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How The Drugs Get Here: What You’re Not Supposed to Know

So I do all the work and hand it to the "Dept of Jee Jorge" and they do what they always do: Nothing Just in case there is a law enforcement agency who might actually get off their hind end who might read this one ...

Will Social Media help “disqualify” a corrupt judge – Judge Ronald B. Leighton.

Federal District Court Judge, Ronald B. Leighton, is presiding over Bill Scheidler's lawsuit against a county assessor, James Avery, who is cheating retired and disabled citizens of their

Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club is in the Crosshairs of Kitsap County

The Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club [KRRC] was formally organized on Armistice Day, November 11, 1926 “For Sport and National Defense“, and provides a c...