What is it About a Uniform in Snohomish County?

I write about a lot of things in Snohomish County, mostly corruption, some stupidity & anything that catches my interest. Generally the police aren’t on my radar but after dealing with the Rose Adams fiasco, ra...
August 21, 2014

Let’s Begin in the Middle… Gregoire, the Judiciary and WSBA

As I said before I am going to have to break all of this corruption up into bite sized pieces: but please keep in mind that I have wildfires coming in all around me but I will try my level best to get as many of the s...
August 11, 2014

Don’t get raped or run over or play with fireworks in Snohomish County ~ You either die or you get charged

Just when you think you hear the worst thing… You scan down the headlines & find something WORSE When I was little & being raped by my step-father, the Lynnwood Police/Snohomish County Detectives told m...
June 24, 2014

Prejudice is Alive and Well in Everett… Neo-Nazi Paradise

I was on you tube looking for a council meeting, one of the 3 that I know of where they discussed my case. I found this video instead This is a situation that occurred at the QFC on Broadway in Everett. A black man...
September 22, 2011