Dirty Dirt, Cover Ups, and Contractors

While going through some public records at the beginning of February, I noticed a violation in regards to land use up in Arlington, outside of the city limits.

It was mildly interesting but I didn’t think much of it at first.

Then several things happened:

I got some time to check the backgrounds of the people involved. The person who was being cited is from another country and has a violent criminal history as well as charges for DUI’s, Check Fraud, more then a few traffic tickets in regard to failing to get proper licensing and securing loads.

The story as near as I can put it together is that a man named Misha or Mike, or Mikhail, or Michael, Snitko or Bidwell (take your pick which name he is using for what) worked as a sub-contractor for a company named Allied Construction Associates,

Snitko is operating under the name of Tyler’s Construction, but it seems he operates under different names as well as opening up a company every few years until he gets sued a few times, then he shuts down that company and opens a new one.

He was evidently supposed to take the contaminated soil from the Lakewood High School Project, and it was supposed to be taken somewhere to be cleaned.

He instead took that soil and dumped it on his property which is running off into Cougar Creek which is a protected Salmon stream.

Now here is where it gets even more interesting:

This property is in a Homeowners association with roughly 20 houses. I tried to talk to everyone but they were all terrified because of this man’s violent history and the fact that the one man who tried to protect himself from this man has been falsely charged with a felony because the cameras outside of his house caught part of the street and somehow captured this Snitko guy.

I’m not sure of all of the particulars of it but I did find a case number and a case associated with Snitko and a neighbor. I’d rather not name him right now because he is a private citizen whereas Snitko is being paid with our tax dollars

Snitko, Michael Petitioner Sno Co-cascade Div U16-143T 07-27-2016
Snitko, Michael Petitioner Sno Co-everett Div U16-00143 07-25-2016

He seems to be very adept at working the legal system, (possibly because he has been piling up criminal charges since he turned 18) so he immediately ran out and got a protection order of some kind.

It seems that Mr Snitko has protection from high places though.

He was cited for improper storage of his big rigs and that was swept under the rug

Then he applied for a land disturbance permit after he dumped all of this soil and got away with that. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the charge up above but until I get records I can’t be sure.

He also seems to have a Snohomish County Deputy in his pocket who is single-handedly making everyone’s life a living hell. Deputy Quinonez (spelling?)

So between this Snitko guy and this Deputy these folks are terrified to talk.

I went to the county and requested public records to get a better understanding of what is going on here, and several more things happened:

I ended up with a source inside of the county who filled in a few blanks for me, and one of the people who live in the HOA has a friend who has filled me in on some other things.

Seems that the county called these folks and they were furious because they somehow thought that they had me poking around or had put me up to it.

Evidently they don’t understand how public records work, items exclusive to them don’t always stay in their department or even in their own agency.

I also got a call from them asking me to pare down my request which I did because at the time I didn’t know that they had called those folks, maybe even more of them for all I know.

The same day (before I talked to the county) I also got a call from the neighbor’s friend telling me that this Snitko guy was drilling a well without a permit, and the county said they were going out there the next day, they didn’t.

So now he has further contaminated the soil and the stream and Snohomish County is doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

I also didn’t know that the county had alerted the Herald to come and try to interview them claiming they had previously done a story about Eastern Europeans moving dirty dirt all around illegally.

I can’t find a story that corroborates this in any way but I don’t read the Herald so I don’t know. I also don’t know if the person agreed to do an interview or not.

I wasn’t going to do this story until I had the records but I am afraid for my Salmon, and for the environment, and now I know that there is going to be some kind of effort to take the focus off what the real issue is and cover up whatever is going on.

If you recall once I did the Mt Index Riversites story, the Herald came out with a story that all of the trouble was related to drugs which was a lie, but it was meant to take the focus off of the actual criminal activity that is still going on.

I sent records request to the Dept of Fish and Wildlife, the Lakewood School District and to the county. DFW and the Lakewood School District have completely ignored my requests and I haven’t even received a 5 day letter from them.

