OP/ED Primary Election Results

It seems we may be seeing a light in the tunnel of the statewide deprivation, and degradation of our political system for the first time in decades. The voters are speaking loud and clear, they are tired of the sam...
August 7, 2016

OP/ED Why Gangs Are Stupid

Forgive any typos, all I have is my iPad mini today. At any rate, last night I was going through downtown on a bus and came across an all too familiar scene: crime tape surrounding a bus stop, news cameras on the o...
May 27, 2016

OP/ED Going to Hell in a Handbag

I don't know about my readers but when I get a break to slow down and actually read this paper, I get so depressed that sometimes I actually cry. I am an empath, in the truest sense. I can not hear a story without ...
April 16, 2016