How The Drugs Get Here: What You’re Not Supposed to Know

So I do all the work and hand it to the "Dept of Jee Jorge" and they do what they always do: Nothing Just in case there is a law enforcement agency who might actually get off their hind end who might read this one ...
December 14, 2015

Guest: The Strange Tale of Jason Markley’s Photo Shopped Horses

Animal Abuse Allegations at epidemic levels. Those targeted say it's malicious prosecution... and it's about the money... lots of money. Jason Markley says he is falsely accused. He says every stitch of the so-call...
November 16, 2015

Vet Who Testifies For The State in Animal Neglect/Abuse Cases Under CPS Investigation

Yes a vet who helps people get convicted (most of the time wrongly convicted) is and has been under investigation by CPS She goes to court to testify against people, claiming they are not giving their animals care ...
November 15, 2015

More 1/2 Truths About Mark Lindquist From Major Media

Okay... We know the report was released in regards to the investigation of Mark Lindquist. Of course Steve Merrival had his abusive disgusting mug up there soaking up as much free press as he could get.