Category: Corruption

WSBA in Trouble Again

Peeling back another layer of the rotten onion that is the Washington State Bar (Association/Club) with yet another not so flattering headline

Jason Schwarz Taking A Page Out Of Donald Trump’s Deflection Playbook

So what do you do when you're a corrupt lawyer, with a group of activists who are hot on your tail? Well if you're a spineless coward you try to get someone else to get rid of them. I've done a few stories on Ge...

Kevin Hulten At It Again

Well it seems former aide to Aaron Reardon, Kevin Hulten has hit rock bottom The thefts occurred ...

Accused Sex Offender Stephen Canter Using Head Start As His Address

Stephen Canter who was busted earlier last year in a Washington State Patrol Sting is using for his home address a commercial property that houses - Head Start.

Spokane County Sheriff Abduction of a Disabled Man

Spokane County Sheriff's Office is being run by a tyrants, and murderers. They are not afraid to beat a citizen beyond recognition and they are being led by the King of corruption Sheriff Ozzie Knezov...