Brett Gailey For Mayor – Part 2

Normally after I write a story if I find additional info I can do a simple update in a few short sentences. Not so much with this situation

If you recall in my original story Mr Gailey was suing the Everett Police Dept, his lawsuit pointed out major acts of moral turpitude of his superiors.

It would appear that his biggest complaint to other agencies were against Officer Greg Sutherland, Officer Jeff Pontain, and Officer Craig Davis. Not his superiors.

As a disclaimer I have to say that I have had contact in the legal sense with Officer Sutherland and Officer Pontain and I was very impressed with both of them. It was not a good situation either time but they were courteous and professional, both were very compassionate and personable.

In my earlier story I said that Mr Gailey had enlisted the help of other agencies and had prevailed. It appears that this was not the case with the DOJ

Here is the original communication from the DOJ

This is the DOJ declining to intervene.

I had been willing, as most people would be, to give the veteran the benifit of the doubt. A deeper look reveals there is no need for sympathy but definitely one for alarm. It appears that the Everett Police Dept and Brett Gailey need some much closer scrutiny.

Pages 3 and 4 – It seems that Gailey was deficient in qualifying for his own weapon, involved in dangerous pursuits, not taking reports that need to be taken, arresting people without warrants or cause, not filing reports in a timely manner, losing reports, submitting incorrect time sheets,not reporting finding entire human beings, not correctly submitting evidence, not answering his phone or radio while on duty, telling victims of an assault that they should take their own pictures of their injuries

Out of the other 3 officers, 1 lost his cell phone.

Page 5 and 7 – I do take issue with the report about Morgan claiming he was only in trouble for getting in to a wreck in a parking lot.

Page 7 and 8 – Inre the decision to take Gailey off the swat team… a person who could not qualify with his own service weapon? Why was he even on the swat team to begin with?

I also tried to contact certain other individuals who may have additional information but all refused to talk to me out of fear for their own personal safety mainly because of a group Mr Gailey is either associated with or has some ties to so it appears more records requests are in order.

The climate in the Everett Police Department has always been less than stellar. A look back at Officer Franklin’s reign of terror proves that.

They had a real chance to change things when Kathy Atwood took over but she stepped down as quickly as she stepped in. I’m pretty sure the ink wasn’t even dry before she got out of there.

So I’ve gotten a fair amount of emails and messages so far asking why all oof these officers aren’t on the Brady list.

Well you’d have to look to the City of Everett Prosecutor Mike Fisher, and City Attorney James Iles.

They will lie cheat and steal if they have to, to cover their tails.

They can’t have these cops designated as dishonest when they seem to use the office to primarily steal people’s, homes, lives, properties, and reputations.

The good news if there can be any in all of this: There are still plenty of good police officers in the ranks of Everett PD who are quietly trying to make a difference and change the current status quo.

Unfortunately we have to take out the trash in the prosecutors office, the courts and in the higher ranks.

It’s up to the citizens now, please remember your vote counts.