phoenix, Allenwood, Pa., and Fairton, N.J.

    Once out of prison, the witnesses
    usually get new names, new Social Security cards and trips to their new homes.
    And unless they strike lucrative deals like Gravano’s, they’ll get monthly
    stipends of as much as $2,000 for 18 months or until the government decides
    their lives are stabilized. They might get small grants to start businesses.
    They might get money for second-hand cars. But within two years, most of them
    are severed from the program and fade into the relative comfort of anonymity.

    But some can’t seem to stay there.
    They find it easier to change their identities, their homes, their jobs and
    even their families, than they do their bad habits. It’s violence and havoc no
    matter where they live.


    The 1983 audit of the Witness
    Security Program concluded that protected witnesses have been involved in
    numerous crimes after they were freed.

    “Auditors identified seven
    witnesses who have been convicted of murder, one who is currently charged with
    murder, and indications that four others were charged with murders. Other
    serious crimes committed by witnesses include arson, robbery and assorted drug
    violations,” the audit says.

    A second audit done in 1992 repeated
    those findings and added figures for 1989. One-fifth of all witnesses admitted
    to the program that year committed crimes while they were in the program. But
    the audit also observed that witness program officials refused to provide
    sufficient information for the study to be complete.

    According to research done by the
    Post-Gazette, at least 20 murders have been committed by protected witnesses,
    including those by Marion Pruett.

    Pruett was a drug addict and
    twice-convicted bank robber who was imprisoned in the penitentiary in Atlanta.
    In 1978 he told officials there that he witnessed the murder of his cellmate,
    then testified against the supposed killer. For his testimony, he gained
    freedom and admission to the witness protection program. Years later, he told
    police officers in New Mexico his story was a lie; that he actually did the
    killing, then pinned it on someone else in an elaborate plan to get into the

    By that time, Pruett had been
    relocated to Albuquerque with his common-law wife. Sometime in the next two
    years, he beat her to death with a hammer, chopped her body in pieces, then
    took it to a remote desert where he doused it with gasoline and burned it.

    Then he went on a cross-country
    rampage, robbing banks in Bridgeville, Pa., and several other cities. He also
    killed at least five more people before he was caught in 1981.

    One of the outgrowths of Pruett’s
    crimes was a hearing before a subcommittee of the U.S. House Judiciary
    Committee where several congressmen called for the end of the witness program.

    Then Associate Attorney General
    Rudolph Guiliani, who used the program later while he was U.S. attorney for the
    southern district of New York, said he was considering a “strict quota
    system” to only use the program in “one or two really major
    cases” a year.

    And he vowed to improve the program
    so that the Pruett experience would not be repeated.

    But a decade later, the program
    allowed James Red Dog to leave prison and move to a neighborhood in Wilmington,

    Red Dog had been convicted of four
    killings before he snitched on two other prisoners who he said helped him
    murder another inmate at the U.S. Penitentiary at Marion, Ill.

    Red Dog told authorities that
    through his wife, he had smuggled poison into the prison to kill a thieving
    inmate who snorted the substance, thinking it was cocaine.

    He named two inmates who, he said,
    helped him in the murder.

    For his testimony, Red Dog’s wife
    was admitted into the witness program, and he followed her to Delaware shortly
    after his release from a protected witness prison.

    Four years later, in 1991, Red Dog
    attacked a Wilmington resident, nearly beheading him with a hunting knife
    during a violent rage. Then he abducted his victim’s mother and raped her
    repeatedly until she escaped.

    In 1993, Red Dog was executed in

    The grief Red Dog caused was a high
    price to pay for what the federal prosecutors got: The two inmates Red Dog
    testified against to gain his release from prison were both acquitted of the

    the money

    In order to do combat in the war on
    drugs, the federal government often seizes the money and property of drug dealers.
    But if the drug dealers snitch on others and enter the Witness Security
    Program, they often get their freedom and keep their millions.

    When the U.S. government was
    preparing its racketeering case against former Panamanian president Manuel
    Noriega, it offered witness protection to some of the biggest drug dealers in
    the world.

    In exchange for their testimony
    against Noriega, at least 20 members of drug cartels around the world received
    drastically reduced or token prison sentences and were released, along with
    their drug money. One is Max Mermelstein, a Miami dealer who told prosecutors
    Noriega had taken payoffs from the Medellin cartel in exchange for allowing
    smugglers to use his country as a way-station for drug shipments. He served
    less than two years despite admitting to smuggling 56 tons of cocaine worth
    $12.5 billion into this country. He is now free and living under an assumed
    name with his massive wealth.

