Brandon Perecz – Missing and Presumed Foul Play

Here is yet another story that makes no sense about the disappearance of Brandon Perecz.

If you listen to the police account, they were chasing Brandon “Bubba” Perecz and he “jumped into the river” to evade capture.

There are several things wrong with this story.

They claim the last time they saw him 3 feet from shore with his feet pointed downwards swimming away. He wouldn’t have to swim, merely stand up in that area.

If he was running from the police his head would’ve been pointed down stream as he used his arms to paddle away.

No one jumps into a river and goes down feet first except for a deceased individual depending on which way the currents are going.

They claim he jumped off his bike, took off his helmet and jumped into the river fully clothed (another reason why going with feet pointed down is ridiculous at best).

Yet there was an agent out there either the day of or the day after he disappeared who took a picture of a helmet in a field because he thought it very strange and random for it to just be out there.

In what I’ve managed to gather it was Bubba’s helmet. I won’t release the picture until I can be sure that the agent will be safe because he has nothing to do with even that area. (Editor’s note: The helmet we have a photo of may not have been Bubba’s – we are still trying to verify)

Yet when I talked to my source I was told that his bike and helmet were going to be released to his mother. So how did it get from the river where he supposedly jumped from, to a field, to the police station?

Then there is the most troubling question, if he had jumped into the river at that junction why hadn’t they launched a search and rescue for him?

My brother drowned in that same area in 1976 and it very well known for it’s undertow by all of the locals.

They claim that he used the river 3 times to avoid capture in the past, so that means they just left him to drown 3 times previously as well. I have requested copies of those incident reports which I haven’t received yet.

I will follow up to this story as soon as I receive the public records.

Again it is hard to do a complete and comprehensive story because most people are too terrified to talk to me which is completely understandable. They have every reason to be terrified.

The Sheriff’s office seems to be unraveling and they are desperate at this point.

They are even turning on each other as their lies and numerous suspicious deaths chips away at the glass houses of corruption they have built over the past 4 or 5 decades.

I am so sorry to tell his family but Bubba is gone but I am doing my best to make sure that the people who disposed of him will be held accountable.

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  • Rhonda Perecz

    I don’t want another mother to suffer like I am right now.Something needs to be done now.Please this is too much.I loved my boy so much like any mother would so why should we suffer any more.They let my boy drown.They are to blame not because he jumped in river to avoid him but because he was scared of them.They have beat him,had him chewed up by k9,and stood on his head in a river before so he couldn’t get out.At the last second let him up.Are they not to be there to protect us or hurt and kill us.THIS NEEDS TO END NOW.WHY CANT THEY FIND MY SON.WHERE DID THEY DUMP MY SONS BODY.ITS GONE ON FAR ENOUGH.HOW MANY HUMAN BEINGS NEED TO DIE FROM THEIR HANDS.

    • Brandia

      I have tried to contact you, I sent you a facebook message as well. I’d like to get the rest of the story and I’d like to share so many of the good things about your son with everyone. He was more then a kid who had warrants, he was a son, a brother, a partner, a father & a human being who was loved. I am so sorry for what you all are going through.

      • Nichole Carter

        Hello there, my name is Nichole Carter & Rhonda is like my aunt so Brandon & I r close. But my reason 4 replying is do 2 the fact that I would love 2 be able 2 get in contact with u if @ all possible!?! So could u fb message me with a way of getting a hold of u by chance PLEASE?? I might b able 2 help!! Hopefully 2 hear from u soon, thank u!!!

      • Rhonda Perecz

        Still no word on my son.They came to my house for other reasons,all they say to me is sorry.Oh yeah asked me how Im doing in my head.What the hell kinda question is that?I’m not good at all.They won’t release anything from evidence room to me now.Im not giving up on my son.I love and miss him more and more everyday.Thank you for supporting my son and the issues around what happened to him.

        • Brandia

          I am a mother too. I won’t stop digging until we get some answers for you and many other parents, siblings, partners and children of the dozens of people missing out there. I promise you that much.

