Justice In The Shavlik Case

If you've read the local papers you'd be led to think that Ms Shavlik was a mad woman with a jury to stupid to breed. She was acquitted of all of the false charges leveled against her. The jury was made...
March 5, 2016

Will Debbrah Pesce Ever Get Justice?

Some of you will remember this story about a woman run over and left like an animal in the street. Meanwhile the woman who hit her and threw her into 2 other oncoming cars ran from the scene of the accident and had a ...
February 24, 2016

3 Deaths in 3 days

Actually that is 3 people found deceased in 3 days. One woman had been missing since the 18th
MISSING PERSON UPDATE: Body Found in River near Missing Woman’s Home January 21, 2016 MONROE, Was...
January 22, 2016