NO. You’re Not A Good Cop, Lawyer, Judge, or Prosecutor If You Don’t Do Something About The Bad Ones.

September 16, 2017
I've been working with a few "Good Cops" over the past 6 years. The one's who try to do something about the bad cops, and it usually costs them their careers, their reputations, their marriages, and possibly their liv...

OP/ED Knowing Which Bridges To Cross And Which To Burn

July 31, 2017
I have made some decisions which may come back to bite me, but I had to make them to continue doing what I do here. My focus has been off lately and my passion, the thing that I love, is Snohomish County and most o...

It’s Time For Citizens To Take Responsibility For Their News

Fake News is all the rage right now. Some of it truly is fake, most of it is just people's own spin of their own perceptions. I have recently started receiving a plethera of "news articles" in my inbox. Some ...
January 26, 2017

More Fake News Coming Out Of Planned Parenthood

Fake news seems to be bombarding everyone at every level through almost every medium. Some are slight fabrications of a partial truth, some are just outright lies. This is a lesson for most Americans to finally ...
January 10, 2017

Honoring a Request From a Reader

A reader from the Monroe Monitor asked me to post this because they couldn't get the monitor to post their letter to the Editor. I was kind of hesitant to do so because I really like the Monitor but this is a story...
December 28, 2016

Pay to Click Journalism v. Activist Journalism

December 5, 2016

The Unemployment Rate Debate

I get a copyright distribution alert every day of articles and stories I can share. I generally try to stick to the mainstream articles and even those I investigate before I post - just in case. Sadly I have become...
December 3, 2016

Rethinking My Priorities

I watched the election results and it made me physically ill... It seems that all of the years, all of the blood sweat and tears that I have put into trying to educate the public, to warn you about the foxes in our...
November 9, 2016

Even More Questions About the Investigation Into Cynthia Larsen

  This is more of an OP/ED post about the current investigation into Cindy Larsen. After going through more of the paperwork, it seems (to me) she was set up. Judge Lucas wife made the original complaint...
October 20, 2016

OP/ED Primary Election Results

It seems we may be seeing a light in the tunnel of the statewide deprivation, and degradation of our political system for the first time in decades. The voters are speaking loud and clear, they are tired of the sam...
August 7, 2016