    • Denise Lugo

      Hi Rhonda Im Johnnys sister… The one from the bicycle tree house in snohomish… Im so sorry for your loss and i pray that you will be able to find closure soon. Ive heard of the corruption especially within the sherrif dept. And narcotics task force. Dill is a name that i hear a lot when the subject of dirty cops come up. Then i think of former snohomish officer cory cook who was suspectes of killing a woman by the river on first street but got off on the charges because the evidence mysteriously “disappeared.”

      Im tired of hearing about cops abusing their power. Enough is enough. Thank you for writing this article Brandia because its time for us as a society to do something about the bullies who intimidate their way through life. Its absolutely disgusting.

      • Brandia

        I have been wanting to do a story on Cook but I’ve been busy with all of the kids missing. I am getting nothing but the run around as far as records. Something big is happening though, not sure what but my site crashed earlier from so many people visiting and most of them were from various “agencies” maybe someone is finally paying attention.

  • NWES

    Hi, I have been trying to find my way back here to post this as I believe that the more people

    know about what is going on and what may be happening to them then the safer we will all be from these criminals who have hijacked our country.

    My condolences to the family of this person and to all of the families grieving for missing, maimed, incarcerated or deceased individuals that the current systems (regimes) have attacked. I am currently feeling the pressure of the boot on my head and rope around my neck as they attempt to affirm their authority on all of us.

    A message to the (Civilian) persons (criminals) in charge (illegally) that have usurped our great state and country by deception and abusing their positions to endanger, persecute/prosecute, attack maim and kill. That there will be a time when all of this information hits the main stream.

    Lets call it the “Event Horizon” or tipping point when about 10% to 15% are awake and aware that it is or has happening to them or a loved one, will be that time when you will realize that what you were doing was not just morally wrong, but criminal and treasonous for which there will be no defense.

    A message to those in uniform as lawfully sworn officers, deputies, DA’s, in the local, state and federal jurisdictions that are carrying out these (illegal) orders from their superiors. (civilian or federal, gov, military, or otherwise) Like in “Nuremberg” there will be no defense or that I was just following orders.

    Too late, you should have “Said something if you see something” as you always like to promote others to do. Or you could have resigned your post or stepped down from your position of authority because as each and every one you that “Swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of this State or the the United States or both”.

    As such, you will find yourself in the same position as in East Germany in 1989 when the wall fell down. When the people found out about what the ‘STASI’ were doing to them and their families “Look out” because the command staff “Melted out of their uniforms” leaving the middle and lower ranking officers and NCO’s for cannon fodder “Justice” by the people.

    To the lower ranking individuals (Uniformed or civilian) or (court appointed) “Lookout” for you will bear the brunt of the peoples “Rage” upon finding out that their loved ones were systemically targeted by this regime in place. You can try to run but there will be no where to run too. People that have been done done some injustice never forget those that helped carry out these crimes.

    To the “Cyber-trolls” individuals working as “Lone Wolves” or the ones working for the one of these agencies, you will be given up as a bartering chip to be used up and spit out.

    There those of us who have been keeping records (Names, Dates, Plates, Addresses, occupations) of those of you that have been behaving badly. I never felt the need to be an activist but things being what they are, I believe that I’m in the middle of the “Take Down” phase, so as such I will opening up those files that I have and start reporting on them.

    I will also be reaching for my “Shovels” and start digging in areas where I have and have not done before.

    Sorry about the long winded diatribe, its hard for me not get my words in there to the ones that are currently coming after me for 16 years.

    So here is my starter.

