If you build it the cops will fill it up

Just what is Snohomish County & the City of Everett thinking? Let's take a good look at what is happening in Snohomish County: Every single day people are dying or hospitalized for Heroin overdoses. W...
March 5, 2015

Getting closer to the bottom of things more disgusting corrupt officials running Washington State

The reason this whole thing is taking so long is because I don’t understand some of the terms so it takes me a while to “get there” but now I find out that one of my main sources feels it necessary to not just tell me...
September 1, 2014

Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal Conspiracy Theory or… Ties to Washington State?

I don’t know how many of you remember the child sex ring abuse scandals from 1989. It was linked to the White House, Nebraska at Boys Town, Iowa, Florida & even Washington state
August 26, 2014