Four Year Anniversary of The Snohomish County Reporter

February 13, 2018
4 yrs... and what have I accomplished? What have I changed? Who have I helped? Well I was pondering the same thing over the past few weeks as I laid here trying to recover from the second bout of pneumonia, in betw...

Honoring a Request From a Reader

A reader from the Monroe Monitor asked me to post this because they couldn't get the monitor to post their letter to the Editor. I was kind of hesitant to do so because I really like the Monitor but this is a story...
December 28, 2016

Pay to Click Journalism v. Activist Journalism

December 5, 2016

Looking For Opportunities in the Criminal Justice Field?

I found this online and thought I'd share it with you since I've had quite a few folks ask how they can get into the Criminal Justice System. Not sure why they would ask me, but here you go: This website was bro...
August 11, 2016

How do we do it? (Finding stuff that is)

People ask me all the time how I found this or that out about the people in my articles. Mostly it is a simple Google Search which leads me to all kinds of other resources & stories. I have some sources that mo...
March 8, 2015