    Floyd Carlton Canceres, a former
    Noriega pilot and Panamanian military official, admitted to smuggling 1,000
    kilograms of cocaine worth $25 million and faced a sentence of life plus 145
    years in prison until he helped prosecutors with Noriega. He was released after
    only two years in a protected witness unit, followed by three years of parole.
    The government paid $211,681 for Carlton’s living expenses, which included the
    purchase of a car. His deal included relocation of more than 20 members of his
    family, including a baby sitter.

    Carlton was not required to forfeit
    any of his wealth or property he owns in Panama.

    Even while protected witnesses are
    still in prison, they lead lives considerably more comfortable than do other
    prisoners. In fact, the witness units are unlike any other prisons in the

    In ordinary prisons, telephone calls
    are usually limited to a few a week, and collect calls are the only ones

    But in the protected witness units,
    the prisoners get free use of federal telephones and can call anywhere in the
    world at taxpayers’ expense. Protected witnesses in favor with prosecutors get
    unlimited access to the phones.

    In addition, they are permitted to
    use their own money to buy food, appliances, jewelry, athletic equipment, and
    just about anything from any place that will deliver.

    “I ate lobster, crab meat, we
    even roasted a pig once,” said George E. Taylor Jr., who spent almost six
    years in the protected witness units.

    Each inmate is provided with a color
    television with cable that includes pay-per-view so they can watch programming
    ranging from prize fights to pornographic movies.

    In addition, all of the protected
    witnesses interviewed for these reports say illegal drugs or prescribed
    mind-altering drugs are easy to get in the unit.

    systems of justice

    Once outside of prison, protected
    witnesses seem to fall into two categories: The powerful, who are given what
    they were promised –a new name, a new home, a new life. And the low-level
    snitches, whose relationship with the witness program ends abruptly after
    they’ve given up what they know. Big shots and highfliers while they’re telling
    their secrets, they find themselves suddenly out there alone, without a net.
    Among this group are those who complain that they’ve been lied to by the same
    dealmakers who have turned them into snitches.

    George Taylor is one who felt
    abandoned. A former drug dealer, armed robber and massage parlor operator, he
    actually did more time in prison because he snitched than if he would have kept
    his mouth shut and simply served out his robbery sentence. After setting up
    several drug dealers, he was transferred into the witness protection program, a
    move which caused him to miss so many parole hearings that he served almost two
    years more than his minimum sentence.

    For his cooperation, Taylor said, he
    was to get a new identity, relocated and given seed money to forge a new life.
    But on his release date at the Federal Correctional Institution at Phoenix, the
    government changed the plans.

    Instead of being set up with an
    anonymous life in a new home, Taylor was handed a plane ticket and $30 and
    shown the prison door.

    He said the change of heart occurred
    when officials learned that he planned to publicly discuss the program.

    He has since been repeatedly
    threatened with revocation of his parole. Recently, he was ordered back to
    Missouri by parole officials, despite the government’s own assessment that more
    than 40 people want to harm him.

    Since he was freed last June, his
    home was burglarized by someone who seemed to be only interested in records and
    he was held by two deputy U.S. marshals for about six hours. He has taped
    conversations with his Missouri parole agent who said federal officials have
    been in constant contact with her about his status.

    The government actions have
    increased his resolve.

    “I would never, ever, rat

    In conversations with his parole
    officer, federal officials depict Taylor as a vengeful liar. During the time
    they were using his information, however, Taylor passed repeated
    government-administered polygraph tests and the information he provided stood

    But he and nearly everyone
    interviewed about the program say it has become a bastion of liars who
    fabricate stories to trade for their freedom.


    William Koopman, an associate of the
    mob in Buffalo, N.Y., admitted to being involved in seven murders but
    volunteered to testify against many of his friends in exchange for a five-year
    prison sentence. In one gangland murder case early in 1990, Koopman named
    another mobster as the man who put a bullet into the head of a small-time
    crook. The man was convicted of murder and Koopman was freed, as promised.

    But in 1995, seven months after he
    was freed, Koopman was called to testify in a post-trial hearing on the murder
    case. This time, he said he was the shooter.

    “You pulled the trigger?” the
    attorney asked.


    “You lied about that at trial,
    didn’t you?”

    “In trial, yeah,” Koopman

    That startling revelation has fueled
    appeals in at least 10 cases that Koopman testified in.