The last thing that happened is that I got a very thinly veiled threat about messing with the “mob” and again, just because you are a group of criminals doesn’t mean that you’re any kind of mob, it simply means you are criminals and that you have made your way in life by doing things dishonestly, and bullying people.

Also any legitimate organized crime syndicate doesn’t go announcing themselves and advertising who and what they are. (That’s why I laughed at you) Maybe you should read my newspaper more often, threatening me only makes me dig in harder and want to investigate even further.

Anyway my records are supposed to be available tomorrow, so I will continue with the story once I find out more but this seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the minute. The fact that I’ve been threatened, has piqued my interest even further.


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  • Mickey

    Washington State Department of Ecology.
    E.P.A. Region 10.


  • Misha Snitko

    So, who is that person who got wrongfully accused? There is 2 side story. Hey publisher lady, tell me and all the world where is other side a story? I AM SMELLING BS AND YOU SWIMMING IN IT. GOOD LUCK

    • Brandia

      Mr Snitko, I did this story based on documents I found through the courts, the public health dept, and the DNR. I don’t report on he said – she said. I report what the records show me, and in the case of your “outcome in 3 days” I’ve read through all of your documentation and the other guys stuff and you in fact violated your own order 3 different times to “get him” for violating the order and any judge with more then 3 brain cells would put you in jail, but in your case the judges husband is going to make sure you get off Scott free. If in fact they rule AGAINST the other man I am going to present all of the evidence I have and that judge isn’t going to be able to get a job at a fast food restaurant by the time I’m done squawking about you, her, her husband, and your cop buddy. How much money did you make dumping all that contaminated soil on your property and into the stream? Do you not even realize you’re killing salmon and the earth? You will have nothing to leave to your children because of your greed. What about that well you dug illegally? I’ve been out there and I’ve seen what you’ve done and all of your neighbors may be scared of you but TRUST ME you are just another felon bully, you don’t scare me, you disgust me. I’m still gathering evidence of all your past contracts as well, there is much more to this story and you know it. The only BS you’re smelling is coming out of your backyard.

      • Brandia

        I’m not telling “your side of any story” until you stop bullying your neighbors enough so that they will let me interview them, too. I went to 12 doors and they were all too scared to speak to me, that’s what kind of person you are.

        • Misha Snitko

          Apparently your falls statement get you no where beside making your self satisfied. Why is under age kids pictures end up on individual hard drive and self phone? As your acusation dirt, you have no clue, did you see it me doing it as you posted? Falls accusations and speculation on your behalf just getting you no wear once again. Did you see it me doing anything as you accusing?
          Your reputation is wind against blue sky’s. Get real job and help homeless people on Saturday morning and serve them hot breakfast, tea, etc…..

          • Brandia

            Oh, you mean the fact that one of the families you’ve been terrorizing put security cameras up around his home and they showed a foot off of his property and seen your child walking by? I already seen that in the court papers. Maybe if you hadn’t torn up your driveway with all of the heavy equipment you had back there, your kids could actually walk down your driveway. I can go ahead and post your criminal record if you’d like. Why don’t you take some of that dirty money and clean up the contaminated soil out of the stream, or on your property and leave your poor neighbors alone? As long as you keep after them I will keep investigating you and your associates THAT IS MY JOB

          • Misha Snitko

            FYI, me and kids we don’t even walk on the drive way. Details more to come as days ahead….

        • Misha Snitko

          I am not talking to them, don’t need talk to them on top of all, I am not HOA member is privet property….

  • Brandia

    Mr Snitko, maybe you should tell us all how many felonies you have and what they for. Then you can go ahead and tell us how many businesses that you’ve had that you close down AFTER you get sued? Then maybe you’d share how many restraining orders you’ve violated, or how many people you’ve beaten? Then after that maybe you could explain why you are still here in the United States? You might’ve gotten away with this for decades but evidently the judge, her husband, and the cop are too stupid to realize that when a career criminal goes after honest tax paying citizens it makes it more then obvious that there’s something going on behind on he scenes, and I will find it all. I promise you and them that.

    • Misha Snitko

      Honest tax paying people? They don’t have a job and ruined other people life’s. About business, you have no clue…..

