Even More Questions About the Investigation Into Cynthia Larsen

  This is more of an OP/ED post about the current investigation into Cindy Larsen. After going through more of the paperwork, it seems (to me) she was set up. Judge Lucas wife made the original complaint...
October 20, 2016

OP/ED Primary Election Results

It seems we may be seeing a light in the tunnel of the statewide deprivation, and degradation of our political system for the first time in decades. The voters are speaking loud and clear, they are tired of the sam...
August 7, 2016

OP/ED Why Gangs Are Stupid

Forgive any typos, all I have is my iPad mini today. At any rate, last night I was going through downtown on a bus and came across an all too familiar scene: crime tape surrounding a bus stop, news cameras on the o...
May 27, 2016

OP/ED Why Do I Let Certain Comments Stand?

I got a couple of emails about a snarky comment that was directed at me asking why I didn't just delete the comment. I operate on zero ego, I believe every opportunity to learn should be taken and I love the 1st Am...
May 22, 2016

OP/ED Jay Inslee Seems to Think He Runs The Whole State

UPDATE: a few hours after I posted this story Mr Kelley fired off a letter to Inslee saying pretty much what I said. I am hoping that he pointed out that the legislature defunded his office so bad that the...
May 11, 2016

Snohomish County Jail Bleeding Taxpayers Dry

According to an article in the Herald the Snohomish County Sheriff's office has so far cost the taxpayer 3,345,000 so far, in less then 2 years but there is far more then that and most of the monies seem to be bleedin...
April 19, 2016

OP/ED Going to Hell in a Handbag

I don't know about my readers but when I get a break to slow down and actually read this paper, I get so depressed that sometimes I actually cry. I am an empath, in the truest sense. I can not hear a story without ...
April 16, 2016

‘Spotlight’ Gets Investigative Journalism Right

There’s a moment in almost every movie when people in the audience who really know the line of work depicted on screen cry out in frustration and say: “Oh, come ...

February 25, 2016

Legally Blonde? We Should Hope the Same For All of Our Daughters

Sometimes I just don't have the time to get up and change the TV channel and end up with some odd movie playing in the background while I'm busy going through records... This afternoon is no different and Legally B...
February 10, 2016