Welcome The Newest Brady Cop – Lori Hoffer Harris Batiot

Public Records protect the citizens and it is not something we can afford to lose, or have whittled away to nothing. In this case we have an unqualified barista who became a cop up in Ferndale, got into a wreck dru...
February 13, 2017

City of Everett Politics Sinking to a New Low

It seems that Mayor Stephanson and the Reardon's got off scott free with the Lobsang Dargey debacle, so his announcement that he wouldn't be running for Mayor is off the table. As soon as Brian Sullivan announced h...
January 26, 2017

Duvall Taxpayers On The Hook For A Classic Batiot Temper Tantrum

It appears that Ms Batiot is gearing up to sue the city of Duvall from our latest installment of records. Mostly she seems to be whining because she put the entire city and the police dept in jeopardy with her ille...
December 20, 2016