The State’s “Professional” Witness – Rose Marie Adams Buetler Moon

It seems that Rose Adams has her hooks into George Beutler's family again. She wasn't content with living off of people then getting restraining orders against them so she could kick them out of their own homes. ...
October 20, 2016

The Murder of Dustin Willard

Years ago a man named Dustin Willard was slaughtered in his own home, right on his own porch. I have the private video's showing the Everett Police Dept removing evidence before the search warrant arrived. This cas...
September 26, 2016

OP/ED Primary Election Results

It seems we may be seeing a light in the tunnel of the statewide deprivation, and degradation of our political system for the first time in decades. The voters are speaking loud and clear, they are tired of the sam...
August 7, 2016

DEA Agent Reveals Why He Favors ‘El Chapo’ Extradition

If you haven’t watched Chelsea Handler’s new show on Netflix, “Chelsea,” you are definitely missing out. The controversial TV host decided to take advantage of t...

June 19, 2016

Machine Bias in Court and Criminal Assesments

ProPublica Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Comment Donate Bernard Parker, left, was rated high risk; Dylan Fugett was rated low risk. (Josh Ritchie for ProPub...

May 24, 2016

Understanding the Decades Old Cronyism in SnoCo

I know I have been promising to share with you all of the info I have about G.Geoffrey Gibbs, Appeals Court Judge Marlin Appelwick and other assorted past and present politicians, lawyers and judges. Sadly there is...
April 11, 2016

Misconduct at the Juvenile Courts Could Jeopardize Adoptions in SnoCo

If the debacle of the the visitation service person Stephen (Steve) Canter being arrested in a Washington State Patrol sting for attempting to have sex with children wasn't bad enough... Seems a King 5 Investigatio...
March 24, 2016

Child Raped March 16th Unreported to Parents or by Media

March 20, 2016