    John Fund introduces new falsehoods in 2008 version of
    Stealing Elections

    Research ››› September 30, 2008 5:55 PM EDT ››› SIMON MALOY

    In the revised version of his book Stealing
    Elections, John Fund claims that the Association of Community Organizations
    for Reform Now “runs something called ‘Camp Obama,’ which trains campaign
    volunteers in the same tactics that Obama honed as a community organizer.”
    In the “Notes” section of the book, Fund attributes this assertion to
    a Chicago Sun-Times article, but the article does not link “Camp
    Obama” to ACORN — indeed, it does not mention ACORN at all. Moreover,
    “Camp Obama” reportedly was established and run by the Obama

    On Page 61 of the “revised and
    updated” version of his book Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund claims that
    the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) “runs
    something called ‘Camp Obama,’ which trains campaign volunteers in the same
    tactics that [Sen. Barack] Obama honed as a community organizer.” In the
    “Notes” section of the book, Fund attributes this assertion to a
    September 4, 2007, Chicago Sun-Times article. However, the Sun-Times
    article Fund cites does not
    link “Camp Obama” to ACORN — indeed, it does not mention ACORN at
    all. Moreover, other news reports have indicated that “Camp Obama”
    was established and run by the Obama campaign.

    Additionally, on Pages 50-51 of Stealing
    Elections, Fund notes that seven ACORN workers were indicted in Seattle in
    2007 for submitting more than 1,700 voter registration forms that were found to
    be fraudulent, many of which bore the names of celebrities or “nonexistent
    people.” Fund writes on Page 50: “Given that the state doesn’t
    require the showing of any identification before voting, it is entirely
    possible that people could have voted illegally using some of those
    names.” But Fund
    cites on Page 51 a July 7, 2007, Seattle Post-Intelligencer article that flatly
    contradicts his suggestion that the fraudulent registrations were used to cast
    votes. According to the Post-Intelligencer, “[N]o votes were cast
    based on the more than 1,760 fraudulent registrations submitted by workers for
    the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, interim
    Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said.”

    As Media Matters for America documented
    when Stealing Elections was first published in 2004, the book contains
    several distortions and half-truths that undermine Fund’s claim that Democrats
    “figure prominently in the vast majority of examples of election fraud
    described in this book.” As Media Matters documented, Fund
    misrepresented sources he purported to cite and made thinly sourced allegations
    that were contradicted by contemporaneous news accounts.

    Fund wrote in Page 61 of the revised
    version of Stealing Elections:

    ACORN also runs
    something called “Camp Obama,” which trains campaign volunteers in
    the same tactics that Obama honed as a community organizer. “We want you
    to stop thinking about Barack Obama and be Barack Obama,” is how ACORN’s
    Jocelyn Woodards sums up the two-day training program for applicants. Another program, called the Obama Organizing Fellows, is
    designed to train people in how to “organize in a community, working in
    conjunction with grassroots leaders and campaign staff.” [Community
    organizer Jerry] Kellman has said that the Obama campaign uses elements of both
    the practical and aggressive Alinsky method, and the visionary
    “movement” style that Obama himself now emphasizes.

    On Page 220, in the “Notes”
    section, Fund attributed this claim to the Chicago Sun-Times:

    61 ACORN also runs something called — Chicago
    Sun-Times, September 4, 2007.

    In fact, the September 4, 2007, Sun-Times
    article on “Camp
    Obama” makes no mention of ACORN.

    Other news reports indicate that
    “Camp Obama” is a creation of the Obama campaign and is run by Obama
    campaign staffers. Sun-Times Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet wrote in
    a May 3, 2007, article:

    Intent on not repeating problems of
    past presidential campaigns — and leveraging the proximity of Illinois to
    neighboring Iowa — the Illinois Obama operation is:

    Organizing sister
    city programs. One getting off the ground is between Illinois communities and
    Iowa. For example, Obama backers who live in Evanston or the Lake View
    neighborhood on the North Side would be assigned precincts to get to know in
    Cedar Rapids

    Training volunteers
    to canvass voters — which means shoe-leather door knocking to find out whom a
    registered voter supports, leans toward, or wants to know more about.

    Obama canvassers will be fanning out
    across the country — including Iowa — in June. The idea is not to have
    strangers making calls and house visits but to use all the social networking
    tools available to make real people-to-people sustained connections.

    Building networks for
    low-dollar fund-raising.

    Opening an office in
    the Loop where volunteers can come, work and just hang out.