    But what dumbfounded the defense
    lawyers is that after Koopman revealed he lied, several local, state and
    federal officials admitted they had known or suspected for years that Koopman
    was the actual shooter in that case.

    Nevertheless, prosecutors on state
    and federal levels still used Koopman’s testimony repeatedly during that time.
    And despite clear language in his agreement with the witness program that if he
    was caught lying he could be prosecuted, Koopman has not been charged with
    murder, perjury or anything else. Today, after five years in a protected
    witness prison, Koopman is free.

    Federal officials haven’t commented,
    but Frank Clark, assistant district attorney in Buffalo, said there are no
    plans to charge Koopman.

    According to protected witnesses who
    were interviewed for this story, Koopman’s story is not unusual. The witness
    protection system is littered with liars, they say, who know that damaging
    testimony –true or not –can be their ticket to freedom.


    Because the backbone of the Witness
    Security Program is its promise to protect witnesses by keeping their
    whereabouts secret, the $53 million-a-year program operates without much public

    Only three complete audits have been
    conducted in more than 20 years. The congressional committee charged with oversight
    of the program had its last public hearing in 1982.

    Witnesses in the program who are
    unhappy with the results say their criticism is often muzzled by the

    In 1991, James Cardinali, a New York
    City mobster who testified under the program, stood in front of the U.S.
    District Courthouse in Albuquerque with a lunch-board adorned with a bull’s eye
    around his neck. He said the government had abandoned him, marking him for
    death after he was used as a witness.

    Like other witnesses who have made
    brief forays into the public eye while they are in the program, Cardinali
    disappeared only a few days later, after he was jailed on a parole violation
    for leaving his assigned state without permission to go to Washington, D.C., to
    appear on Larry King’s CNN talk show. His whereabouts and his fate are unknown.

  • Now lets ask the public at large if they have been harmed by the “Herald” or “DOJ” or any agency handling this criminal. Should any claim be substantiated, then lets get the crime victims in contact with the “Army of Lawyers” that are in need of some disposable income to bring criminal and civil cases on the agencies involved.

    It will be interesting to see them scramble to the Media, TeeVee and Marshall their resources to answer for this

  • I want to not forget the men and women at the agencies in charge of going after those who chose predate upon us.

    Most of the time you will only get a mere glance from a victim, a snear from a (Wolfe). and only a general nod of approval from superiors that you did your job correctly.

    “Professionally” with patience and perseverance

    To you I say that you are truly the silent Professionals of your craft. Never let anyone look down or upon you for what you have sworn to give your allegiance and sometimes your lives too.

    I want to thank you for your Service!

    Sincerely & Respectfully!


  • Nichole Carter

    John Charles Keinath is NOT as bad as what all those so called ppl make him out 2 b @ all!!!! I have known John 4 a very long time & granted yes he like I believe lots of ppl r not a person u wood want on ur bad side but its only do 2 the fact of how disrespectful ppl r now a days & John as well as myself does NOT nor wood allow ppl 2 disrespect him or his loved ones but really who wood!?! If u allow someone 2 disrespect u once its just an open door 2 allow them 2 keep on doing it!!! Back 2 the person that John truly is…. He was/is 1 of my dearest & very good friends & trust him w/my life as well as my children’s as well! There is 1 thing that always pops in my head when ever I think of him or his name comes up & it is of the 2nd 2 the last time I saw him. I finally came 2 c him (1 1/2hr. drive) he was always busy so I just popped in with out him knowing I was coming & it had been a while since we seen eachother Cuz he had been in prison. Anyways I was my monthly self of course & about 20-30 mins later he just sat on his couch looking @ me w/a big ass smile & says, “Nichole, u know im sure glad 2 c that u haven’t changed a bit & u know what else” as I say, “No, Idk but I bet u r gonna tell me anyways, aren’t u?” & his smile even got bigger as he says, ” God Damn u Nichole, I sure u hope u know that u r so lucky u r u Cuz there damn sure isbt anyone else that wood EVER get away w/the shit u say nor do, u no that right!?!” All I could do @ the time of course being me was laugh @ him & we had both had a good laugh, Y these few other ppl just sat there staring @ me w/this look of unbelief that what was good on was really happening in front of him!!! I love & miss my BBF & can’t wait 2 hear from him again. I sure do hope & pray that this time when he is released that he wood finally get is act right but highly don’t thing that will ever happen plus it woodnt b him if it was either way that’s Y we r & hope will ALWAYS & 4EVER will b friends!!!!!