Brett Gailey For Lake Stevens Mayor – A Cautionary Tale for The Citizens of Everett

Politics can be a bit like a web of rabbit holes… Take Brett Gailey and his relationship with the City of Everett.

I pick a few candidates and do some background research the week before elections. Usually it’s a nothing burger, not this time.

So in court records we see that Mr Gailey has an issue with supporting his own children.

Everyone can fall on hard times, there’s no shame in that. Problem is that when you are a law enforcement officer, or an elected leader the citizens have the right to hold you to a higher standard. A standard that includes respect for the law, and probably not breaking it by harassing your ex spouse

So this is a person in control of the city of Lake Stevens accountability. Where were the other local papers before he was elected to the council?

Mr Gailey is a veteran and an officer in the City of Everett. A city he is currently suing.

At first in reading the lawsuit, it appeared that the city of Everett was in fact targeting Mr Gailey for his service to our country. Several agencies rallied for him and prevailed.

He was continually passed over for promotions, and  it would seem as though he was the victim.

Not so fast.

After reading the entire complaint it appears that the City of Everett Police Dept is like some kind of mean boys club.

It also appears that the climate of corruption is so ingrained in every day operations that everyone expects to get the perks. When they don’t, we have lawsuits.

David Fudge, Goetz, Templeman, and a few others have been on my radar for quite some time but I’ve never had the time to personally go through to investigate because I’m usually working on stories for other people or situations.

Here are a few screenshots of the lawsuit

So Captain David Fudge is a stalker… who oversteps his authority, and has wrecked public property with no accountability

Lt Robert Goetz also a stalker, not able to carry a gun for a time but was allowed to remain on duty

Deputy Chief Mark St. Clair is some kind of freak with a fetish for edible underwear that he feels compelled to share with others, no matter how offensive.

Sgt Morgan is a a bully who used his uniform to scare a CPS worker after he was accused of child abuse, and evidently has issues with following protocol, completing his work, and staying on Task.

So what is the difference between these cops and Gailey? Well they were all promoted, and not a single one was placed on a Brady list were they all belonged.


The citizens of Lake Stevens may want to take pause and consider that a man who wants to lead you won’t follow the laws that he has taken an oath to uphold, and had to be drug into court to make him support his children, and stop harassing his ex.

He will be in charge of the Lake Stevens Police Dept.