    Creating Camp Obama.
    No, there’s not going to be cabins with bunks. But it will be in Chicago. Camp
    Obama is a training program — run by campaign professionals — being launched
    by the campaign. People who do well in the four-day training will be put in the
    pipeline for internships and paid jobs. Training topics will include
    canvassing, phone banking and recruiting volunteers. Camp Obama applications
    can be found at

    National Public Radio reported on June 13, 2007:

    Welcome to Camp Obama. It’s a camp for
    adults — mostly young adults and college students — who are hoping to hone
    their political skills and learn the basics of organizing for a certain
    barnstorming presidential candidate.

    “Barack Obama is
    inspiring a new generation of people to come in, and a lot of people have not
    been involved in the political process before,” says Hans Riemer, national
    youth vote director for the Obama campaign. “We are training them,
    teaching them how to be effective, showing them what their role is in our
    strategy to win the election … We’re taking people from raw enthusiasm to
    capable organizers.”

    All campaigns rely heavily on volunteers
    to carry the candidate’s message and do much of the campaign grunt work. And
    all campaigns spend a significant amount of time and money training volunteers
    to be more effective. But Riemer says the Obama campaign is trying something
    different in order to capitalize on the huge number of young people expressing
    an interest in the Illinois Democratic senator’s run for the White House, a
    demographic that Reimer says campaigns usually ignore or view as unreliable on
    Election Day.

    “Historically, campaigns have
    looked at young people as the hardest demographics to mobilize,” he says.
    “In reality, if you know what you’re doing, they can be one of the easiest
    to mobilize.”

    On Pages 50-51, Fund writes:

    One of the most serious cases involving ACORN came out of Seattle, where prosecutors in July 2007 indicted seven ACORN workers. They were accused of submitting phony registration forms in what Washington’s secretary of state, Sam Reed, called “the worst case of voter-registration fraud” in the state’s history. (Three of the seven pleaded guilty later that year.) The list of “voters” registered in Washington included former
    House Speaker Dennis Hastert, New York Times columnists Frank Rich and
    Tom Friedman, and actress Katie Holmes, as well as nonexistent people with
    nonsensical names such as Stormi Bays and Fruto Boy. The addresses
    used for the fake names were local homeless shelters. Given that the state
    doesn’t require the showing of any identification before voting, it is entirely
    possible that people could have voted illegally using some of those names.

    Local officials refused to accept the registrations because they had been delivered after the 2006 registration deadline of October 7. Initially, ACORN officials demanded that the registrations be accepted and threatened to sue King County (Seattle) officials if they were
    tossed out. But in early November 2006 – just after four ACORN registration
    workers were indicted on charges of fraud in Kansas City, Missouri – the group
    reversed its position and said the registrations should be rejected. But by
    then, local election workers had a reason to scrutinize the forms carefully,
    and they uncovered the fraud. Of the 1,805 names submitted by ACORN, over 97
    percent were found to be invalid.

    The King County prosecutor, Dan Satterberg, said that in lieu of charging ACORN itself as part of the registration fraud case, he worked out an agreement by which the group paid $25,000 to reimburse the costs of the investigation and formally agree to tighten supervision of its activities, which Satterberg said were plagued by “lax oversight.”

    On Page 219, Fund attributes his claims to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

    51 The King County prosecutor — Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 27, 2007.

    The Post-Intelligencer, however, reported that Satterberg said the fraudulent registration forms had not been used to cast votes, despite Fund’s suggestion to the contrary:

    Workers for an activist group’s voter-registration drive made up names of voters,
    forged signatures and submitted phony forms to elections officials last fall, King County prosecutors said Thursday in announcing indictments of four men and three women in the case.

    “This is the worst case of voter-registration fraud in the history of the state of
    Washington,” Secretary of State Sam Reed said at a news conference.

    But the scheme had nothing to do with an attempt to manipulate elections and everything to do with the workers’ efforts to keep their $8-an-hour jobs, prosecutors said.

    In fact, no votes were cast based on the more than 1,760 fraudulent registrations submitted by workers for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, interim Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said.

    “The defendants cheated their employers to get paid for work they did not actually perform,” Satterberg said. “The defendants simply realized that
    making up names was easier than actually canvassing the streets.”