      • Brandia

        I’ve done a thorough background check on all of and you’re the only one who came out dirty. People are allowed to retire in this country and not have to work, and when they buy their dream homes they shouldn’t have to put up with you digging illegal wells, dumping contaminated soil everywhere and making them miserable. Your contractor buddy in there likes to brag too much and usually appears to be high on something. Like kind…

        • Misha Snitko

          Looks like you are high, because responding in word our of the day. Why is Hayse family had to sell there house, do to this individual who you defending was messing with them for 8 years and they afraid for there life have to move far away from him. I spoke with them last June I know all about, lady. But me I am not going to take advantage over me, I will fight legaly for my family and protect 3 buitifull kids and wife. On top of all I found out about month ago he is cyber stucking and following my wife around the town. Police have that report and video prooved it at Smokey Point Ride Aid…….

          • Brandia

            I’m sorry but it took me a while to figure out what in the world you were trying to say… not high, I had a headache that kept me up: but nice try. I have the police reports because you already mentioned them in your court papers. You obviously haven’t read much of my newspaper. Even if I don’t like someone I won’t stand for them being falsely accused of a crime. I’m not defending one single person but all of your neighbors, and our precious salmon. Once you’re done with this guy who are you going after next. Remember, I can not go on your property to test your soil, but a state agency can. Hayes is someone I was looking into because of his connection to you which is FAR more than “just a neighbor you talked to last year” but go ahead and tell me more… The Snohomish County Prosecutor knows full well what is going on, and I know who they are protecting. You are the tool they are using and when they’re done with you you’ll be sitting on the other side of the law too.

          • Mishka

            Hey Brandia…I have tried to protect the most viable Salmon spawning creek here in Warm Beach and the EPA and the County have just sent me around in circles and circles….Green Church creek has all 4 species and these moron’s here in Warm Beach during the fall take a backhoe our and move sand around to the mouth of the creek to block the Salmon from coming up it anymore….I have seen four silvers laying eggs up the creek…last year though these same “I’ve live here for fifty years people” did it again and I watched as the County did nothing…shame on you Warm Beach! The salmon died right at the opening of the creek bed in Port Susan Bay…the Indians use to come out and do fish counts every March…but it is dwindling thanks to the Neanderthals here in Warm Beach…their comment was….”We want more Beach” Idiots…a woman was having her son shovel sand into the creek half way up to stop the flow….wow….it just doesn’t end….these are the people who live on the beach who destroy it. Criminals should be called out…word of mouth does work.

        • Mishka

          That is how I got sooo much information about the illegal parking spot….sooo many gossiping men in the neighborhood…told me Kline ok’d it without and permits and that Owen Carter was doing his dirty work for him…that I should just shut up and go away…the Everett City Depts…just blow me off…and say oh he’s won so many awards that he wouldn’t do such a thing…well you know….a mad person tells bout 100 other’s and it doesn’t take long for a person to be known for their dirtiness.

  • Mishka

    OMG…isn’t it sad that we have to deal with corruption in Snohomish County….they negate any sensitive area’s and do as they will….I had Owen Carter 3 years ago along with Dale Valiant with the Public works dept. along with Engineering dept…put in an illegal parking spot by the beach…cauz as Owen Carter said….”I wanted it the there…just damn well deal with it….,(Kline), also involved….they did it on the weekend and used the guise of it’s for a disabled guy out of the area…who by the way doesn’t even use it….and they never put up a disabled sign to boot. You rednecks in Snohomish County/Rednecks cannot just usurp the law and should be called out for it…this County is ripe with collusion amongst all official depts…just look a little deeper and you will find it. Snitko you look like a typical Owen Carter and the rest of the creepy illegal people who are the swamp of Snohomish County. Try reading a legal brief…oh that’s right…you just read it and then see how you can go around the law. 18520 Soundview Dr NW, Stanwood,WA is where the illegal parking spot is adjacent to…the ignorant old school lazy people in the Warm Beach Community just say we can do it cauz we have lived here for 50 years…so lame.