    Made up names, Really?

    Well guess what folks, I met and knew Ms. Bays for over a year and she is in fact a real person who has a felony record and is not and should not have been allowed to vote but she did 3 times. I have the voting, arrest and criminal records including photo’s of what she looks like. From what she has been used as an “operator” throughout the country” to
    get individuals personal information and set up.

    I know of one guy currently out of custody from the Federal (BOP), I know of another
    guy currently in the County Jail (KCJ) and from what I have heard a 3rd guy (I don’t know him) who was executed by the police in 2016. The first two I grew up with went to school with. Friend #1 was taken down by this operative. I believe that friend #2 was being gang stalked to the point that he finds himself jailed for. And the 3rd guy got taken down
    and executed by the police because of this operative. From what Ive heard, and from where I can see the different regions in this county is that she has operated she does this everywhere she has been since 2000 / 2001.

    I have been and currently am being “Gang Stalked” for over 16 & 1/2 years now. Which means being surveilled 24/7, harassed, computer and telephone surveillance,
    harassment and hijacking of accounts.

    Why do I mention Gangstalking?….This is attack profile. It may be related to the
    death’s of the young men and women in as reported to the other articles
    as written by the author of this website.

    Why do I mention Gangstalking?….Because, I have recently been selected to be set up for
    criminal prosecution. Not by Ms. Bays, and of course I cannot release any names at this time because I am currently going through a criminal case.

    Also my I believe that my business has also been selected for audit and collections by this States Department of Revenue, which has just recently “levying my personal and business bank accounts” as ofthis Tuesday, July, 12th, 2016, the day after I sent the information
    about Ms. Bays as well as the information contained within the articles written by the author of this site of the DA, Mr. (Satterberg) to my criminal defense attorney.

    Why do I mention Gangstalking?.. is because this is what they do to individuals that they have put on lists and targeted for their take-down, driven to insanity, criminality, get
    you to commit a crime for which they get to prosecute and then incarcerate you for. And finally get you killed by suiciding “they’re favorite”, death by cop, murder by cop.

    Check out these articles

    Don’t believe me, fact check it here on KIRO channel 7 had to say about this “Gang Stalker” and now convicted felon.

    KIRO 7 Everett – Gangstalker tried and convicted.flv – YouTube

    Broadcasted on Oct 2, 2011 –

    The perpetrator in question, one Christina Orozco, was tried and convicted of
    felony stalking. The tactics are all quite familiar to most Targeted Individuals.

    STATE v. OROZCO | Find Law

    Christina Orozco (Orozco) appeals her conviction for stalking. She argues that the trial court
    erred by refusing to disqualify the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office (the Prosecutor’s Office) because one of its attorneys assisted her victim in obtaining a civil anti-harassment order.   She fails to properly raise any relevant Washington rule, statute, or case to support her claim that a prosecutor’s office cannot assist a county employee in obtaining a civil
    anti-harassment order against another county employee and then later prosecute the offending employee criminally without creating an impermissible conflict of interest. We affirm.

    Subjects or (TI)’s
    Targeted Individuals like myself go through a series of orchestrated
    campaigns of harassment and surveillance over a vast period of time that
    appears to flare up here and there but actually it is a constant
    campaign of “terror” because it is by definition “Terrorism” that is
    currently in use by a lot of if not most of the local, state, federal
    police, the local county and federal DA’s offices all of which are
    supported and backed by the new (Illegal) laws in opposition to our
    State and Country’s “Constitution’s”.

    At the States level these laws were written by the states legislation’s that were lobbied by
    (PIG)’s Personal Interest Groups as explained in the author of this web sites in previous articles or executive orders.

    At the federal
    level these laws were written by the House with legislation’s that were
    lobbied by (criminals)’s and fast tracked through before Congress could
    have possibly have read the (Patriot Act’s) thousands of pages of acts,
    definitions, rules, legislation, exemptions, immunities and laws that
    were signed (Under Duress) into law.

    These laws were also written, decreed and ramrodded through by (Illegal) executive orders at the state and federal levels of governments to put into place to give cover to these activities that are going on in this country today.

    I fear for the life of Friend #2 currently being housed in (KCJ) and have
    let it be known to others so that hopefully he is not found dead while
    in custody by “Suicide” or killed by other inmates or jailer.

    To the Author/Narrator: You may contact me at 206.486.3003 to verify and
    get copies of what I have for further fact checking. If for any reason
    your unable then please say so here within the comments so that I may
    monitor it from here.

    Much appreciation to everyone and to all take care and be safe…….NWES

    • Rhonda Perecz

      I still haven’t heard anything about my son nor have I seen any of them looking for him.I tried to get his stuff from evidence because they sent a letter to my address for my son.They told me I can’t.Well the one who is in charge of his case happens to be the one who supposely chased him in the river.Now isn’t that called conflict of interest.Atleast the last time I checked our laws out it was.Thank you for your comments on here and I believe more people need to get involved or the same thing is gonna keep happening.How many more have to suffer like me before this horrible acts of protect and serve goes to another human being.God Bless.

      • Brandia

        I haven’t heard squat yet either for my public records requests. I think they are somewhat baffled, most folks just go away, the local newspaper doesn’t report on it, and if that fails they usually can scare them off by now. I’m so sorry for you and for everyone who loves Bubba, I’m trying to do what I can. Even if this goes cold we will still keep printing the story about him.

        • Rhonda Perecz

          Thank you.Please don’t give up.I have had some personal issues about my son so I needed to sit back and spend time with my kids.At any minute your whole life changes and nothing will ever be the same.People keep asking me how I’m doing and I get kinda upset.How would you be? I’m hurt and crushed how they think they can get away with taking someone’s life and not even think twice about what they did.I miss my son more and more everyday and gets harder to accept I will never see him again.The cops still have not said one word to me at all about him.They still won’t let me have his belongings out of evidence room.I just want one of the people involved to tell me where they put his body so we can put him to rest properly.Im not giving up on my boy.I will do what I can to bring these People to justice but in my own way not letting anyone lead me astray.Thank you for your time and effort for my boy.

  • NWES

    Thank you for posting this as It gives me some sense of relief knowing that I was able to at least spread my message to others before I am taken down or taken out.

    Thank you Moderator! Much appreciated!

  • Stephanie Rae Townsend

    What is up with them using this same story look up j.j. Johnson Yukon the police dog rips his throat to the point of needing surgery and his fate ended the same

  • I have had all of my lines of communication cut, emails rerouted, and ISP’s dropped. Please forgive me for re-posting what Ive already written elsewhere but time is very very short and the criminals are starting to feel that pressure that I have decribed in previous posts.

    Here is a start you can look here and get the idea as to where to look for more. Just start typing in the County that your cases are in and something should start showing up.

    Dont stop and keep the pressure up.

    Suppression of Exculpatory Evidence in Criminal Cases.pdf

    Litigating Brady Games Pros Play 2007.pdf

    Brady Material & Expert Witness KCSO M. Tripplet.pdf

    They hate the truth is all I know….

    is nothing consensual nor peaceful about that which they do. They are a
    bunch of domestic spying psyoptic psycho terrorists and should be
    treated as such. No mercy and no quarter should we give them. Fucking
    STASI Terrorists.

    “Should the public find out what we have done, we would all be hanging by lamp posts in the morning”.
    (Ex-President GHW Bush)

    Treason is as Treason Does! Period!

  • I have also made a Public disclosure request from the KCSO on all information regarding my own case and sure enough the reply was so sorry but were backed up until…. the date of my jury trial so I know Im not going to get a fair trial by the KCPO, with dis-appearing evidence and “Brady Cops” on my case case I already see where this is going…. So folks, if you have something that will catch these criminals it means more now than you could ever know…. They’re on the run and they know that their asses are just about hemmed up. All it takes is someone who has that last nail to step up to nail them for good.

    Cant speak for Snoh Coounty but they are at the tipping point.

    Strike a match for justice, Light a fire for at least one family to get some resolution.